Mon Guerlain Floral

First Impression Fragrance Review of Mon Guerlain Floral

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Abigail Azul says:

I hate you Jeremy. Now I have a perfume addiction and I have to have that perfume. :'(

arsal sheikh says:

Can someone tell me the tune which Jeremy uses in the end of his other videos

Clara Agnelli says:

Id really like to hear your thoughts on Stella McCartney peony 🙂

Fiesco G. says:

Hi Jeremy,
kann man dir einen Duft vorschlagen, welchen du dir etwas genauer anschaust?
Denn ich würde liebend gerne ein Review über den Duft ‘pacific rock moss’ von goldfield & banks von dir sehen!
Keep it up und liebe Grüße!

Joe Swift says:

My wife doesn’t like this one. I think it’d be good for my mom.

MegaMoflis says:

I need this perfume in my life!!! For me it so much better than the original one, which it is very skin scent for me, the new one is great and it has more lavender which I love

No Plane Jane says:

Muscle man goes to gym, so is unable to give a rating of 1 to 10?!?!

Jacob Johnson says:

“Im all about fitness man, i dont like like the way girls smell but i know how sweaty stinky mens balls smell like, get this scent of disgusting women away from me”

What a Fuckin tool..

Zain B says:

I know its old but can u review. Luna rossa by prada. Not sport or cabon

Ray Mack says:


Yan Chernin says:

Please, Jeremy, do a video about Guerlain fragrances for men. They’ve got a lot of interesting scents, both modern (like Ideal flankers) and classic (like L’Instant). And their natural dry down is so good (but performance not!). Thanks for your work.

Alucard says:

i like your perfumes taste

you got a new subscriber from saudi arabia

Alan Curtin says:

Would you ever review Jo Malone?

Behind The Scent says:

The difference between the gym guy and Aaron (sp?) is unreal, it’s almost as if having someone that’s super outgoing and friendly in this video was cleverly orchestrated to make the other one look even more of a douche haha

Mandy McMullin says:

Mon Guerlain Florale is one of tte best i have smelled in quite some time from them. I do love La Petite Robe Noire EDP as well.

Storgg says:

Jeremy i send you an email. Hope you can read that soon. Thanks for your videos!

Shireen says:

I think the first version was better it was more like Angelina. The new was smells like two in one kind of! I it is like two different perfumes in one bottle. There should be a third edition when flowery scent is more rich and melt in.

MImi Lajolie says:

Thank you Jeremy, I tried it yesterday, it was wow in the beginning so fresh floral, beautiful interesting scent but when it stayed on my skin all I could smell was lots of sweetness and the floral smell was gone, for me insolence and Idyle are still better.

zvonimir vujnovic says:

First thing i notice when i watch your new vidieo is that you are always happy and postive.It is not hard to see that you love what you do.You spred good wibe around you.People like you are very positive and good to be around with.Love to meet you some day.Keep up the good work.And i must say the attention that you give to your folowers is amazig.That is what separates you from other vlogers.You are one of a kind.

Euro says:

what a fucking loser that gym rat is

Aftab Ahmed says:

Jeremy would annihilate that gym douch in the pushups department too just like Jeremy did in positivity and social etiquette.

David Cagan says:

Jeremey your channel is growing so fast. You are the true fragrance king.

Ariel alejandro Giesler says:

is power

Aaron's allotment says:

I like to dance and am looking for a fragrance to wear as I lead the dance and am in hold with my partner/follower. Obviously we are going to be in close proximity and so I don’t want something overpowering, but similarly I want her to be aware that I have created a nice pleasant environment for us to dance together in. This isn’t the same as a rave at a nightclub, I am talking about a social dance where we waltz, foxtrot and tango together, as well as more energetic dances such as Lindy Hop. We will have both made an effort to dress up and the occasion is civil and friendly rather than sexualised. One I was thinking of was DKNY for men, but I would be interested in your suggestions. Many thanks.

Niloofar says:

What was that new Western sound background? I liked it. And Jeremy which one did you like more ? Mon Guerlain original or This one ?

fitz 90 says:

Mon guerlain!! The bestest female fragrance!

Ken Ruan says:

Aaron, don’t mention your height dude♡

madforlife12 says:

Ch men prive vs creed royal oud?

Floralsuave says:

Jeremy u are so handsome and such a gentleman

Patrick bennett` says:

nobody throws jeremy off his game, not even the super not interrested bald masculine guy that only breaths air from a gym LMFAO

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