Versace Man Eau Fraiche Re-review! Unique Citrus!

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Fragrance Bros. says:

LOL! truthfully, i dont know if you would like it. i’d love to hear your opinion, though.

Fragrance Bros. says:

we’ve heard a lot about it but havent tried it

Bloke says:

If any1 cd please help ….
I am a huge fan of the opening note in Davidoff Champion Energy – bergamot & grapefuit – a fresh citrusy blast.. but im not very fond of its drydown or base note …
wat im looking for is – a similar opening note that doesnt change much and retains more or less the same feel throughout.. wat do u think i shd try ???

Ivan Amador says:

Better than Nautica Voyage?

Aaron Davis says:

I LOVE THIS. My wife just gave me an unsolicited compliment and rated it a 9/10. Which seems good until you know that my wife doesn’t give unsolicited compliments, so that says a LOT. My wife is a fan = I’m a fan.

Miguel Ángel Cabrera says:

hahaha Halo Theme rules LOL

Fragrance Bros. says:

thank you! 🙂 you’re right. some fragrances have nostalgic feelings attached, and even if we dont care for it as much, it’s hard to get rid of those. 🙂

Fragrance Bros. says:

thank you! PH coming soon. 😉

Emiliano Espejo says:

Why do you have so few views your reviews are excellent!! I will subscribe

VampireVvvvV says:


CQBad1 says:

Can’t wait for the re-review of Pure Havane it’s my favorite scents for the fall/winter!! 🙂 Looking forward to it !! GJ on the review love it !!

bpwool says:

I had a mini of this one, and found it just OK from what I remember. I think maybe this, D&G Light Blue and Polo Blue are a bit similar. This could be a fun shootout if you also find them similar.

beezwaxish says:

The Fragnamic Bro duo, I really dig your channel sooooooooo very informative. I work in a climate change warehouse, it’s heading to summer what frag would you two recommend? Also I would like to hear you guys thoughts on Dillard’s Cremiux Noire Extreme. Keep that frag education going.

thunderstorm70 says:

What does your shirt say? “May the ____ be with you.” It ain’t force. lol

Devoris Bailey says:

I got 6hrs of scent and a compliment

Scents Small Town says:

Own it, but want to get rid of it! lol over it! Smells great on my wife but she doesn’t really dig it but she loved D&G Light Blue EDP… hmm, might have to sell it!

Devoris Bailey says:

It honestly last longer than any cologne I have, an I smell it all the way through

Obi Juan says:

I think it’s fourth. May the fourth is national Star Wars day. As in may the fourth be with you.

Scuppa F says:

re-review versace pour homme !

Captain Colorado says:

I found this to be cloying.

martinaee says:

Hey have you two ever smelled the “famous” Summer 2009 version of Issey Miyake aka L’eau D’issey pour homme. ?

Fragrance Bros. says:

i dont think so. im pretty sure its an EDT

Pyry Karrimaa says:

This was my first cologne I ever bought back in 2007. Still like it a lot in the summer heat. Love your videos, keep it up bros! 🙂

Fragrance Bros. says:

it’s actually probably more of a group of associations. a certain time, scent, and person all in one. 🙂 it’s funny how the brain works with scent.

MattTheBeast says:

Good thing about Florida is that it’s never winter! So, this is a year-round fragrance

Liev EDP says:

5:05 “Reminds me of me!” lol hope Jer shows up as part of the 12 days of Xmas. 🙂

Phenix101TPJ says:

Oh no! Don’t let the gym come between the bros! =D

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