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Kim Kardashian’s three new perfumes, Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Oud, and Crystal Gardenia Citrus just launched on KKWFragrance.com. To find out what real men and women—and not just the Kardashian and Jenner sisters—think of the new scent, we took a bottle of Crystal Gardenia out on the streets of New York City. Wrapped up and disguised in black tape, we had strangers give the perfume a sniff-test to see what they really thought.

You can shop the fragrance here: http://bit.ly/2zJaIEL

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Lil K says:

Kkw is garbage .

Wingzerodd says:

Now i know what to use to clean my toilet

Pickle Pickle says:

Anything with the Kardashians/Jenner name on = ghetto. if you’re buying their products most lilely you are one.

siri H says:

she looks so much like Dakota Johnson.

jaidi adel says:

hhhhhhhh that woman when she told her it’s kims perfume her answer killed me

Justin Hung says:

See Kim K does has talent !!! She’s amazing and work driven. And Personally when I buy perfumes I don’t buy to support or because I. Like the person that made it, i buy it because it smells nice and the perfume itself is nice.

Vicky Prm says:

“Let me wash it off”– I don’t want to trigger anyone, but that was plain rude.

vsboy 25 says:

Men like ladies to smell young.

A girl has no name says:

I was gonna buy it until the guy said “smells like air freshener”

Lauren Janbaz says:

I bought all 3 and they are AMAZING! This is coming from a perfume-oholic

jonnyfendi2003 says:

girl it smell like fish!!

parker taylor says:

The only thing that the perfume can smell like is ass,

cocoanouk says:

I thought you were the girl from 50 shades of grey

Mona Z says:

She looks like Anna Steele

BevinEllen13 says:

That one Irish guy ☘️

Brie Says says:

I swear my sisters and I all got perfumes in the same bottle and very similar scent, as a gift 14 yrs ago. I don’t know the brand, they were I assume very cheap. Nostalgia kinda make me want to get this but im also mad it has been ripped off by a Kardashian

Angie Senanes says:

The old lady when she said wash it off was so rude… she liked the smell but she would wash it of just because it’s Kim? Such an adult thing to do

Theglamourai says:

The lady who said “let me wash it off” is soo me !!!

Nuhu says:

I don’t get how a perfume would smell any worse if you discover that it’s made by someone you don’t like. What a pathetic way of thinking.

VJ Deva says:

Oriental by Zara is the best!!!

Rachel Lynne Jones says:

This was very entertaining- i’m kind of shocked only one mind was changed after hearing it was Kim’s perfume. I’d expect otherwise.

Sarah Shenkan says:

In my opinion her reaction was kinda ignorant 2:58 …. she is a easy influenceable person,

dsgbgirl8326 says:

I remember seeing in a magazine where they cut off the persons head and asked who wore it better and the majority picked Kim Kardashian. Guarantee if they wouldn’t have they would have been the other lady. Smh

Linnyboy says:

So it smells like a sweet flower that’s fresh

Edward Devlin says:

That bitch mighty fine

Elisabetta Epiney says:

Smells like bathroom air freshener

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