Carnal Flower Frederic Malle Fragrance Perfume Review!! (2005)

My take on a fantastic white floral fragrance. Thanks for subscribing.


SONICE69 says:

Only one I own thus far is Cologne Bigarade and I love that Ellena DNA (Butter Orange, Rose & slightly brown grass vibe- no stinky cumin like the Concentre version)…………. I’ve gotta get Portrait Of A Lady & Carnal Flower next!!!

lj6583 says:

I love this fragrance. It is going to be one of my next purchases, along with Bois D’orage (French Lover) and POL. I have a couple of FM’s and love them. This is such a great fragrance and house. Love it. Thanks for the review, Ryan!

Bottom Note says:

Very wise words sir 🙂
And yeah, I’m digging and going back and forth on summer and winter right now. Still have summer frags to do. Thanks for the video man 🙂

Ascent Edone says:

This and POAL are Ropion’s best compositions. They are so complex and their longevity so great that one spends all day enjoying them. POAL projects more but they both last 10+ hours

Gabriel Garcia says:

nice that you wear cf. it can be amazing with the right person but true not for everyone.

ForeverFragrantKid says:

This is a great scent! Very nice review of this one! 🙂

Fragrance Tattoo says:

Are those 6 bottles in the background from House of Matriarch ?

Neo Xerxes says:

Wise words at the end mate! Really enjoyed the review, as always. Carnal Flower is my favorite tuberose scent!

Sascha Uoee says:

Love dat stuff

Jaysin5506 says:

Awesome review Ryan, I want Bois D’Orage (French Lover) next, Cologne Indelible, and Musc Ravageur, i’ll absolutely order a sample or Carnal Flower this weekend. Thanks for the motivation brother!

dmarcus1260 says:

Tuberose is one of my favorite florals. I know this one kind of comes across as “feminine” but I like it too much to be concerned about what people think when I wear it.

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

I just got this…it is floral, which I like, but it caught me off gaurd with the eucalyptus strength. but you are right the drydown with is fabulous. if you like this, rasasi marvelous and gianfranco Gieffeffe (I did a review on that one) are in the same genre. blend is just as good, but the strength is not like carnal flower. but don’t sleep…. rasasi marvelous is a decent performer.

FragranceView says:

Nice Ryan, sounds good! The only one from this house I’ve tried is French Lover! Need to get myself some samples at some point 🙂

Phyllis Iervello says:

Carnal Flower is among my favorite fragrances.

Jim R says:

I tried this one two Falls ago…and the scent of Carnal Flower stayed with me for two days, filled rooms, and just about killed me; death by Tuberose! It’s a great performing high-quality fragrance but it scared me away from tuberose for almost 2-years. However, I recently tried a sample of Soliflore Tuberose from Dame Perfumery and liked it, and would love smelling it on the ladies. It was a tuberose with a volume control. Regarldess, I enjoyed your take on this one…but men should be wary of this one since, IMO, it leans heavily feminine. Still, it’s a great fragrance (quality) for a women who exercises trigger-control (one-half spray max IMO).

Hellochyeah says:

This is easily the best from the house imo. The price is too high to me but I have a decant that I enjoy. It is girly but it smells so damn good that it transcendends all that stuff. Tuberose is to me very similar to orange blossom so if you can handle Orange blossom you should be able to handle this. Also this is a nuclear weapon in performance that I think can be easily worn on cold days.

razscott says:

Cracking review sir!! I Need to try this one again, i had a sample a few years ago but i found it too floral i think. Have you tried Parfums de marly carlisle yet?

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