Rasasi Xtraordinaire Aromatic – Review – Blind Buy! Gorgeous Citrus!

Quick take on Rasasi’s Xtraordinaire Aromatic. This fragrance is stunningly bright and crisp. It’s one of the most gorgeous citrus fragrances I’ve ever had my nose on. 11/10 for scent. It’s so marvelously inoffensive and clean, it can be used for any occasion and it’s just remarkable. Still lifting my jaw up from the floor on this one.


RammerRank says:

Great take on it on a nice cologne.

MrOz says:

Spot on man! this one is a good one! if you have the chance try Rasasi Knowledge, it’s a subtle fragrance but I love it as a summer/spring office scent. Thanks for sharing!

Vee•Sent•Days’ -EnDZ says:

I just received mine-and if u like this one,u will love “Dua water of Arabia” fragrance

Rohan Mehta says:

I saw it again and uve actually said musky instead of aromatic .. loll..

Mehdi Benomar says:

whats the difference with al wissam day and this fragrance please

jmat444 says:

Good review, man. I’m into oud and powerhouse fragrances, and was thinking about blind buying faqat lil rijal. do you think it’s safe to? it didn’t sound that offensive in your review. even though i know they are different kinds of scents, if you could only have one bottle between faqat lil rijal and xtraordinaire aromatic, which would you choose?

J Roberts says:

Hey where can I purchase that fragrance?

Cologne Addict says:

this one is one of my favorites from Rasasi

Romeo Numberone says:

Is this a better fragrance than Al Wisam day?

G. R. says:

Would like to buy it. Can you provide a link or a website. thx…

Avalanche says:

To me, this smells exactly like Rasasi Al Wisam (day)! Redundant buy : ((

TheChazas says:

Dude, please get back to reviewing!

Ram Sanjeev says:

hi anna is it apotent juice im from india

vittorio says:

lol, I see you took some time off repairing a car to review a fragrance or two. thanks for the review mate. although I wish rasasi can improve their distribution channels as this particular juice is only sold in India and Pakistan and those guys won’t ship outside.

Perfume Guru says:

This is a very nice juice for the price. Attractive and very appealing in the drydown. It’s SMW to my nose with a neroli opening. TF MDA is a horrid citrus affair. In fact if you take 5 citrus scents and compare the opening of this to them you will find them all alike. Nevertheless great bang for buck. The more you wear it the more you love it. Shines in humidity too.

Eddi3 says:

I saw babbs video about this one and decided to blind buy it , it was 3 month ago and I got my bottle from india for like 40 $ ,same thing box was falling apart but bottle was ok, I used for like two days and didnot like it ,it did remind me of a soap and longevity was not that good either .lasted like 2-3 hours, I didnot used it since. i still have bottle somewhere, I might give it another try since it was much colder in march then now just to see, but after this one I stopped blind buying Rasasi and Armaf’s.

Rohan Mehta says:

bro was this cologne of yours from takeit2day genuine ? no issues in performance ?

Patrick Dunster says:

Hi…good review, and nice words. I do think you and many people missed one of the most important elements of the perfume, which are the lavender, cypress in the top note, which give not only the aromatic elements, but also that clean feeling. There is also cloves in the base note that also gives that overall aromatic effect, which is one reason, why it is called, “Aromatic”.

Vee•Sent•Days’ -EnDZ says:

Did u order this from India???I Cant find it anywhere else.

John and Brian Versus says:

So how did it taste ? you didn’t even take a swig.

KillaFrags says:

You have great reviews man! This sounds like a really nice one, I must give this a try!

Khan Firoz says:

which is best perfume by Rasasi under $50…??

Carl says:

Great Review!!!, I ordered a bottle of that juice, can’t wait to try it.

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