Top 10 Best Summer Fragrances 2016

Top 10 Best Sexiest Summer Colognes Perfumes for Men 2016
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zealot87 says:

It’s time for the 2017 version! C’mon i’m waiting for you

Meisterio says:

Jeremy, why don’t you review any Kenzo? For example l’eau kenzo pour homme is very beautiful fresh

Debbie Di Castro says:

Exactly Nautica Voyage I ve bought a bot for almost US 21.00 in the Marshalls Puerto Rico.. but you know let me tell you something… Now Im in Peru i bought the …cause the one from puerto rico was done..and unfortunely it smells diferent..proyection is poor and i feel like fruty notes take more power than refreshing ones. Is not the same anymore like use to be before..with this Nautica Voyage.

godOFwar says:

Jeremy what you think about diesel fuel for life?

Juan Martinez says:

Dear Jeremy,
let me know more about the Bvlgari Acqva Amara, I bought it a couple days ago. but man! It smells something my mother would put on and loved smelling to it all day long. I do not find it very manly either fresh or dry… why would it be your number one on this list? since it’s an old summer list, do you have any updates of it (spring collections maybe)?

Jean-Loup Cyr says:

You never fail to cheer me up!


Face you know the perfume, jil sander men? Created by the perfumer (Jacques cavallier year 2000), is he good? Which perfume, which line does it follow? Because it is, short fresh menthol perfumes! Answer me there! Kkkkkk hug!

Tariq Khan says:

dam I have a problem I have half of the ones he’s mentioned in like three of his lists before even when Watching the videos

G. Arce says:


miggs80 says:

“Without smelling like an idiot like a Mr. nice guy” lmao. Jeremy rules!

Brian Parker says:

good list even tho it’s last year’s just order me some aqua Amara

mateschitz says:

Usually I trust Jeremy when it comes to fragrances, ordered a few based on his reviews but….Bvlgari Aqva Amara is smelling kinda weird! First you notice a nice fresh note but after few seconds it smells kinda like old eggs, luckily that note disappears. Longevity/projection is OK I would say!

Putthatinur Pipe says:

I blind bought Amara based on this video. If you have the chance to try before buy I strongly advice it. I have never been so disappointed about a fragrance. Ordered a 100 ml. but they send me a 100 ml and a 15 ml. Seems like even the sellers want to get rid of this horrible horrible fragrance.

Bhavya Bansal says:

Hello Jeremy, awesome videos as always. I was wondering if you could make a video on how to spot fake fragrances in general, for someone who doesn’t have much experience in buying them.

Javier Ponce says:

Jeremy! I currenlty have the Versace Pour Homme for summer only – I’m searching for a suit&tie/date and a casual/club fragrance (probably will go for Sauvage on the latter). Do you think Amara would work just as good as AdG profumo for formal?

mateschitz says:

Got a question about the Bvlgari, some people say it`s a kinda unisex fragrance, bit feminine. is that right?

Araya Chinnapong says:

What the best hot weather fragrance and very very sexy panty drop?

The Believer1977 says:

Excellent list Jeremy.

martelle richardson says:

Would you buy aventus from fragrance net? Please let me know

Gee Bertolucci says:

is it me or mueglar smells weaker think they changed formula

Louis Caeiro Ramos says:

YSL L homme has a boosy note. pass it over to my son after a while

Jesus S says:


The Believer1977 says:

Solid list

Muhammad Farihin says:

first time watching this vid , prev using hermes now trying out the bvlgari aqva amara ..

Debbie Di Castro says:

Hie Jeremy Did you try the LAPIDUS POUR HOMME? the fancy 80’s bottle ?

Mr k says:

jeremy what brand are those sunglass your’re wearing??

mrsmir says:

can you do a best summer fragrances for women. i can’t seem to find ones that’s not overpowering

Zahid Mir says:

Watch babbs collection … this guy doesn’t know shit.

Glacieris says:

Jeremy , i think so Body Kourus YSL / Mont Blanc Legend / Black XS are good for summer list …

Estudiantes Fc says:

que dice acerca de náutica vogaye?

ishanjaya says:

Is he french?

Petar Jelic says:

I do not like Dior Sauvage,so much sintetical,I’m sick of it,but the girls love it.YVS L’Homme very good but its very bad performance.Armani Acqua di Gio Profumo it’s ok.

Nabildani Mozak says:

Is the Aqva Amara good for teenagers?

Marko Firulesko says:

Great job Bruder, my favorite is Issey Miyake Fraiche…

Gevo A says:

bro idk i just got aqva amara and it smells like an orange peel lol

Naldo Luthier says:

What do you think about 360 Perry Ellis for man BLUE) ?

Marks says:

Any Recomendations for someone in the range of 29 ºC (84 ºF) to 40+ ºC (104+ ºF) which is basically my whole summer?

cio avw says:

We need a new 2017 version

Tommy lim says:

if you have to choose between versace pour homme and bvlgari aqva amara, which one would you prefer ?

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