Still Life by Olfactive Studio Review! Citrus STUNNER!

This fragrance blew my mind.
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J Mo says:

Hey Dave…. nice vid..I heard about it…. and since you got me hooked n it just by seeing the vid…so hoping for a split soooooon!!!

Michael Knop says:

Hey Daver thank you for a great review and for doing it with your wife! Will you make a comparision between this and Rio ?

Simply Put Scents says:

Awesome to see you two do vids together…Highly enjoyed watching…

SONICE69 says:

Excellent video! Welcome to your wife & I’m praying the fragcomm will keep it classy! This was my first introduction to the house… I enjoy it and it sort of- sort of reminds me of L’Humaniste! Chambre Noire is one I’d like to delve into next cuz it seems a but more complex and challenging…..

insperace says:

This and chambre noire are soooo good.

Ryan LeGrande says:

love this video!!! I’ve had this fragrance on my radar for a while now. You both have such awesome energy together! Your wife should do more videos with you (if she’d like too) 🙂 !!

Abhi K. says:

Nice this fragrance sounds perfect for the summers here in Vegas. I definitely need to get my nose on this fragrance. I love a good citrus scent. Good review and nice input from your wife. Keep up the good reviews. Can you look into sampling and reviewing a DUA fragrance. I want to hear your review on their scent and I like that if you don’t like a fragrance you say it. I’ve noticed that most reviewers just compliment all the fragrances they review. I think sai and del are the only ones who don’t just say they like everything.

Black Man says:

Jer has gotten a nice tan.

Jon Komatsu says:

Oooh, always a pleasure to see Talia alongside to get a woman’s feedback. And she’s lovely! Lucky guy!

I so want to love this juice, but poor performer on my skin. Opens weakly, morphs into an anemic fresh scent, then dies. I get a bit of the lovely yuzu/spice accord 5 hours in, but it is brief and quickly.disappears. Great to see it works for you folks. Great review, mahalos!

Bill Sorrell says:

What a great video. You guys are great together! Thanks for sharing your opinions.

bpwool says:

I remember when you did a split of this fragrance. I ended up getting the large 30 ml decant. I’m not sure what happened, but I remember liking my LuckyScent sample much more than the decant. I ended up buying a bottle directly from Olfactive Studio, and it still didn’t have the magic of that original vial sample. Could it be reformulation or just a nasal perception thing? It was Frunkinator that originally spotlighed this house if i remember correctly. I remember the sample being really nice because if was so airy and peppery at the same time. Still… I wear it from time to time. This and L’Humaniste are nice go-to citrus scents for the summer and spring.

dctrib says:

Nice video. Do you still do shootouts?

sydgia01 says:

Excellent, Dave! And Thnx, keep it up!!

Jacob Bonilla says:

I bought this immediately after I sampled it. At first sniff I was blown away! After wearing it a few times there was something in there, maybe a floral, something odd to me that I just couldn’t jive with. Had to sale it. One of a kind scent for sure.

Purple 11 says:

Oh dear

Bassy says:

nice video as always. do you guys sniffed out “still life in rio” as well and if so, how does it compare? i unforunally just own still life in rio (haven’t sniffed still life) but im absolutely impressed by the smell and performance 😉

Colin Benfield says:

I sell elemi essential oil in my shop and it smells like a sweet resin . Related to frankincense apparently.

Alex Martinez says:

mt most used summer daytime scent for the past 3 years. Try Still life in Rio which I really like for the evening during the warm weather months.

crombie92 says:

reminds me of a sunny spring day with a light breeze in my backyard with a lemon tree blowing in the slight distant, then i get brought a mojito as i walk through tall grass to my barn

RammerRank says:

Great review as usual. It is always good to get the female’ view. Hopefully we can see more of your beautiful wife.

Kerry Pope says:

A double 5 out of 5!!!! Daver now y’all go me hating that I sold my bottle. Guess I’m going to have to buy this one again. Thanks for the review and reminder guys.

Javiel Vazquez says:

I actually tested this today for the first time, and then you release this review… coincidence? Who knows! Don’t forget the coconut note in here guys, which is subtle but is present. I found myself going in for more sniffs but I like my niche frags with more oomph. I thought this to be a little too soft and not enough projection for the price. If I found a tester or a partial for a good price, maybe. Never retail tho. 3/5

executive says:

Great review. What a great duo. thanks for sharing

Greg Wilson says:

Great review

Jose Vancouver says:

Dave and Thalia – great review. Good to see you both together reviewing this gem. I am now on my second (larger) bottle of Still Life. I love this stuff. I am now starting to wonder if I could actually wear this in the Fall and get away with it. I have always resigned myself to putting it in the drawer along with Virgin Island Water after the end of summer.

I will also add that I did get a sample of Still Life Rio….which I did not like as much. It had a tart note to it that I thought made it too sour.

Sjaak De Vries says:

Hey Daver, why is it that your wife and Jer have a southern accent and you don’t? Let your inner Dukes of hazzard come out bud.
How about a review of Donald Trump fragrances, that stuff will go up in price for sure in a few months lol. I don’t understand why no one has jumped on that clickbait.

Patrick Echevarria says:

Was able to test this recently and I like it from the Olfactive Studio that I have tried. Will try to add this in my collection soon.Nice review btw.

Abraham Lopez says:

Quick question, what cologne would you suggest that is great for sports and that could have a sporty scent if thats even makes sense. Thanks
I love your videos keep it up.

chriseqisaeqmoi says:

I will love to try this and love seeing reviews with Thalia. Love Pink Pepper and cedar and other kinds of pepper. Will love it any time of year, but I have especially woodsy spicy tastes, which makes finding fragrances for hot weather a challenge, so I may have to get a sample of this now to have opinions on for when summer comes again.

Rich Lopez says:

Sounds interesting…gotta check this out. Great to see u guys do a review together again!

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