Gourmand perfumes

This week we explore the fragrance family of Gourmand and show you a few different variations.
Fragrances mentioned are:
Cartier L’Heure Defendu VII
Flower by Kenzo L’Elixir
Serge Lutens Bapteme de Feu
Dear Rose Song for a Queen

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Flávia Sanches says:

This kind of scent makes me sick and I wish I could enjoy it, I always feel like I am missing an experience… Oh well, I love the botanic ones.

Perfumed Bartender says:

Thanks for your help! I think I know where I will be able to find it 🙂 Will get back to you if no luck!

Raye Martin says:

Flower by Kenzo is craaaaazy good!!!

Exotic Scents says:

Fantastic review. Two classy ladies setting the bar high. You bring me vibes of Katie Puckrick. And you’re brilliant in your own right. Thumbs up. I will share this video. Thanks a lot. Loved it.

eireitalia1 says:

Love your reviews and always looking forward to learning more. Bravo!!!

Mitchell Halpern says:

Love the videos, ladies. I particularly appreciate the Cartier fragrance reviews. They are not discussed often here in the States.

yoylos3p says:

I’d love to try the Cartier perfume! I hope Neiman Marcus carries it in their stores.
What do you think of Guerlain’s Les Elixirs Charnels, Gourmand Coquin EDP? Is it any similar to the Cartier one?
Thanks for the awesome video!

Perfumed Bartender says:

I have not had the opportunity to try Cartier L’Heure Defendu VII. I will be on the search for this now! Thanks for sharing.

PrincessLeah187 xx says:

my favorite gourmands are Bvlgari original Omnia in the brown bottle,JPG Classique, hypnotic poison by Dior, and Boudoir by Vivienne Westwood that on me smells like rose bubblegum.

fushiakayak says:

Great video as always! My favorite gourmand is Mark Jacobs Biscotti…..Now I want to try the ones you describe. I will have to stop watching you so I will have more money, but that’s not going to happen 🙂

Fragrancy blog says:

Ok I really want to smell the Cartier !!!

Can 1996 says:

I was looking for an elegant kind of grown up Gourmand fragrance for my mum as a Christmas gift.. Finally I decided to buy Dior Addict for her. What do you think about that perfume? I’d like to hear your opinion cause I don’t know much about women fragrances..

Jada Edwards says:

I love gourmands and always looking for a new fave! I love Angel Innocent, Dulcis in Fundo, and Atelier Orange Sanguine right now…..GREAT REVIEWS! Please keep them coming!

hello32517 says:

the Laura Mercier eau gourmande range is noticeably absent from this list! I love their ambre vanille and crème brulee. =) PS nice vids, thank you! xx

kat b says:

Serge Lutens and his delectable creations. I’ve got to try that one…

Kelli Spaulding says:

Prada Candy is my absolute favorite. There is just something about it …. I can’t ever let it go

onaUT says:

La Perla Dark Extacy 🙂

tanktop25 says:

Tainted Love by Tokyo Milk / vanilla, sandalwood and tea

hopiesmom Skillern says:

Best of gourmand, to me, would be Lancôme La Nuit Tresor.

chanthamala8 says:

I bought a sample of “Batème du Feu”. The first image I thought on my skin was desiring a religious priest, choir singing, sinnister, incense, prohibited by something metallic but inviting. I cannot wait to buy the whole bottle. I saw this video and read the description after. (Fun Fair…oops) The Perfume Pros.. you ladies Rock! I’m so glad I found your channel!

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