Top 10 fresh clean citrus fragrances for WINTER 2018

Top 10 fresh clean citrus fragrances for WINTER 2018


The Bond Creed Guy says:

nice review on these

Royston Charles says:

Hi mate, I just wondered if you own Versace Man Fraiche Eau, if you can get your nose on it, I highly recommend you try it. Great videos man, take care.

rightglory BG says:

You should try Zara Vibrant leather…it is Aventus with no birch…very juicy, citrusy scent and only £19.99 🙂

WojTool P. says:

I’m suprised you didn’t mention D&G pour homme- very good for winter! And I think you used to love it!

Sjaak De Vries says:

Of course you can’t wear citrus in the winter because it needs to cut through the cold when you’re in a heated room. I never understood the “cutting through the cold” argument, unless you’re a lumberjack in Canada.

Marvin Leach says:

Fug doze snobs… I live in the Caribbean. 1 Million is hella popular here. A retired boss of mine used to rock Joop! Homme. One time a guy passed by me in the street wearing A*Men… the sillage was beautiful. Point is, those are so called winter fragrances – no winter here in the Caribbean

Roger Spidsberg says:

Colonia Ezzensa from Acqua di Parma, a good fresh scent also suited for winter.

Ocean Hick says:

Lanvin L’homme for me. You still wear it?

Veritas Vincit says:

The winter lists have value but I agree to wear what the f you like and whenever you like.
People will always have a stick up their arses no matter what you do and as I’m certain you know you reach a stage in life where you don’t care what other people think you should do.
I was rocking Rasasi Al Wisam Day this morning then after a shower I continued the theme of Silver Mountain Water knockoffs with a liberal application of Al Rehab Silver.
Tomorrow morning I may even hazard a toot or two of John Varvatos Pure.
Just for a while I’m all vanilla’d out.

Charles Bey says:

Thanks. Could you publish a niche/luxury citrus edition?

Stephen Cabil says:

I’ve been doing this for a couple of years. My most complimented fragrance in the fall/winter for everyday use is Dua Matrix layered with Molecule 01. For special occasions Xerjoff Nio layered with Molecule 01. Great video!

B G says:

UK FRAG GUY About a year ago I found your winter freshies video and now this! Thank you! This is a subject that not many reviewers are covering in their videos. Maybe your pioneering work will start something…

Anish Bhatt says:

Cheers great review!!!

Jungmin Hwang says:

Nice idea

flash erol says:

Yes I agree with you. I wear anything in any season.

Daniel San! says:

Oh cool!! I love this idea!!

Luca Brazi says:

Interesting off the bat … A citrus winter huhhhh impossible lets see

Que Alpha says:


Trust me.

Frags To Riches says:

How does l’homme l’eau compare to l’homme?

Smells Good says:

This is a very innovative idea mate and this is a topic I always keep in mind as I prefer wearing fresh clean scents to work.
Enjoyed the list a lot mate :).

Batphink Reynolds says:

Yeah mate you wear whatever you wish whenever you wish. I was wearing Precious Pearls Neroli Portofino yesterday cos I felt like, bollocks to those other posers who try dictate what we all wear and when. Perfume Parlous make a lovely Aventus clone in an oil, it smells very juicy not smoky and lasts all sodding day ,great stuff!

manygaga says:

When I look at your preferences I think you will like john varvatos artisan pure

adam jacques says:

People going around wearing whatever they want whenever they want? Are you suggesting total anarchy man LOL. Middle fingers to the man!

Nirvana Of Monkasar says:

Very very good topic to share.

that Cologne guy says:

I didn’t know it was allowed to wear citrus fragrances in the winter? Just kidding, I like to switch it up too, but tend to like warm and comforting scents when you’re freezing your ass off.

Sparks Regent says:

i see you’ve had the Heeley for a long time..

Mark Mark says:

I love prada lhomme too the original is so good and I just ordered the leau yesterday love that shit rebuying the original too bc I only have the 50ml and its about gone

Just Add Light says:

A great video concept. Wear what you want!

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