Jimmy Choo L’EAU Perfume Review

Hey Beauties! I hope you enjoy my review of Jimmy Choo L’EAU!!

Jimmy Choo L’EAU https://amzn.to/2x69qnD

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Best Brands Perfume says:

Oh my I love Jimmu Choo fragrances, the original Eau De Parfum is stunning, also, for a lighter selection the one called Jimmy Choo Blossom, the light candy, fruity floral scent, much much lighter but different in a flirty girly way but with class. Love this Choo video, Rhonda, Im loving all your videos.

mysonruns says:

” Girl Bye” Loved this! I won’t be running out to get this one. Thank you so much!

MsShayelove says:

Girl i clicked so fast on this video. Looking all cute and all your pink. Sounds pretty but it sounds like I will be bored . YOU know I like strong scents but thank you so much for the review Always a joy to watch.

BlackRose0555 says:

I love how your description to this perfume was so to the point , I enjoy your channel so much because I love perfumes!

howconnie says:

Yes tell the truth and save me money

DarlingNikki2 says:

I really like L’eau, but the lasting power and projection is abysmal, even for an EDT. This is really more like a body splash type of fragrance, like something from Victoria’s Secret or Bath and Body Works or even those Calgon sprays you can get at Wal-Mart. I think this is the perfect type of perfume for those who suffer from allergies/asthma or some type of scent sensitivities or those who work in environments that ban fragrance because it’s generally gone within an hour with very little projection beyond the first 15 minutes. It could also be a gateway type of fragrance for a young teenager just getting started with fragrance who wants to have a designer bottle on their dresser. Great review as always and looking forward to many more! Can’t wait to see what you say about Divina because I’ve been reading some negative things about it smelling like floor cleaner because of the strong grapefruit note and I’m bummed because that bottle is awesome!

Lizzalizzette Alexander says:

You betta stunt with the gorgeous hair and your look’ all together

Sylvia Jackson says:

I love your reviews and your honesty. You will save me a lot of money because I trust your opinion. I know we have to smell for ourselves, but I really trust what you say about the lasting power. Good vid.

Jasmine Travis says:

Lovely lovely fragrance again girl!
Do you have an email where we can contact you?
If you can, email me girl- jasminejanay94@yahoo.com

Casually Fragrant says:

Awesome review. Agreed the bottle is gorgeous! Haven’t tried this scent yet.

Jennifer p says:

Thanks for the review
I’m going with illicit flower

Mrs Daws says:

Love this video, your facial expressions are out of this world. I was laughing at the description of the perfume ,and thanks to your honest opinion I will not be purchasing this fragrance. I already have the wonderful Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo . Thanks again

Jodi Peacock says:

I love Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo!! It’s one of my favs. Thanks for this review, since I have Miss Dior—-this will be a pass for me.

Sheree Van says:

Your review is on point. I’ve tried this one out. Pretty fragrance but No longevity or projection. Good review. Thank you.

mkblady says:


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