Top 10 Fragrances I Regret Purchasing




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dallasjames90 says:

hey @dracdoc do you still have your website where you sell fragrances? if so what’s the website

Erik Zuniga says:

Hey Doc, you should do a giveaway on a cologne that you don’t like, but maybe you think we might like

Stephen Cabil says:

I regret buying Jean Paul Gaultiers – Le Male because halfway thru the bottle I found out about Cuba Gold which I find that it last alot longer throughout the day and is one third the cost. I bought Cuba Gold at a fragrance store in the mall and got two 100ml bottles for the price of one for something like $12.00. The bottles lasted me like 2-3 years. Anytime I cant decide which fragrance to wear to an event, work or just hanging out Cuba Gold usually is my default fragrance to wear. In my opinion its that versatile.

PS, everytime i wear it when I go to get a haircut my barber thinks im wearing Jean Paul Gaultiers – Le Male because that’s what he wears.

TillTheLightTakesUs says:

Bvlgari Man in Black
YSL L’homme 200ml.. it doesn’t last at all. screw it it’s closet water.
Burberry Burberry men
Carolina Herrera 212 Men
Bleu de Chanel edp to some extent. again it doesn’t last at all and i can’t be arsed to carry atomizer with me. It’d feel weird.

dominik13579 says:

yeah my freakin Frapin bottle is leaking too, something wrong with the sprayer, never buying another Frapin

I Smell So Good says:

I regreted buying Azzaro chrome summer it just didn’t project at all and smelled synthetic like crazy lol returned it for D&G the one edp couldn’t have made a better decision (:

Exotic Scents says:

fuel for life, midnight in Paris, bleecker street, la Nuit d l homme, mfk oud

Diego Ornelas says:

i have a funny opinion, i actually have a fragrance that i regret buying, buy i will still buy it again, it is ysl gingembre i love the smell o get a clean soapy very lean cloudy citrus smell but i regret the buy because for the price i absolutly couldnt stand the longevity

ericpabc says:

Purchased Le male yesterday..had to shower immediately. Smells so cheap and nasty to me

James C. Williams says:

I regret purchasing Mont Blanc Legend. There’s nothing that stands out about it. It reminds me of something you can buy from the drugstore. What was I thinking. I actually bought that over John Varvatos Vintage. Ugh!

Raymond Solis Jr. says:

I regret purchasing Dior Homme Eau

K. dot says:

purchases I regret: Mont Blanc Individuel, Le Male Terrible, Perry Ellis 360, Kenneth Cole Black, Invictus.

Supreme DRG says:

I wish i could smell you through the video

Mishalex says:

Oddly enough, I regret purchasing YSL’s “La Nuit de L’homme” the most. The cardamom note is quite intense, and it doesn’t mesh well with my body chemistry at all. The reason this is my most regretted purchase is primarily because of the hype it receives from within the community. I expected to be blown away and absolutely love it, and I just don’t. My wife really dislikes the scent as well. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not a bad fragrance. It just doesn’t “wow” me at all the way it seems to most people.

Robert Armstrong says:

Givenchy Play intense…recent purchase from a store. Either a reformulation or a fake. The bottle and box have no arrows but both the bottle and box seem pretty legit otherwise so I assumed its a new design. The scent disappears in 10 mins and comes nowhere close to the glowing description given by several reviewers in either type of coffee based scent and of course performance. A real waste of money. Anyone else had this experience with Play Intense?

Raw Django says:

Love your presentations dradoc

Abhi K. says:

Narciso Rodriguez for him ( people love this musky smell cuz it reminds them on the rain and wet sidewalk , but it has way to much musk for me) , Versace Eros ( way to strong and synthetic imo) , perry Ellis m ( just don’t like the smell ). I sample now before buying. especially since my collection is starting to hit 60 bottles. Can’t waste money on stuff I don’t like.

Raw Django says:

i regret getting bdc

Bloodystool says:

regret le beau male by jpg smells like urine and altoids to me

One Punch draven says:

Do a review for this fragrance: mr lenoir.
Smells like la nuit de l homme
But cheaper.

WasGibtEs Leute says:

Prada – Luna Rossa Sport
Acqua di Parma – Bergamotto di Calabria
Dsquared2 – He Wood Rocky Mountains Wood

S Sing says:

there should be a better platform to sell or trade perfumes

BlackPhoenix623 says:

I might regret Eternity Aqua by CK because the performance was terrible on my skin

Charles Martin says:

dradoc sell me your desil for life. my fragrance is midnight in Paris. wow big mistake. Be blessed

thresholden says:

What’s the name of the opening intro song? I’ve heard it so many times on your videos that now I’m curious.

JR216 says:

I kinda regret buying Dior Homme Intense. I don’t think it’s that great. I don’t get what everyone else sees in it.

multithunderstorms says:

Id like to hear you talking about top 10 fragances for gay boys

Lonnie Clemens says:

L’eau D’issey by Miyake is the cologne that I regret the most. It just does not mix with my body chemistry I guess. It smells like burning plastic when I first spray it on. It takes about 1 hour to get a decent dry down fragrance. But for others I understand that it’s an excellent fragrance.

Sheppy99 says:

Lacoste Blanc……… liked the sample so went ahead and bought a 100ml bottle…… big mistake and samba natural because someone said it smelt like a longer lasting clinique happy for men on basenotes. WRONG lol

sreekanth G says:

i regret buying body kurous ysl

Steffen Flindt says:

Riverside Drive / Prada Intense / Hermés Sur Le Nil / Le Male / Le Male Summer / Gucci II / Dior Parati / Armani He.

Tom Sipples says:

I bought Joop! Homme to add some color my collection, worst decision ever… Like Dr. Pepper condensed into a cologne.

Gabriel Pop says:

I regret purchasing Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme ….smells like cheapest floor detergent … throw it to trash can same day.. uh … my baddest fragrance blind buy experience…

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