Lancome’s La Vie est Belle Perfume Review

I review Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle eau de parfum. Super sweet and the proclaimed first iris gourmand fragrance. Enjoy!

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FragranceView says:


Carol Staudenmaier says:

Julia Roberts as la vie est belle, smooth!

Mrs_ Hypnotic__ says:

how big is the bottle you have? is it 50 or 75 ml?

AnneM T says:

I really like it! I agree with you!

Anne Conley says:

It reminds me so much of Guerlain Shalimar. I love it so much.

youtubepoop fan says:

I agree. This fragrance is truly enchanting. It is my favorite next to Rihanna,s perfumes. It is very powerful, but the scent is nothing short of addictive.

Sylvia Jackson says:

I have both Flowerbomb and La Vie Est Belle, they are very close but I notice the next day La Vie Est Belle smells stronger and different overnight but Flowerbomb remains the same overnight. And I don’t care for how it changes. But I still love it.

Fragrancy blog says:

I like this scent, but I just don’t wear it because everyone else smells the same … it is a very popular one in The Netherlands. Also the absolue version is also amazing!

Michelle aka constantconnie says:

Wow I didn’t realize it was an iris centric fragrance! I like Iris but do not detect it at all. I have this one and feel exactly the way you do. ( and I think i used up the same amount lol ) but every once in a while I’ll spritz and walk through when I want to cuddle up on the couch under the blanket. Because I don’t want it to go to waste 😉

catherine braden says:

Would you consider this a good everyday fragrance? Or will I get sick of the smell?

Caley Bieber says:

Hi I have a question. What’s the difference between the La Vie Est Belle intense and the original one? Is it worth paying more for the intense version?

LC Laney says:

I purchased the “parfum”, but, recently discovered the “Intense” version.

The “parfum” (1.7oz) is heavy and loud, when first applied, (I usually, spray on pulse points.; total 5 sprays), but, after an hour…I no longer smell it…maybe, I go “nose blind”. *XD*

So, I ordered the “Intense” version, because many customers said “a little goes a long way”/ 1 -2 sprays; and, it should last throughout the day.

Michelle Bottone says:

Hi HelloPhilly,

I just repurchased this. You do a very good job with describing the notes. Plus, you are dead on by saying it’s strong. I get compliments when I wear this.

I came from Philly, so…yo!

painting55 says:

Absolutely love this perfume.  I always get positive comments on my perfume when I wear it.

Giggra says:

I really tried not to loke this juice. I ordered a sample from Scentbird just to prove to my self I wouldnt like it. EVERY time I wore it I had to write the name down for someone. l ended up buying the large bottle. Now I have someone in my office that BATHES in it. Yuck! This is why I don’t like to wear popular juices. Grrrrrr frustrated. $120 wasted.

cinyaca says:

I don’t care for women who feel the need to wear powerful scents—men included. Scents are to be *DISCOVERED*… not announced. That’s what makes it sexy.

James Randolph says:

I’m not surprised it smells a bit like flowerbomb. I mean, Oliver Polge created them both, so it makes sense.

Kameelah Brown-Spence says:

This is my favorite scent! Men in-particular will ask me what fragrance am I wearing. This has been my signature scent for almost 2 years

Da Nads says:

Ok I have a really random favor to ask of you. I am also an avid perfume collector and I also have an obscene amount of perfumes. I am so attached to every single one of them that I actually store them in their original boxes on a shelf in my closet. I have a neighbor that is a carpenter and he has offered to build me anything I want. I was thinking of having him build a perfume cabinet just like yours, the one that your boyfriend built for you (how sweet is that?!). Can I please have your email and then you can email me pics of it so I can show him?

Samuel Gustav says:

I love this juice, powerful and delicious, i’m a sucker for gourmant. But the first iris gourmant? lol

passionatereader isme says:

I like it. nice review.

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