Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance / Perfume Review


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A fragrance review / cologne review of Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. Thanks for watching!

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Raye Martin says:

I’m a 21 year old college kid, and Black Opium is one of the most complimented scents in my fragrance wardrobe. I would not say it’s safely unisex (idc to be honest, it’s all marketing) but a man can really pull this off.

aaron luke says:

that scent is super nice!! I would wear it myself.

nikolayDL says:

Great review! Please, do more like this one! I like pulling off women’s perfumes sometimes and surprising people, when they give me a compliment and ask me what I wear. 😀 Also it’s very rare to see other men sharing their opinion on women’s fragrances and that’s why I really enjoy videos like this one.

Donggeun Yeom says:

please review DHI and Valentino Uomo Intense in comparison

LolaScents says:

So awesome to see you guys review a fragrance marketed towards women! Keep em coming.

Valerie B says:

Great to see you reviewing woman’s fragrances, more please . Nice to hear your opinion on them. Thanks guys!

Sergio Davalos says:

great review folks. this or dior addict?

raziq roslan says:

can you make a review on Estebaa by Rasasi?


My wifey has it

marcia regina oliveira dos santos says:

I loved your review and this perfum is gonna be my next aquisition. I’ve tried on my skin once and i loved it. My mother used to wear the perfum Opium, the first one but i can not see myself wearing it, ‘m not the woman that wears Opium, but i can see myself wearing Black Opium. I live in Brazil where the weather is hot,  so i will probably have few opportunites to wear it, anyway i will buy it. Keep the good job guys!

Amir Pi says:

Thanks a lot for another great review Steve, well i might get this for my girlfriends birthday:) thx !! Have a great week bro,cheers

JohnCarlo Burton says:

nice video guys !!! I happen to really like Black Opium….it has been on my “want” list. As a man, I will wear it…confidently!

Sean Doyle says:

it’s nice to reviews of womens fragrances every once in a while.

Artista says:

When my girlfriend and I leave Jamaica and go to the the states we go to sephora and smell this all the time

Ricki Steiner says:

Is this at all comparable to Carolina Herrera Good Girl? The CH reminds me of a softer version of this.

Artista says:

I need to buy my girl this come to think of it

soldanovht noneofya says:

Hopefully they will do a men’s version like they did with original. Took them a while. Glad I stocked up on the original men’s opium because the reform in now a pussy cat instead of the tiger it once was.

temitayo david says:

i love you guys …great review again

Bartłomiej Gabryszak says:

How about a review of the YSL Opium for men? Would be very nice to hear something about EDT or EDP ( isn’t produced anymore). I read some good things about them in the past but never had a chance to smell them :/
Greets from Poland ^^

eric anthony says:

Great review! I smelled this and got it for my lady last year. It is a wonderful fragrance and I love it on her!! It lasts a good while too. I would not wear it as a guy however.

Kologne says:

Great job guys. Interesting fragrance.

Aled Omer says:


دحام العنزي says:

helo rodelescene i am a huge fan.

i would love to have your take on abdul samad al qurashi house, they are considered as one of the most prestigious fragrance houses in the middle east.

Brooklyn Fragrance Lover says:

Always a pleasure to collab with you

EVO LEO says:

great review as always! unfortunately my wife isn’t a fan of this one.

Sky Yen Truong says:

Awesome review. I’m thinking about buying this for my aunt. The last time I asked her to check out Rive Ambre and Black Orchid by TF, she really liked it but I don’t have enough $ to gift it to her hahahah. Do you think this would be a good choice? Also, if I buy CH men prive for my uncle, would these 2 compliment each other? Maybe you should do a video on couples fragrances for nights out and special occasions hahahah. Please include different weathers if you actually make one. Thanks a bunch.

Nitro 41 says:

This is too popular amongst ladies for a guy to wear. If you put this on for a night out there is a good chance you’ll come across a woman wearing it…..AWKWARD!! Whilst I agree alot of fragrances are unisex, no matter who it’s marketed for, the women out there who wear it might not feel the same.

Serg S says:

Great video gents!

M Shlock says:

Thanks Steve — useful stuff.

XxEHABxX - says:

i really enjoy the DUO with Carlos awesome video keep the good work and keep the DUO its great .

Stefanos Stefan says:

great review guys!

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