Top 10 Long Lasting Fresh Fragrances for Men

Best Fresh Fragrances For Men that also last well.

Fragrance Review Video

To buy some of these fragrances in UK:

Perfume Parlour Neroliz Portofeeno

Mancera Cedrat Boise:

Dunhill Icon:

Green Irish Tweed:

Dior Sauvage:

Bulgari Aqua Amara:

Aqua di Parma Colonia Essenza:

Laboratory Perfumes Gorse:

Where to buy Laboratory Pefumes Gorse in USA:

Gorse Eau de Toilette

My written Colonia Essenza Review:

My Instagram: @mrsmelly1977


Bernie777 says:

I love Cedrat Boise. Essenza on me, starts of like a bright, french pressed soapy kind of scent. Very clean and bright. Great review, sir.

Ravi Singh says:

Fantastic list buddy those are fabulous scents that perform very well, thanks for not picking shitty smelling scents those are all crowd pleasers

J Z says:

Team Platinum Egoiste 🙂

Avalanche says:

How do you rank these in terms of smell?

JamSoupMusicLols says:

How many sprays do you go with the perfume parlours? I’ve got around 10 spray versions. I like the smell and longevity on most is good but struggle with projection and getting them to pop.

How many sprays and where.

Jamie Brady says:

One of my fav summer frags that has beastly projection and longevity is Al Wisam Day by Rasasi, a SMW clone but with an added rose note.

Shekhar Sharma says:

You just earned one subscriber from Nepal

civoreb says:

With me personally, any fragrance before the 2000’s all smell super dated/harsh/unappealing in general. This goes for all fragrances and not just fresh ones. Example, Le Male, Cool Water, D&G Pour Homme, Acqua Di Gio and etc.

Aside that, I definitely agree with some of these because I tried them before.

David G says:

Cedrat Boise is certainly up there on my to try list and this has just made me want it even more. Nice list.

Ez Shmee says:

Anyone know anything about Arlyn Paris Emerge Noir? Is it a clone of something?

Matt topcat says:

I like to experiment with neroliz portofino, in a 10ml decant I go 7ml neroliz and 3ml of something else ..been getting great results with aqua Di gio and amara so far

Anton Constantinou says:

Great video! Loving the Gorse mention! What’s your thoughts on Amber by Laboratory? I’m considering purchasing it…

A R says:

Nice to watch your video as my Birthday is coming soon ))) great video

Arden Powers says:

Great list !
I have Creed V.I.W, . . . nice Summer Freshie, but I’m not impressed with the longevity.
Thanks for sharing . . . . Cheers !

darzgwapo says:

Because of the intro, I subscribed and liked the video.

Frechter Almog says:

Great list dan 🙂

Richard Wortman says:

Alot of reviewers kinda dismiss Jimmy choo fragrances but Jimmy choo man intense is in my opinion smells really good it is a little generic in terms of fresh peppery scents but I believe it has both suede and Tonka bean in it which makes it a tad unique as well but the scent fills a room and lasts all day and is only about 60$ for a 3.4oz bottle

Karol K says:

Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne ?

Sal Geno says:

give me a shopping cart list

Dharmander Kumar says:

All of best is dior homme sport, with only 2, 3 sprays I get 10 high indian other comes near to it.all u mentioned.

Batphink Reynolds says:

I prefer to give you a thumbs up so you can put girl’s bums up! I have a decant of Cedrat Boise and had many compliments from strangers! Have you heard of ‘Argos Pour Homme’? apparently this niche frag lasts 6 -8 hours for a freshie made by male model Christian Petrovich.

Deepinder Gill says:

great fresh for hot tropical countries. long lasting…..this was a good video.

soulie 52 says:

Well done! Another great list, out of all of them I don’t think you will beat Aqua Amara though it’s not a clone which is a plus and as you said it isn’t far off beast mode with a wonderful fresh Orange and citrus aquatic scent. It’s be my number 1 out of that list, however I haven’t yet tried the Cedrat Boise but it’s on my shopping list.

Nacho Ruiz Rodriguez says:

Have you smelled Mancera Sicily? I’ve seen very good reviews and opinions (really nice fresh scent, long lasting, etc..) but for some reason it’s not on the hype train. Either way, I will receive a sample shortly and I’ll see if I’ve discovered a gem or not hahah

rage gichie says:

LOL hilarious intro .

tl3509 says:

Always enjoy your intro! Go #smellyarmy !

mateschitz says:

Lots of People claim Bvlgari Aqva Amara lasts pretty long (for a fresh one) but I have to say, not really! Don`t get me wrong, I love Aqva Amara, it`s a great n unique scent but the performance is bad! In high summer heat (25C plus) it disappears very very quickly! I usually wear it when I´m in Vietnam, and as you know, it`s pretty hot there and after about 30 minutes, it`s gone, completely! Nautica Voyage on the other hand lasts for hours on my skin!

Rob DJ Ville says:

Nice list!

RyzFragz34 says:

Great choices as always Dan!

Chandran Nair says:

Mr. Smelly.. Thanks for the wonderful selection.

JohnSmith says:

#smellyarmy Neroli portefino reminds me of this bathroom spray i had, which smelt soo bad when sprayed after a shit. So unfortunatly bad experience i cant stand the stuff. Maybe its the neroli or white flowers i dont know.


smelly army hahaha i cannot stop laughing!!!

Chaos Fragrances says:

Very nice selection of fragrances here man, Cedrat Boise is one of my favorites. Great video!

TripleKSC says:

PP sends sprays international, wore Neroliz yesterday here in Germany. Really a good one!

Jim Norman says:

Had a decant sample of ‘Mancera’ from reputable supplier and I was very disappointed- absolutely nothing like aventus, and smelt very metallic with an overpowering cedar wood ( I think??) base note. Might be just a bad sample or bad reaction with my skin? Really enjoy your vids- keep up the projection

Jack L. says:

Excellent, as usual; thanks, Dan. Btw, Cedrat Boise is everywhere and from what I have read, lives up to the hype. I went shopping at a shop that had all of the AdPs and Essenza and Fico di Malfi were both superb. ESSENZA!!!

Trigerty says:

i really like the “english”ness of mrsmelly’s video format and humor side of it.

GYM Army says:

Cringe intro

Ryan D says:

Gorse is excellent, definitely lasts longer than VIW like you say!

Moisés Villela says:

ZION by Alexandria Fragrances is ELYSIUM.

Tal says:

Aqua Universalis forte is a great performer and an excellent scent. And if you want value for money, dior homme cologne 2014 is a great fresh long lasting fragrance for the really hot days. Also, a rare freshie from montale, soleil de Capri. A nice floral unisex fragrance that is a departure from the usual citrus/aquatic fare that is marketed towards us guys.

Chinensis .Official says:

Cedrat Boise is indeed a beast!! Projects for hours on me

althoffb says:

I really enjoy the humorous video openings. I laugh at almost all of them. The information on the fragrances is good too.

JohnSmith says:

#smellyarmy. We need to see some scantily clad girls now

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