Holiday Party Fragrance Tips: Perfume Review / Fragrance Review

Katie Puckrik talks holiday party fragrance tips with Erica Fox on Fox 5 San Diego, airdate December 8, 2010.

Featured fragrances are:
Agent Provocateur Diamond Dust
Escentric Molecules Molecule 01
Guerlain Shalimar Ode à la Vanille
Fresh Cannabis Santal
Frédéric Malle Carnal Flower
Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris

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Sherry GarrGarr says:

Great interview Katie

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@Miriam89 Opium is a fab Xmas smelleroonie! Go ahead and scare the kids – you only need the men anyway.

DecemberMarie says:

Hi Katie! I’m such a fan of your reviews. I’ve recently fallen in love with Agent Provocateur and Agent Provocateur Maitresse. I was wondering if there were any similar fragrances along those lines you’d recommend (preferably a bit less expensive lol)? I’ve heard some reviewers compare Maitresse to Chanel No 5 but honestly, I can’t stand No 5, it smells old ladyish to me.

sphexes says:

I love Molecule 01… Indeed, the same thing happened to me at work. So many people were mystified by this sublime scent. I’ve since take to buying the ISO-E Super and mixing it myself for far cheaper.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@sparkybish Someone’s got to!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@A7laQ6ri Manoumalia by LesNez

roliboom says:

Gosh, I felt (weirdly) like a proud parent seeing you on tv Lol You done good girl! 🙂 Oh, and that more vanilla Shalimar sounds very interesting..

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

Molecule 01 is comprised entirely of aroma chemical Iso E Super, which provides the cedar/sandalwood smell in SO many masculines, from Terre d’Hermes to Amouage Jubilation XXV & beyond. It will seem comfortingly familiar to you when you smell Molecule 01. Because it’s just one ingredient, and not a composition, it feels a bit skeletal to me (because I love opulent, lavish “meal in a bottle” perfumes). But it is undeniably appealing, & the thinness can also read as freshness. & it lasts FOREVER.

redcrimson718 says:

Loving the shoes you’ve got on!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@friscobiatch78 Thanks, hon. I’ve got another “date” with Raoul this week! Will post the segment by the weekend.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@RedDragon45 I know women who absolutely love wearing Molecule 01 (and they’re the ones who like woodsy/sandalwood scents like Diptyque Tam Dao). It does skew towards the masculine side, but not as “manly” as something like Terre d’Hermes, for instance.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@vmendonc Rubbing doesn’t do anything other than rub off the fragrance and minimize its power. In these short segments, there’s only a few seconds for the anchor to register the scent and make an observation, and I don’t have the luxury of time to let the alcohol burn off and my skin warm up the fragrance. A quick wipe against my clothes cuts the alcohol smell and warms up the scent at the same time. But in real life, you’re right: you don’t want to waste perfume by rubbing half of it off!

passionatereader isme says:

great segment katie

MissMargaret says:

I love that you used the words horny and slutty on tv news.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@DecemberMarie I think you just might dig the newest Agent Provocateur, L’Agent. It’s lush and full and a little sweet, with a leather twist.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@1224darl I feel that wearing fragrance not only is an expression of your individuality and mood, but is also a way to enhance what’s going on in the world around you.

AlternatepersonalityMUA says:

I wish tv smellavision was available lol!

ProspectNY11211 says:

Every one should have a Raoul in their office.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@ProspectNY11211 Right?

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@Sevipants19 You know something? I “forgot” to wear my wedding ring for these segments!

ColoursandScents says:

Great points, especially about not wanting to clash with a holiday (or any) meal. When I think of holiday meals I think of fragrances with some sweetness such as maple, cranberry and plum (wondering if there a designer or niche fragrance with maple, plum and cranberry notes, hmmm).

Marija Čepulytė says:

Katie! I’ve just bought Opium (EDP), Yves Saint Laurent… FUCK YEAH!!! That will be my Christmas scent. Hopefully men will drag along and scared mothers will not try to hide their kids from me.

Oh, by the way, I stalked you a little bit, and I must say, you have had a very cool and wild youth! But how you manage to look 25 years younger than you are, well, that is a complete mystery to me.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@pigasus27 Thanks indeedy!

vmendonc says:

I love your videos, but whyyyy, whyyy rub the fragrances!!! As a fragrance connaisseur you should know that u can’t do that!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@RedDragon45 Apparently stylist Rachel Zoe adores wearing it.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@cockneyrouge Ha…thanks! TV allows me to get the pins out.

Ladyofdeath777 says:

Midnight in Paris reminds me of my Grandfather in his study!!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@Ladyofdeath777 No kidding!

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@mai567 Yep, I’m thinking a return for Valentine’s Day, too.

The Frivolous Redhead says:

Has anyone else commented on Raoul’s Clark Kent vibe? I’m sure he gets that all the time. I’m just waiting for him to drop that cute “knucklehead” persona, tear off his clothes and…………..I’m going to shut up now.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@Leven92 You can never go wrong if you’re in charge of your own gifts!

Raoul is an adorable slice of man-nerd. I wasn’t really picking on him – more like fourth grader-style bullying flirting.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@coffeeislove12345 Yes, “Clark Kent” has been mentioned, and you’re painting quite a picture…;-)

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@2Krazy2Klassy That was the clincher, right?

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@CanwllCorfe615 MiP smells to me like a more accessible, more billowy Bulgari Black. My personal pref is for Bulgari Black, but I think MiP’s sweeter approach may work for those who aren’t down with BB’s rubber. I’ve not parsed the diff between the EDT & EDP.

RethParish says:

That picture of Katie at 6:23 is just so cute! Just adorable. 🙂

CanwllCorfe says:

Well I guess you ended up liking Midnight in Paris! 😀 After a couple more successive samplings, I’ve decided I do enjoy it. I’m not sure it’s FBW yet. Did you get to try the EDP and EDT? I don’t get too much of a difference between the two. The EDP may be smoother, but that’s about it.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@ColoursandScents Good idea! Annick Goutal Sables, The Different Company Sublime Balkiss and Serge Lutens Bois et Fruits come to mind…

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@mialovesmusic Oh! I hope you enjoy reading my book!

The Dumb Reach says:

Did you just say the words “horny” and “slutty” on Fox News? Yeah? Awesome.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@242razor That’s wonderful to hear!

Arie Feiman says:

“So you’re saying this would be good for what event?” You’re talking for a minute and a half about office-party fragrances, airhead.

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@ImHollyGolightly Yep it’s a coming-of-age memoir called “Shooting From the Lip”.

Sevipants19 says:

Hey knucklehead! Katie’s married!

242razor says:

@KatiePuckrikSmells , thank you so much katie , god bless you for everything you’re doing coz you’re changing people’s lives…the new me is more confident than before

TheLivwell2 says:

Nice fragrance picks, Katie. I really like Molecule 01, but it costs $210 out here in Oz, so it’s a bit out of my price range! I wonder what I should wear to the family Christmas party this year? Hmmm…must do some thinking 🙂

mrcoreynitro says:

“Perhaps you’re a little horny.”


RedDragon45 says:

Can women wear Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 or is it too “manly” smelling ?

Katie Puckrik Smells says:

@roliboom I appreciate your pride!

Taylor Garcia says:

this interview was so much funn to watch, great job 🙂

Leo B says:

Very cool interview – I will definitely have to try out Molecule 01! Is there anything that smells similar to it?

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