Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone: Fragrance Review / Perfume Review

Katie Puckrik smells Lime Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone.

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Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Storing perfume in boxes helps if you don’t have dark place to store your collection. Light and heat are the enemy of perfume. Mine aren’t in boxes because they live in a dark cupboard.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

What joy!

beautynscience2010 says:

Love your top + necklace 🙂 have you tried any of the JM London Blooms fragrances?

Rafick Bdaro says:

Quick question to the perfume genius….I just tried Jo Malone amber and lavender and i absolutely love it, i did find another fragrance line “Gandini”amber and lavender (much more affordable im not sure if you smelled it) do you think they are similar or totally different? thanks

swr swr says:

I started watching your video from here! I would love to hear more reviews on Jo Malone perfumes but also Beach Walk by Maison Martin Margiela. I’m also looking for a unique, harder to find fragrance in the market in the gourmand … or course can have other kick! notes. Any recommendation? Lastly, how long does perfumes last? I have a fragrances that has been around but I’m a little scared to use them because it has been around for a bit. THANK you for the great and exciting review. 

Chrystina Orlando says:

I just absolutely adore this review! I just received this fragrance as a gift and your description sums it up wonderfully.

Stefanie Freckelton Medina says:

Could you review Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche? Thanks!

Alexandra Meininger says:

Katie I was wondering if you knew any good vanilla amber scents? Not like kiddie, overly sweet, pastry, sugary vanilla. Just a true, deep vanilla. I have a hair oil that smells of vanilla amber which smells just…. intoxicating, I’m obsessed with it. But I can never find a product that duplicates the scent.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Thank you for the great review

nepheliad says:

Hi Katie! I’m curious…how/where do you store all your perfumes? I find it very difficult to store mine in a cool and dark place. It seems like such a waste to not have the pretty bottles displayed on my vanity. I know you have a large collection, but where do you keep the ones that are in your current rotation?

Aj says:

you always look lovely, but particularly so in this video….live the blush blouse and frills with that necklace, great lipstick, awesome hair….just A+ class!

Alexandra Meininger says:

The only one I have smelled so far is Giulietta but it is GORGEOUS. It’s cool and crisp; it has apple and a soft floral. I love it so much, if you like soft, clean scents I think you’ll like that one.

junleifa says:

I am interested to find out what “tears of belladonna” smells like… 🙂

NoireFox says:

So Katie, along with POAL in the future, I just purchased Oliban which you had previously described as an incensey rose. I am definitely looking forward to it! I have a feeling that it will hit the spot! 🙂

Gypsy Alvarado says:

What do you think of Miss Pucci Intense?

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

The other ambroxan-heavy scents are Molecule 02 by Escentric Molecules (also Escentric 02), Le Labo’s limited edition Another 13. Not a Perfume is my fave out this bunch, with its subtle peachy-floral aspect. Other than sending away for the aromachemical ambroxan to wear, you’ll need to bite the bullet for Not a Perfume.

Aaron Sone says:

You should try GiRL de province by Girls’ Generation

The Dumb Reach says:

Dumb and sweet for the win!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Current rotation bottles stay in a cupboard in my bedroom – in the dark. I sacrifice the visual pleasure of seeing them out for the insurance that they’ll smell better for longer by being kept out of the light.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

LB&M has more longevity. Eau d’Orange Verte smells more “classic”. They’re both great, just down to your taste. Thanks for your smiles!

Alexandra Meininger says:

Not Katie, but I love Petite Cherie. It’s so pretty, I love the cool peach.

Alexandra Meininger says:

You did? Any recommendations? I’ve always wanted to try some but I’ve just never gotten around to it.

Davinder Matharu says:


Katie Puckrik Smells says:

I don’t know the Gandini line. If you absolutely love the Jo Malone, get that one, because it will bring you joy every day, and the bottle will probably last you at least a year. When you break it down that way, it’s not that expensive. At least, that’s how I justify it to myself 😉

SONICE69 says:

Hiya Katie, I just found out who you were via the Robes 08 season intro video…. Your sense of humour was captivating, so I figured you’re the BEST LADY to get a stamp of approval before buying a frag for my sisters, nieces or fiancée………… Great video, great wit!

mellber says:

Could you review Bright Crystal by Versace? Please?

urmajestyzancy says:

i really enjoy all your reviews, is it possible for you to review Serge Lutens Louve? i read it is of almond scent and i really love almond scent. i trust your review so much so i need your review before i purchase it. please!

sinyeesinyee says:

Katie, I bought a box of ‘Marina De Bourbon’ EDP samples and it smells soooo decent. Could you make a review on this brand?

erhama92 says:

Have you try Trish Mcevoy Black Rose Oud and what rose perfume you love to wear?

Alexandra Meininger says:

OMG I got the same sample in my birchbox! 😀 I love it too! It’s gorgeous and sensual.

mar7dong says:

My wife loves the lime basil mandarin & she buy the vanilla anise at Norsdrom.

doremifasoinlove says:

You just wanted to smell those roses so bad!! 😉 <3

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Haha! You know me…

WoolenBullet says:

can you review Bond no 9 next, love your reviews!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:


Katie Puckrik Smells says:

I have tried it – it’s nice. Reminds me of By Kilian Rose Oud, which is great! My high-rotation roses are Une Rose and Portrait of a Lady, both by Frederic Malle, and Clinique Aromatics Elixir. Oh, and an attar oil by Amouage called Ayoon Al Maha. Also Amouage Homage is a fantastic rose. Those are all my rosy faves for the past year or so.

feriwarlock says:

If you like lime and basil, Bond No. 9 Nouveau Bowery is very nice.

doremifasoinlove says:

Katie, have you tried any of Jo Malone’s new Line Jo Loves… I would be interested in a review of your favorite fragrance from them!! Thanks as always, you do smell…AMAZING! 😉

Brie B says:

So do I! I don’t get the wet dog accord LOL.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Try L’Eau d’Ambre by L’Artisan Parfumeur.

Clarice Perillo says:

Please review Flora by Gucci

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Haven’t reviewed it yet…

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Yeah, me too.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Do you like orangey colognes? Hermes Eau d’Orange Verte and Roger & Gallet Bois d’Orange are both great.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

CdG = Avignon; HdP = Ambre 114; Mark Buxton, well, I’ll pick one of his from Biehl.parfumkunstwerke: mb03 (like a lighter Avignon); Perfumerie Generale = L’Ombre Fauve & Intrigant Patchouli; Parfum d’Empire = Eau Suave.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

I think the “wet dog” reference was to do with the fact that Petite Cherie is notorious for going off and smelling weird/rancid pretty quickly, like within a year of purchase. I don’t have first hand experience of that, since I don’t have a bottle.

ORZKK says:

Please do a review on the other Jo Malone cologne plzzzzzzz!!!!!!!

frantahouska says:

are you transwoman?

Mary Mary says:

Do wonderstruck by Taylor swift!

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