Perfume Expert Reviews Cheap Scents

Febreze is kinda slutty.

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Special thanks to Angela Young and Santa Maria Novella LAFCO Perfume

Music courtesy of Warner/Chappell Library, Used by Permission

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

Featured Scents: Brut, Pinaud Clubman, Aqua Velva, Febreze and Axe.


Blade Bolt says:

For teenage boys? That is so wrong.

Ry says:

colour smells like blue

TheMitmit03 says:

I never knew that febreze smelled slutty

raidernationcali says:

Made her look clueless as a pro tester.

Duck says:

Professional crackheads review cheap drugs.

jayaws86 says:

wow can’t wait to land a job at macys so i can become an ” expert “

The Banana Melon says:

Dammit, she didn’t do old spice

Exotic Scents with Nikhil says:

An expert handing out points like chocolate !

General Zod says:

she disses clubman?
she needs to go back to the valley.

ZCrow says:

Why do perfume experts even exist?? I always thought what I smell like is a personal preference.

If i want to smell like bacon, I will smell like bacon.

Kyle Gerber says:

Axe is for broke high school kids who just finished football practice 20 minutes before finger banging their girlfriends

Colin says:

Now expensive and popular fragrances!

rumbleish says:

girly girly like teenage girl , my god the most genuine reaction!

Ciro Dorato says:

She is an Expert? Ahahahahahaha

Annie Nguyen says:

I’ve always wondered why cologne could last so long on a guy’s body. Not that I mind it tho

Devin Petersen says:

I wear coty musk body spray and aqua velva musk after shave

Cantika Rahayu says:

this parfume axe for men but i like the smell

my husband use this axe

Jimmy Appleballs says:

any aftershave smells like an old man

Jackson Staba says:

I learned that some people actually consider febreze Cologne

Fluffy Mochii says:

Damnn, she likes the scent of a naked man.

Lottie Young says:

I thought Frebrese was toilet cleaner

Joseph B. says:

Terminology wasnt very expert and aftershave is not a cologne….

Kristina Kohl says:

I like her. I just want to watch her smell stuff and review it. She needs a channel.

Brian says:

“makes me think of a naked man”. Well if that isnt the best advertising for Aqua-Velva I dont know what is

OutdoorsUnlimited 101 says:

Yeah even axe is expensive for me

kelly li says:

Gramma soap, gramma house

RobotSaysRawr says:

“I can’t smell this anymore” – in reference to Axe

Gives Axe 4/5


Pontus Widegren says:

Is this a joke?
Why is she, as an expert, down talking one of the most used scent oils ever; musk?

jinxUKBK says:

musk is not derived from the testicles. it typically comes from the musk deer (other animals also produce musk) which has a musk gland on its under belly which it secretes musk into a pod.

wtf r u seriously a perfume expert.

jams6279 says:

Nothing interesting

Jaaoood says:

she probably never smelled the original brut by faberge

Jake The Snake says:

A perfume expert that doesn’t even know where musk comes from.

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