Frederic Malle “Carnal Flower” Fragrance Review

Whoa..what a beauty. When it comes to luxurious Tuberose fragrances? It doesn’t get much better than this.


Johnny E says:

Best Carnal Flower review! I totally feel minute 7 of this video! lol. CF is one of my favorite perfumes, I too was completely blown away by this. Keep up the great reviews!

Cleo Cam says:

Awesome review! It’s ok to gush really. Carnal flower is a big love of mine and because of it I’ve neglected many other tuberose perfumes….though Byredo’s Flowerhead has captured of late, have you tried it? I think you’d love it.

RyzFragz34 says:

Excellent review my friend. I really enjoy this fragrance. 🙂

Galdra says:

Even though I love Carnal flower more, I still think Fracas is the queen, it was such a revolutionary perfume, at the time it came out there was nothing like it out there. I absolutley think Carnal flower smells tropical, like you are in a hot wet wild tropical forest, it is absolutley beautiful, one of my all time favorites, but I think it needs heat to really show its beauty.

Dylan says:

You can’t be serious? So you like tuberose? Have you tried out the new Kilian? Voulez vous coucher avec Moi! That’s a tuberose bomb.Talking of Kilian,, is it true he is to open a shop in London? I do hope so. Anyway my friend, step away from the light, please don’t go into the light….you may never return. I’m talking about the FM light

DavidTV says:

Congratulations on 3000 subs

valmuemark says:

I love tuberose as well, this is on my must-try list. great review, as always 🙂 have discovered your channel quite recently, so glad I did! you do know your perfume and are just lovely to listen to 🙂

Ami Loves Perfume says:

Carnal Flower is just gorgeous! It is the queen of Tuberose, I prefer it over Fracas. I am really loving most Frederic Malle fragrances at the moment, its such a great quality House. Eau de Magnolia is really beautiful too 🙂

Jennifer McCray says:

First commenter , I remember the first time I tried Carnal Flower!!!! Never smelled anything like it!!! 5 stars !!! I do wish that I could afford Carnal Flower though …… What a luxury !!!!

Jennifer McCray says:

I smelled it first back in 2007 , in California. I asked a lady what she was wearing and she said Carnal Flower , never had I smelled anything so beautiful ! I still haven’t bought it but I will!!

Sophie Broadbent says:

Great review, once again.

I want to test this stuff, even though I know it’s pretty pricy…

Like you, I don’t find tuberose sexy, either; but most men seem to differ on that.

Was mentioning this subject to my boyfriend and he said “I get why I like it, but why do you like it? Surely, it must smell different to you than it does to me?”.

He was, apparently, getting at the fact that he finds tuberose (or perfumes he now knows have it as a main component) sexy, on female skin.

So, he didn’t get why, or how, I also liked it, if that isn’t what I’m getting from it, as a woman myself.

To him, I guess tuberose is almost like the olfactory equivalent of lingerie, or whatever?

Whereas, to me, it’s just an intoxicatingly beautiful, naturally powerful, slightly heady, slightly glamorous, flower smell.

Mona Markussen says:

Oh hi,finally found the button þo comment. In oslo we have a shop called Heaven Scent, and many a time i wondered why u didnt pick a name like that. Cause what does it mean? ouch for pain? ok,enough ab that…
My abs favorite is Do Son, then Truth or dare and my newfound Carnal flower,thet beat” the Flowerhead by Byredo by a mile. Only thing beats the tuberose scents or can compare is Un jardin sur le nil in my oppinion.
Would you do a rewiew of Kingdom if i sent it over?

Robert Perricone says:

sounds very complex…..will have to try some.

Svetlana Huey says:

Very similar to Bond 9 Saks 5 th avenue. Great channel!!!!

Robert Perricone says:

sounds very complex…..will have to try some.

Amanda G says:

Great review! I’m just getting into FM perfumes–deciding between this one and Lipstick Rose for my first full bottle. This one is so beautifully green and balanced, it’s hard to resist.

parachutes2005 says:

Excellent review, as always.

I loved Carnal Flower upon trying it. I have a small sample that I need to use up.

The only reason I wouldn’t think of a bottle is because I have not tried Tubereuse Criminelle.

Tadeo says:

Who wants to gift me one?

darrshan darrshan says:

my fav wat ascent
on my 3 rd bottle

N C says:

Omg…what’s better than Michael Kors?

Love my family says:

Another great review so worth the money it’s an investment I really want portrait of a lady can you do a review of surge lutanes dame blond it’s one of my favourites I subscribed to your Chanel I think your great x

Jayne Porter says:

Great review 🙂 – this was my gateway to FM. I’d tested a few and didn’t really get them, but then had a crafty spritz of CF at Les Senteurs and floated the rest of the day on a heavenly cloud of tuberose! The opening has striking similarities to Un Matin d’Orage, IMO. I love how the additional notes amplify different facets of the soliflore: the coconut adds the fleshy/creamy element, whilst the eucalyptus, the green florist shop quality. Just stunning.

Jennifer McCray says:

My review on Fragrantica , do you agree?
I came across this fragrance 7 years ago I died and Jesus literally brought me back and I saw the white light of god . The experience was spiritual !! No seriously I have never smelled anything so wonderful in my life . It is the equivalent of the part in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ when she has an orgasm in the diner ! Thats the face I made when I smelled it and then I died ….. I love tuberose and this is the most erotic , orgasmic , natural , beachy, mesmerising , want to be naked and bathed in it fragrance that exists . Price totally worth it . I will finally stop procrastinating after 7 years and buy it!

samgrant83 says:

Salicylates – Sall – lis- sill- lates – emphasis on second syllable. Think aspirin (from birch bark – the latin name for the birch tree family is Salix) – though in lots of other fruits etc. One of nature’s classes of wonder drugs. I suspect it will give a subtle birch bark hint, but that’s just a guess.

StellaDiverFlynn says:

Oooooh, Carnal Flower is beautiful! <3 While Fracas is too much for me, Carnal Flower is such a wonderful balance between the camphorous/green and voluptuous/creamy aspects of tuberose. But my No.1 is still reserved for Tubéreuse Criminelle, which opened my eyes to the beauty of tuberose. 😛

Annemarie Gustar says:

I love your reviews and that perfume sounds perfect for me . I love perfumes with lots of white flowers. Like you I am generally obsessed with perfume and have been for years. I adore fracas please review it , may change your mind about gardenia and what about gardenia passion by A Goutel it’s a wonderful fragrance very earthy. Anyway keep up the good work(I just wish I had as many perfumes as you) I’m presently wearing pure poison another masterpiece in my opinion A Halmazabel

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