Most Exotic Floral Perfumes from the Middle East

A list of long lasting, exotic smelling, unisex, floral perfumes from the popular Middle East brands:

Ajmal Qafiya Night Parfum
Ajmal Wisal Dhahab Parfum
Rasasi Esraa Eau de Parfum
Rasasi Oud Al Nokhba Parfum
Rasasi La Yuqawam Jasmine Wisp
Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Taif Rose Eau De Parfum
Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Aoud Rose Eau de Parfum


raj parwani says:

Hi Nikhil, Could you please advise me a perfume which has a very spicy smell? Like green chilly.

Mohamed Alameddine says:

Excellent review as always… Quick question, how many stars would you give Ensar Rose from Sultan Pasha out of five?

Omair Khan says:

Thank you for compiling so many great affordable Oriental perfume.

Your reviews are always a delight to watch

Respect from across the border

Yellow Galopy says:

I need advice please answer

Should I buy Safari Extreme or Black incense
Dont care for money
Just want a perfume which stays longer so plzzz answer

Vic Littletown says:

Good job brother.. Great video

R S says:

the new version of Wisal dhahab is definitely more powerful than it used to be.

Johmathan .B. Swift says:

Nice topic Nikhil. Thank you

Gabriella T. says:

Unfortunately , judging from the ingredients none of these frags would suit me. I’ not crazy about flowery perfumes. Except, I am trying to find a Carnation Oil frag , do you know the name of one Nikhil ?

Divyesh Patel says:

Dr.Oudh this video is best , I really like your perfume choice, really good nice.

Dr.Oudh I am aspecting from you two
Videos really, 1) best woody fragrance
2) best sandalwood oil, attar, or
A perfume of world.
Thank you ! Please

Jazz Clarinet Rx says:

YES! Awesome video!!!! I have Wisal and should get Wisal Dhahab sometime soon. Have you tried Rasasi’s Dhanal Oudh Estethnay?

Masum Khan says:

Well made video Nikhil. Love you brother

Anas Ibn dawood says:

Would you say that taif rose is feminine or masculine?

The Kavita NAIR says:

Lovely Video!!
The Oud al Nokhba is powerful and animals but once you pair it with something like Swiss Arabian Noora, it is brilliant. I wore this combo to a club and several people asked me what I was wearing! If you love layering then al Nokhba is definitely for you!

inamanan says:

Try MADAWI by Arabain Oud, phenomenal smell with great performance.

Rohan G says:

Nikhil sir next Sunday I will at mumbai next to oud al anfar, attar mohhamad yakub and company, attar abdul rashid. For oud, ruh khus ,shamama

Masum Khan says:

Off topic comment: I need to contact you about some medical suggestions. If you have time please help me out. Thanks

The great Meme in the sky says:

areej le dore’s 4th collection is going to be released at the end of october, they are going to post further hints today.
do you have any details you can share yet?

The Kavita NAIR says:

Nikhil please do a review of the 2017-fragrance Madawi from Arabian Oud.


howz armaf club de nuit???

beefcurtainz69 says:

So now there is a fragrance guru and a perfume guru. Nice.

Muthi Mohammed says:

Hey Nikhil. I sweat a lot, like more that normal. Whatever attar or perfume I use wears off very quickly. Please suggest what type of attars and fragrances will suit me. And how should I use them so that they last longer?

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