Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

Katie Puckrik smells Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. Other fragrances mentioned: Thierry Mugler Angel, Aquolina Pink Sugar, Lolita Lempicka.

For more info, including where to buy, visit my blog: http://www.katiepuckriksmells.com/2010/09/victor-and-rolf-flowerbomb.html

Theme song: “Perfume” by Sparks. Watch the video of the full song:

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G.I. JANE says:

What a delightful and concise review. Well done, Katie!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

How odd that your YT name is “JoyGraceHope”. It’s good to have aspirations.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

There are some hits and misses in that line, as with any brands. I do think it’s odd that they claim you can mix/match the perfumes. All you’d end up with is a smell car crash. (It’s their strategy to sell more perfumes.)

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

I’ll look into that…

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Something sweet like Flowerbomb would be Prada Candy, and something more flowery would be Jour d’Hermes.

DarlingNikki2 says:

Hey, you’re not alone! I can’t stand the smell of Flowerbomb at all and, like Angel, I can tell when someone has it on from a mile away…

Phoenix PurpleCandy says:

I had to get my rollerball of Flower bomb out, and dab a little on.
A little was all it took!
it’s lovely and patchy, and I can tell the resemblance to Angel. I have a little, .80 oz star of that , too.
A celebrity frag, called Gossip Girl Honey for Women, also smells like Angel Light.
I’m glad I got mine. all I see for sale is the men’s version, now.

Christinahello says:

i almost bought flower bomb since they had it at winners today. I was in the store debating on getting it or not but it is still quite expensive, $80 or $175 for the 100 mL bottle. Debating on this one or burberry body but i said no to both since i already had Angel which had that vanilla smell and i still love my d&g l’imperatice.

kendy4 says:

Katie can u do a review on Eaumega by Viktor and Rolf ?
I really like it and there really isn’t a youtube review on the fragrance at all.

Ana Zouhir says:

la mode est aux odeurs forte type patchouli

pamela Chavez says:

whats a good soft classy and elegant perfume?

karmanikole says:

how can u tell if u got a fake victor&rolf flowerbomb (i got it as a gift)

AShyLily says:

To my nose Prada Amber smells very much like Bulgari Jasmine Noir. The exception is that Jasmine Noir has a rich green note. The Prada is warm and sweeter. I gave the Prada to a friend

jjjjjokerface says:

Do you like the La Vie En Rose version?

parmr1 says:

thanksss, i will check them out

Melinda Rose says:

LOVE our descriptive reviews lady!  I have just tried a DUPE of Flowerbomb, but haven’t smelled the real deal yet.  The DUPE, though, is too much like Shalimar to me.. A classic, but I am not a fan.. Not the spicy, floriental type at all.  Love your description of patchouli, haha.. I love it in a blend but by itself I call it, “moldy dirt”, lol… 

dakitsu luna says:

I’m curious about their new fragrance Bon Bon

Chris Brown says:

Im ok with flowerbomb but I do actually like the flowerbomb in the dark bottle.

Marvin Alovera says:

I would love to hear your opinion on Lancôme la vie est belle. People seem to compare it to flower bomb. But I heard Lancôme is for a more nature lady. I am planning to get Lancôme for my wife but not sure if flower bomb is better.

Kelli Spaulding says:

Have you reviewed Prada Amber yet? I can’t tell because I only have access on my phone & it doesn’t let me see all of your uploads.

Michael Jimenez says:

This is really sugar and cotton candy in a bottle, it’s amazing!!!

psisky says:

This is far too strong, it nips the inside of my nose, catches in my throat and gives me a headache.      It’s hard to wash off too.    Vile!

H. Jules says:

I love how you speak girl. LOL

Yeye Vasquez says:

subscribed! by the way, what’s the title of the background song that you are using in all of your videos? thanks

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Haven’t tried it yet.

Amanda Sharkey says:

I love you, Katie Puckrik! (Fangirl here, love your sense of humour) – I love this review – and your Shalimar one. Have you reviewed Agent Provocateur at all please? I will hunt for more reviews now!! I’d like to hear your take on Coco edt (prob my fave, along with Shalimar, Y, Hypnotic Poison and Cinnabar!). Thanks for the entertainment and knowledge!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

It really depends on the man. Some men go for sweet vanilla perfumes like Flowerbomb, some go for muskier ones like Stella by Stella McCartney, and some for ripe jasmine perfumes.

xpoppingrocks says:

I wanted to love flowerbomb so badly 🙁 but my skin just made the perfume smell bad after an hour

ecofriendlyhippie says:

This is like my signature scent. It smells amazing

ItsameAlex says:

you should cut your hair very short, you would look really hot

Maya sikorska-reymann says:

you pronounce Lempicka: LEMPITZKA

Letlamb says:

Wonderful description. I have it, not my fav, it doesn’t stay for very long.

Angelica Guerrero says:

I would agree with you that Flowerbomb is girly but I think it has a lot more edge and “bite” than you’re giving it credit for. FB has personality and presence, more so than a lot of fragrances marketed towards women on the market currently.

crunkwun says:

This to me is not a “skanky” perfume but definitely makes me wonna rip her clothes off… I dont really like smelling real sweet female perfumes so this 1 is not really that sweet… it has some depth to it and a dark side.. I own spicebomb and always have girls commenting on how damn good I smell. So when I smell girls wearing this Im like a moth to a flame hahaha Im also a sucker for vanilla perfumes.. Check out Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille… ugh

Kelli Spaulding says:

I want a skanky perfume!!! What is a good one?! I want men to smell me & want to rip my clothes off!!!

Lo Mo says:

I would love to see a review on the V&R Spicebomb if you can! :))

Silvia Falconi says:

. ask me a question.. please.. if you have a choice between flowerbom and la vie est belle wich you probably buy? wich is more elegant and longest? thank you

topgear1138 says:

I know a woman who wears this and for some reason it totally turns me on. I loooove the way this smells on her. I am not normally into these overly sweet scents, but jesus this drives me crazy.

parmr1 says:

flower bomb & chanel chance have been my favourites for years. i luv their signature smells that u know for sure that’s flower bomb. I wanna try new perfume, do you have any other suggestion similar to these? i like fresh and flowery smell. thankkks

jjjjjokerface says:

Could you do a review of Spicebomb?

Crystal McVay says:

Hello 🙂 I imagine you’re crazy busy, but I would love for you to review Viktor & Rolf Bonbon! Your reviews are perfect, because you’re so descriptive. So many people list notes and say generic things about how “yummy” things smell, but you describe “yummy”…if that makes sense.

Donna Woods says:

I never wore perfume until I caught a whiff of Flowerbomb on a friend. Now I wear it every day. It reminds me of the old department store perfume counters when I was a kid.

AShyLily says:

Excellent description Katie! I love Flowerbomb!

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