Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein | Fragrance, Cologne, Perfume review

Slightly citrus, heavily spicy with a lot of musk mixed in. Dries down to a very smooth vanilla with spices and musk

Winter, Fall (Can be used in all)
30+ up age wise
8-12 Hours


Scent: C+
Projection: B
Sillage: B+
Unique: B+
Longevity: B+
Versatility: C
Compliments: C
Overall: B-

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The Perfume Spot


Calvin Klein


Ryan G. says:

This is the cologne that i get the most compliments from women on. The downside for me is that it reminds me of my dad’s cologne. So i only use it as my nuclear option when there is a girl i really want to impress. But damn the fallout is unpleasant. Use very sparingly, its a nuclear bomb.

Jack Hammer says:

It’s “you’re”, not “your”. You’re very ignorant.

SmurfK says:

I hate that this fragrance is pretty hated, as i personally love it. I honestly can say that Calvin Klein Obsession for men, when dried out, it’s my favorite scent. I just love cinnamon and vanilla notes. But, as many people interpret it as “old man scent”, “outdated”, “bad smelling”, i don’t wear it too much. Usually at home or on activities that don’t involve too many people.

Dafoodmaster says:

I just bought the 125 ml for 25 bucks (couldn’t leave it on the shelf right?) and i was kinda panicking ‘cuz it seemed waaay more harsh than i’d remembered.
But this review has calmed me right down.Thanks Dracdoc!

andyboy667 says:

I have been using the Calvin Klein Obsession cologne for over 4 years now! Still getting complemented and last for such a long time! Only use about 2 sprays max and you will lead the room with your aroma. This and Versace Eros are the only two cologne I trust. Great Review!

Tal says:

wore a lot in college in the mid 90’s.  loved it. this, eternity and platinum egoiste were my staples

Brandon Matthai says:

it smells like grandpa. Smells like an old person. If your are under 50 dont wear this. most girls dads or grandpas wear this.

Ethan Fisher-Perez says:

I was at the bon-ton and I smelled this stuff…smells like toothpaste cinnamon pie. But I couldn’t stop smelling. Yummm…cinnamon pie!

Dylan Dylan Bittick says:

what’s your A+ rating fragrance?

William Grand says:

if you wanna smell like an 80’s porn star then wear this

Leonel Luiz says:

I’m sorry but these people do not like this scent at least are smelly. Rssssssssssssssss …

stealthmintblue says:

This was the first official cologne that I bought! I was around 14 yrs old.

jagara1 says:

Nice review – I love the stuff, there again I am 43 at the time of writing this review.
I was 16 when the scent first came out and did not know what the perfume was until I tried it in my 30’s and loved the scent.

ETC says:

Doc, what are your opinions on obsession night for men?

RETUSAF1995 says:

I  started wearing this while i was in the Philippines in 1986 and still wear it today. Alot of women tell me it smells great. One even told me that is smells different on everyone because of their body chemistry.

Before this i use to wear Jovan Musk oil and sometimes do again as a standby. I’am ready to buy more Obsession again, be careful, the price is all over the place. One site had a price of $96.00 for 6.7 oz. The best i found right now is $51.94 and that includes shipping and no tax.

FzMonsta says:

where can I get a sample of this without buying a bottle? even if it’s just a paper sample.

CushionOfWealth says:

Dear Jack,
Two space-bar spaces between the end of a typed sentence and the beginning of the next sentence.
Don’t forget for next time.


YuliaK says:

This is a great review, I really enjoyed it. I was actually looking for the reviews on Obsession for women. Do you know anything about this perfume? Is it very much like Obsession for men? If you know this perfume, what would your opinion be on this one? Thanks.

musclefreak777 says:

I never get compliments when I use Le Male,cool water YSL L homme and several others,but the ladies loves this..always compliments,and have used this since 96`

VoiletDreams says:

I’m a girl and I wear this perfume most daily , switching between this, chanel no.5 and dita von tesse . I wear Opium for my night perfume. I love Obession so much it is so strong but has this soft note that lingers all day. 

Sam gaffney says:

The smell last really long, although i cant smell it after a while when its on me, people say that i put too much on, and i’d only spray about 3 to 4 sprays , really good 

Amnionify says:

Definitely an older guy scent

A says:

This is a great juice the dry down is amazing ! When you first spray it comes off like a old man because of the spices I have to agree with Doc watch that ( sprayer ) however if you are patient with this cologne there is a reward it transforms into something different..In my opinion this is a smooth and sneaky fragrance I love it !

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