Best Spring PERFUMES for Women

Spring Fragrance Recommendations for Women
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Jonathan Shink says:

I can officially say it… my gf absolutely loves D&G… great blind buy cause of you !!!
Tx a lot !!

Manuela Elena says:

Kisssss from România

Victoria Lorenzo Gómez says:

Hello Jeremy,

do you know if the fragrance 3 L’imperatice is discontinued??
Please let me know if you know something about that, because I just discover it and I can’t live without it.

Thank you so much!

MissSilk says:

D&G #3 L’imperatrice is by far my most favorite, unique and highly commented perfume! Only wished it lasted a little longer but it’s an affordable high end 3.3oz/100mL fragrance that I don’t have issues reapplying and it’s not offensive to anyone! I have too many fragrances to choose from yet I ALWAYS grab this. I leave one at work, home and small travel atomizers in my car.

Robyne Williams-heller says:

I would’ve never even thought to put Burberry {body intense} as a selection for myself. Ever. Esp at my age. (50) But, now I will definitely be checking it out. I do Love those creamy white fleurs always. Especially in Spring. Thanks for the recommendation.

Christopher Torres says:

great suit!

believe in myself says:

Thabk you

Tin Naing says:

R u french

Amna Ahsan says:

Can you please tell me the name of number 7, the blue one please

Catherine Graham says:

nice business look there jerm, well I like white florals and I went and bought a few kiddy perfumes one is bloody awful, well it grows on you but I only bought it for the bottle really in a blue shoe Cinderella, and I just adore the Winnie the Pooh fragrance the bees wax and honeycomb and vanilla is eatable and kiddy. I also love prada candy and I like juicy and have a bottle of one not via but both nice. L’OCCITAN EAU DE TOILETTE for men is nice too but it is more like tobacco and cognac but powerful.. chanel i like and I have a bottle of rose tresor its nice. but I really love my winnie the pooh kiddy perfume it is so nice after a shower and to bed. words can’t describe how it makes me feel its got a whipped ice-cream, almond and honey and delicate fresh child smell I adore and while its kiddy I would put up as my top faves with guci and givenchy organza and my scent etc.

Aly Aguilar says:

I’m 17 and I have all those perfumes I took it offensive when he said dylan blue was for a 21 or 22 year old wtf

Karen Taylor says:

V cool video thanks

Kanori W says:

What is the name of the #1 perfume? Can you please write the names of each perfume. The links does not work. They probably are sold out on the site. Thanks

Yolo- Kell says:

Omg you are hot!

Carol Nabhan says:

I wqs just thinking before i watched this i swear that i wanted to buy this

Diogène Cave canem says:

I bought Viva la Juicy thanks to you, all people love it!!! Danke!!

Dominique Williams says:

There’s a Coco Mademoiselle intense now!

Mapi H says:

Chanel chance eau tendré si my favourite perfum…. in spain This versión si not so popular and i love it!!

Absysco says:

Why do you never include Escada?
Would love to see a video where you review fragrances you have never reviewed before

Sara Poynter says:

YASSSS!!! I’ve been wearing D&G #3 on and off for years and just bought some 2 days ago for spring summer – super hype you chose it as top pick!!!

Sue Daoudi says:

I am surprised My Paris by YSL is not in this list

Vala Lovely says:

i got the dolce and gabbana but it doesnt last at all and i am really sad about that! it fades amazing quickly!although it is amazing smell !and its reaaly fresh and sweet and fruity !i really hoped there was a eu de parfum version but sadly not 🙁

The Unmasked says:

What’s your opinion about Black opium

Sara Poynter says:

Also I’ve been eyeballing (sniffing) Dylan Blue for a few weeks and you’ve confirmed my decision to purchase

Trudeau Liberal says:

Every woman should own La Vie Est Belle. I am on my 2nd bottle.

Cara Pleading the 5th says:

Please list the perfume names when you list them below, thanks!

alaa abdalkareem says:

Olympia is sooo amazing like no other I didn’t smell something like it in my life my all-time favorite.. The others also good I have them all but Olympia is the king for me

Techie DLS says:

Flashback way back….so loved bill Blass and diva

Maria Helena says:

Try Givenchy Hot Couture EDT

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