The Best Citrus Perfumes/Fragrances/Colognes

Hope everyone is having a great SUMMER 2017 – We are going to continue to cover my favorite notes in perfumery. This time around we are going over the best predominant CITRUS fragrances…

VOTE below on what note would you like to see featured next: LEATHER – TOBACCO or GOURMAND???

Xerjoff Nio –

Bond no.9 Eau de NY –

Le Labo Berg 22 –[PLA]%20-%20Le%20Labo%20-%20Tier%201&adgroup=Le%20Labo%20-%20Womens%20-%20Beauty%20-%20LELA03&k_clickid=7c1fafaa-b846-4ccd-a489-a08d61ccbfab&gclid=CMShqenzi9UCFUlXDQodfgYOcw

BOIS 1920 Verde di Mare –

Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta –

Solo Loewe –

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine –

Dior homme cologne –

Hermes Terre d’Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche –

Chanel Allure Edition blanche –

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Stay tuned for a lot more coming your way, keep on spraying and stay fragrant!


Louis Caeiro Ramos says:

Chanel Allure Edition Blanche is one of the best Summer Fragrances. My number 3. Only topped by 2 other Chanels. Guess which!

preskidd says:

Great video. Please do leather.

Scott Wilbur says:

Thanks for dropping the dime on Loewe Solo. Bravo!


Oh, you missed aqua Amara… What an amazing salty sea breeze in bottle

farouk krendi says:

Dior Homme Cologne for sure

Victor Coutinho says:

Excuse me … But no mention to Annick Goutal Eau D’Hadrien ????

Thu Vu says:

Thank you very much for your work. I finally found my most favorite citrus scent which is Xerjoff Nio. Would you please do a video on the best unisex or female floral scents? Thank you.

Diego F. Esquivel says:

Im wearing SOLO L. now and its one of my favorite citrus

mutaz Badri says:

Great… would you list some soapy perfumes

Jamison Harris says:

Max, is your ‘edition blanche’ edt or edp?

It's Dawson says:

Would John Varvatos Artisan Pure make this list in 2018?

Came out late 2017 and you did review it, just curious to know if it would.

mohamed lotfy says:

i wanna buy solo loewe 200ml size by blind buy is it safe ? i love versace au fraiche and dior homme cologne and armani aqua di gio profumo .is solo loewe suitable for my taste ?

Sanjay Shah says:

Have you tried Eau De Verte Orange from Hermes

Christina H. says:

do you think Nio could be worn by women?

J Austin says:

JV Artisan – great budget citrus

raikahoken says:

Creed Millesime Imperial to rule them all!

sf2explus says:

1) Guerlain -Homme EDP (EDT better but discontinued)
2) Tom Ford- Grey vetiver EDT
3) Creed-GIT
4) Atelier Cologne- Cedrat enivrant
5) Armani- Aqua di Gio

James C. Williams says:

As far as notes, a Tobacco video would be my preference Max. Colonia Assoluta is a favorite of mine too Max. I love Creed’s Jardin d’ Amalfi, and Bois 1920’s Agrumi Amara di Sicilia to name a few. I could round my top 10 off with most of your list. I haven’t smelled the Bois 1920 you speak of in your video but, I like the house. Excellent vid Max.

lj6583 says:

Great list, Max. Thanks!

Sotiris Aspiotis says:

Greetings from Greece Max! I like watching your videos, already subscribed to your channel. Yves Saint Laurent Pour Homme my favourite citrus fragrance.


Gourmand fragrances next

farouk krendi says:


Kaleem says:

Eau Sauvage (not that Johnny Depp chemical garbage,the old one) and L’Eau d’Issey.

Emilian Bizga says:

Le couvent des minimes, cheap, good performance, all natural ingredients…

pascalle Douven says:

What about dior privee granville ? I think i love it, its well made , last good , and smells so fresh, makes me feel happy

Brandon Fox says:

You have to check out Hugo Boss Unlimited. To me it’s like Aventus meets Dior Fahrenheit with a minty cooling effect.

Thomas Stevenson says:

What would you recommend to a 14 year old with a 60 dollar budget? Really need your help need to pick a signiture scent on Sunday thanks!

Chingmong Noklang says:

Hello Max, recently bought the Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche. Opening notes are fresh buy after ten minutes it smells like an Old Grandma would wear. I don’t know what’s that note but I just hate it… Can you please enlighten me on what could be that note?

Nadeem Ahmed says:

Your Description is like any school Student reading a Book Chapter in Class..

Apple 3.14159 says:

Clinique’s Happy for Men?

Jure Pogačnik says:

hermes concentre d’orange verte is amazing

John Hammett says:

Lisboa by Zara !!!!
Compliments galore !! And only 20 bucks (australian)

Guinea54 says:

What would u go for if u had to pick between dior homme and hermes eau tres fraiche…. And the winner verse that verse allure edition blanche or allure sport extreme

Bixbys Dad says:

On your recommendation I bought Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta, and I just rec’vd it today. Thank you! This has to be one of my new favorite colognes.

Hamza Awamleh says:

Man, I just got Solo Loewe as a gift and I’m really impressed, my collection will never go without this one ever again. Also, one of my all time favourite citrus summer fragrances is Ermenegildo Zegna Z Zegna Energy, it got an amazing citrussy opening and mid scents, and sandalwood, musk and vetiver in the base, amazing fragrance.
I like you to do some cashmere based fragrance reviews in the future, not many people feature this scent, and try out the new 2017 Van Cleef & Arpels Reve De Cashmere, a powdery sweet cashmere fragrance like no other.
Great video as always!

Ndc diez says:

Well a youtuber talk about solo by Loewe Here in spain is so popular

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