Men Review ‘90s Bath & Body Works Scents

“Bath & Body Works is the store that I never want to go in, but I always get dragged in by my girlfriend.”

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If Only
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EricaYE6 says:

Men LOVE Cucumber Melon on us, ladies. 😉

Annika Rosales says:

Shane should name all future products for Bath and Body Works, “dainty moon berry sunrise!” Or “laundry is done!” xD

Atomic Alien Gaming says:

Cucumber melon is the best scent of all time! It needs to be a scent that can easily be found still.

Lukas says:

omf the cucumber melon one. if i didnt see that enough growing up ffs, always hated it too

Dilynne Stuthers says:

Japanese Cherry Blossom is my JAM

-ˏˋolivia ˎˊ- says:


Kaen says:

anyone addicted to sweetpea?

ariola granola says:

candy apple is the best fight me

Bashi fish says:

Who else is watching this until season 2 of unsolved starts!? Shaniack for LIFE!

Naiya Patel says:

i have country apple

Cute ᴖᴥᴖ says:

I have the cucumber melon one

Crazii Craft says:

Miss my cucumber melon

Alex Heiliger says:

I actually own some of these…

SimplyTrouble says:

Does ANYONE know who the guy with the earrings at 1:33 is? :O

Lauren Michelle says:

Plumeria sounds like an STD


Cucumber melon, sweet pea will always be the best scents there

Emily Shuss says:

I clicked for Shane.

Tamrelyne Momin says:

YouTube made me Shane playlist ❤

Natasha Whyte says:

I love Shane

ThatOneDankMeme :P says:

I was gonna start my own collection.. too bad they are gone ;(

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