Odin 02 Owari Review! Great Citrus!

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Xanovia Scents says:

Never really sniffed anything out from this house… I really should though… Great job Daver… Jer you are not even fully gone yet (as we have been getting already recorded content…) and everyone already really misses you…

Baer17 says:

Great review. May be worth finding a decant. Thanks

DanDan1993 says:

When the hell are you bros gonna do a review of Dior Homme Sport ?? It’s like as if you’re the only ones who didn’t do one and this fragrance is getting a ton of hype.

Azzurri82 says:

Really liked this video. Ahhh the baloney-cologney dumb-reach, versatility is thy name. Bittersweet to see these last videos of ‘the Jer.’ I’m going to continue to lobby for his return. Clearly I’m not the only Bros’ fan who still misses his presence and wishes he would reconsider his decision. He is the yin to Daver’s yang, so to speak. 

Samir Davis says:

” Baloney cologney” LOL

root9065 says:

Hi Daver. Jeremy, don’t you leave me again.

jeffrey18930576 says:

Great video, Thanks !

Ken Perry says:

Ive bashed Dave a bit so when he does a great video like this one then I want to take the time to say good job and well done.  And you have to love a guy that’s into Trek and has so many good Trek shirts and gets it when I say that that this a Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra caliber review.

This video was obviously recorded awhile back and is just now dropping.  Dave mentions that Odin 02 costs $125 but its selling for $145 now at the two places that I looked and I doubt that anybody could find it discounted and especially not in the $85 dollar range.

There are just so many wonderful citrus frags to choose from that one really has to stand up, salute, and sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic to stand out from the crowd.

And I didn’t get the impression from either Jer or Dave that this one really does.

Dave made one of his better points in this video when he said that sometimes you reach for likes more than loves and this was one you like.  And the point he makes is apropos and prescient towards how many people will reach for frags in the future.

So he makes a good point.

I think that there are two reasons that people reach for like frags.

One is that they are worried that they wont be able to replace a frag they love with a backup bottle.  So many fragrances just disappear and it almost seems like they time the event of discontinuation right at the point when you have just about 25% of a bottle left and aren’t paying attention because you don’t need another just yet.  You get down to 0 and they are selling on ebay for $200 an ounce.  You worry that your favs will not be replaceable so you reach for a like.

Another is that many fragrances that people love are costly.  I love Green Irish Tweed but I just got finished with 8 hours of mowing and Im not going to use a Creed to smell good mowing the lawn.  I used Perry Ellis 360 Red yesterday and finished it up with Yacht Man this morning.  I showered them off and will be wearing something nice for the rest of the day.

Odin 2 may be good and it may be a like rather than love scent but at $145 its just as expensive as a bottle of Creed from Fragrance Net such as GIT which Dave recommended to buy from there quite recently.  And that’s before you mention that Dave and Jer both recommended Cool Water as the much better buy.

There are just so many really good citrus fragrances that smell great but have moderate longevity for the summer months that you really have to stand out from the crowd when Polo Red, Bleu De Chanel, Goutals Hadrien, Diors Sauvage line, and Issey Miyake among others that are many; and all are pretty much great smelling frags and are breathing down Odins neck and generally cost half as much and perhaps often even much less.

Im glad to see Jer again before he retires.  Its really fun watching these guys bounce off each other like Gracie and George.  Its nice to see them covering a scent not often reviewed.  Its nice to see them briefly touch on what people actually reach for and why they do it rather than what they review, collect, spend lots of money on, and hype up and call “interesting”.

$145 for a moderate performing summer fragrance better have a knock your socks off scent.  I haven’t smelled it but I have an idea that with Odin 2 my feet are not going to be worried about going bare.

This is a quality review.

Good Job

Jim R says:

Nice review but I already have Atelier Orange Sanguine and Creed Neroli Sauvage so I’ll take pass on this one.

wagsbass says:

Jer Jer why hast thou forsaken us.

kenlab77 says:

Sampled this at lucky scent. I do love it, but just cannot seem to pull the trigger to get a bottle. 

HRH says:

Jer was fantastic, but so is Daver. I’m so happy he’s still here. A terrific, erudite, intelligent, and caring reviewer. He’s more than enough for me.

Arte Olfativo says:

This is the last Jer’s video, right? Damn, he will be missed…

vrstovsek says:

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeer… come back. Pls?

4fmagnet says:

Tell Jer to come out of retirement just for Spice and Wood. It’s worth it. :p

svtang03 says:

Jeeeeeeeerrrr!  I hope this isn’t the last Jer video 🙁

Gregory Dishon says:

Wow! I can’t believe I overlooked this one.

bpwool says:

I tested out a small sample of this one. I agree that this is an amazing orange smell. Very similar to scents like Orange Sanguine and Bigarade Concentree. I recently got a really good deal on Zegna Sicilian Mandarin. I haven’t really had the chance to test that one, but I got a 4.2 ounce bottle of it for 150 on ebay. So, I guess I already found my holy grail orange scent like it or not. My best advice is to really ask yourself if a realistic orange smell is what you really what. Yeah, it’s amazing and yes, it’s realistic, but you basically smell like you just got done peeling an orange. You will smell fresh, but then again, there will be tons of designers that will also smell fresh and be better, since they will blend the pyramid in a way that is just overall more pleasing to the average joe and jane.

CRR62 says:

Is this a re-run? I thought Jer had gone bamboo.

Lanier Smith says:

I love a well done citrus …yah right before bed or just out of the shower. Love a good citrus at those times. Hey Dave you are doing a great job. 

Tal says:

it’s a miracle, the resurrection of Jer. 

ScentNomad says:

Great review – been interested in the Odin line for a while now but never really stumbled upon them yet, should give them a closer look I guess.

Ah, by the way: if you are looking for a long lasting, yet natural citrus fragrance, you should give Annick Goutals Ninfeo Mio a shot. Lovely stuff.

Natalee Patel says:

Jeeeeeerrrrr!!! And Daaaaaaaave! Togetherrrrrrrr!!!
This sounds yummo.

il Fashinisto says:

A longtime favorite of mine but does not last that long .. a goodie .. thanks for the video and nice to see Jer

Phenix101TPJ says:

Tear. Why do the good citrus ones always die young?

RyzFragz34 says:

Great to see you Bros!! Great vid as always. This one sounds nice. I need to check out the line. I’ve heard good things.

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