KKW Crystal Gardenia
KKW Crystal Gardenia Oud
KKW Crustal Gardenia Citrus

I ordered the KKW Perfumes when they first launches and got mine way after others -_-

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Lashes – Lash Extensions
Lips – Clé De Peau Lipstick Silk Scroll & Hourglass Ill Never Stop


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Melissa G says:

Your lashes look amazing

Little Glam Room says:

Rosita! Have u ever tried Marc jacobs original scent? It’s a clear rectangular bottle with a black top and black bow??? Do any of those compare? It’s like classic Gardenia!!!

melissa saenz says:

Agree!! I hated the Gardenia White Quartz. Ugh old lady scent. I was embarrassed for people to smell me, or hug people. I love florals. Was hoping for clean and sweet. It Was gross!! And no refunds! What’s up with that? Stand by your brand KimK. #unhappy #DoNotBuy

Girlygirl says:

Mama said “No” haha

Bianca Lila says:

Will you do a giveaway for the ones you don’t like?

Jen Ven says:

Once you look up musk and how perfumes acquire that will make you think differently of the expensive perfumes. A Lush associate brought it to my attention, I was all Noooooooo!!!

ANDIE2126 says:

I like the packaging, but I can’t purchase a perfume I can’t smell beforehand.

17 Days says:

So it sounds like the perfumes are not very complex.

Johnnel Adderley says:

Super honest video Rose, love ya for that!!! I don’t mess with anything Jenner or Kardashian, they are just not my cup of tea.

Rosangely Torres says:

Thankyou for your honest review babe! Me and you definitely have opposite taste in perfumes. U like the spicy sexy type and I love soft sweet sensual perfumes. But still I know what you mean with those cheap smelling body mists

anastasia smith says:


Celestina Beauty says:

Love Kylie’s products but so glad that you made this video cause I am not on the hyph about kkw, lmao kkw played me girl you had me rolling

Cora LovesGlam says:

I’m giving one away on my channel if anyone is curious how it smells!

Brenda Lujan says:

I’ve bought perfume based on you recommendations and loved them. I totally trust your opinion. I was curious about the kkw perfume and wanted to get one. Glad I watched this video, thanks !!

Lisa Michelle says:

The background looks nice with the holiday pieces!!!

Karen R says:

Love your honesty.

Sandia Marcellon says:

I would never buy a perfume unless you approved we definitely have the same taste!! I’m not buying for this shit!! Thanks Rosita your the best!!

Ashley Rivera says:

Thanks for the honest review girl!!!

Rose Palafox says:

Can anyone recommend similar fragrance to Versace Bright Crystal?

LaMesha Hale says:

I love flower scents, Gucci Bloom included, and I am not “elderly”. How about use the word “Mature”? It comes off as “elderly” people stink or something. Which could be offensive to some. Just a bit of advice. I am a nurse who works with the “elderly”, and they wear D&G, Fredric Malle, Lancome, Chanel, Cartier etc. etc.

n zn says:

I like citrus scents. Gardenia not so much.

Monique Conover says:

Thank you for your honest review:)

Sheree Sahara says:

We watch for your honest opinion…so thank you for being honest..

Stephanie Vela says:

I can’t wait for you’re makeup collection

Vallerie Servin says:

They should have little samples cause come on how am I going to buy it if I don’t know how good it smells

Daniela S says:

Rosita is the number 1 youtuber I trust with reviews.

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