8. Something Blue – Oscar de la Renta –
7. White Gardenia Petals -Illuminum-
6. Creed – Love in White –
5. Chanel – Beige –
4. Chanel – Chance Eau Fraiche –
3. Byredo – Blanche –
2. Carnal Flower- Frederic Malle –
1. Gold – Commodity –

For more info, go here now— getting-married-what-fragrance-to-wear-wedding-day-perfume

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Nelson Lim says:

#asktiffbenson do the same video for men fragrance

Ramon Heard Jr says:

Great video

ouch110 Fragrance Reviews says:

Carnal Flower! YESSSS! Gosh, as a tuberose lover and someone who actively seeks out tuberose fragrances? Carnal Flower really kicks ass. It makes me swoon! I love how they tried to showcase every facet of the flower. Tiff, have you smelled Portrait Of A Lady by Frederic Malle? This one is the superstar of their line! 🙂

GEE CEE says:

I have smelled your top 6 choices…Can’t go wrong with the top 6 – but something about Carnal Flower – Frederic Malle that gets my attention.

maria jose arevalo says:

I chose Gold by Commodity!!! yayyy only 15 days until the big day!!! i bought black orchid, velvet orchid, noir pour femme because of you and i love them!!! also bought skin by clean i recommend it and my next crave is beach walk by replica martin margiella! Im so adicted now!!!

Rick Gooden says:

Tiff , have you ever done a review on the Prada Luna Rosa sport ? It’s amazing, and smells kinda like jean paul gaultier !

ForeverFragrantKid says:

Wonderful choices! This was a cool video, and a very sweet thing to do for her. You rock Tiff! 🙂

Idk what i would pick for that occasion, but a few that stick out for me are By Kilian Love and Tears, House of Matriarch Kazimi, and Zoologist Nightingale. All of these are gorgeous to my nose.

MagnifiSCENT X says:

I’m single, but If I were getting married, I would wear either Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, Midnight In Paris, or Versace’s The Dreamer.

Kerry Pope says:

Tiff let’s get married !!!! You are so beautiful and sexy. I can’t stop watching those pretty lips. All I want to do is just suck on them. And by the way great video

Adrianna Keys says:

#asktiffbenson Could you do a video on fragrances for people in the medical field? It’s tough finding something that 1. isn’t super fruity/sweet smelling and 2.has a subtle enough smell that won’t affect patients, but I just feel slightly more clean and kept with a little smell-good. I’m looking for a real understated type perfume. Thanks

SiRTHiZZL3 says:

Excellent Video!!

Slikarski Sli says:

I have a question are you in a relationship and talk about your love life,relationships etc etc… we can get to know you on another level. 🙂

jerome joseph philip says:

Hey tiff can you review fragrances from the house of byredo #asktiffbenson ..

iooi says:

What’s a good fragrance for getting divorce or getting dump in?

A Scented Soul says:

I bought Beige on a blind buy and love it. Gorgeous scent

Kologne says:

Love the background music. Great topic.

dexxhunt says:

Very Nice vid Tiff 🙂 So cool of you to make this for your friend,and super cool of you to throw in that sample kit as well.Great choices fam.Especially the ‘Love In White’,that would SHINE at a garden wedding,love that stuff.I would imagine Creed’s ‘Spring flower’ would be great too.Just a beautiful fruity floral freshie.Congrats to your friend 😉 Peace/Bless up

Alex Kawano says:

I love your reviews x10000000000000!!!

Leo B says:

Carnal Flower is really beautiful and elegant – would be great for a special occasion. I would ask your fiance what he likes, and try to find something that you both enjoy.

Lolani Fenring says:

“If u don’t like it, give it back… just kidding!” HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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