My Top 10 Designer “WHITE FLORAL” Fragrances

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Sophia Toufic Habchi says:

I love Pure Poison. One of my favorites! Also, Michael Kors is amazing. I love your videos

William D'Alexander says:

I love neroli fragrances….. all other white florals are to feminine

missmunira16 says:

i’ve been looking for a signature scent for a while now and i bought elie saab le parfum last week after watching your review. i think i found my signature finally. it is exactly the way that i imagined it to smell like after watching your video of it. i love the way you describe scents. great videos 🙂

O,Villanueva says:

Pure poison I smelled the other day and I liked it!

Jennifer Johnson says:

They all sound great, but I’m still a Dior whore! lol So I was wondering if you would do a review of Dior Sauvage? I found a sample of it in a magazine and fell in love! My husband will be getting a bottle soon. Thanks!


Hahaha give it to me mama. Have you by chance Tried Kate Spade live colorfully?

Julie rødsjøsether says:

Nice list !Youre amazing

Caroline Stokes says:

Great picks. Quite a few of these would be in my top 10 too, but my ultimate white floral is Tom Ford Orchid Soleil.

Anne-Marie Æfan says:

as always, i loved your video !!! u are myy fav perfume reviewer 😉

Amy Martin says:

amarige and elie saab …beautiful

Sharon Moss says:

Hahahah omg the last part when you go mental on the TF …so recognisable!! ~I need to wear you NOW!! ~ *runs off* <3

MrMatt C says:

Amarige is one of my favorites!! Crystal noir is really amazing

Starlett Jade says:

Amarige smells just like caress body wash

Maria Mora says:

great review Tom!, you should try Joe Malone Tuberose Angelica and La maison lancome Tubereuses Castane, both are just delicious!

Farah Saad says:

Beautiful list. I may purchase Jean Paul one!! And the Narciso one 🙂 have you ever tried Robert Piguet Fracas? :))

Natalie N says:

I have the Crystal Noir EDP & EDT, they are pretty similar, EDP does last longer.

Barbara Jones says:

Yes! I love this series. I saw your top chocolate perfumes. Now your top white floral. I have to go see which other top list I missed. But I love this series. Can’t wait for more.

emilio says:

Girl where is J’adore? White Patchouli at No.1… ok lol. I love most of the fragrances on the list.

Karin Van den Berg says:

So sad Tom, yesterday some cunt tried to hack my Facebook so I have logged out to make sure they back off.

A Z says:

Hi Tom!!!! Have a great Friday 🙂
I love Amarige, LouLou, Alien, Anais Anais, J’ adore and others.

RedheadHun 71 says:

YESSSS!!!!!! Lou Lou is one of the best!!!

Mrs Press says:

I’m not a big fan of white florals, but still love the list. The Alien bottle looked fab with your shirt lol!

TheGorgeousSmellingPanda says:

I have this hate love relationship with white flowers. I owned both pure poison and Elie Saab le parfum and loved them at first But sold them both in a few weeks because they Just doesnt fit me and make me nauceous. Own and love angel But When I accidently overspray I hate the smell. White flowers are Just sooooo heavy. I love bold smells But white flowers are a whole new category.

Joanna Krakowian says:

Baby dont spread around too much of white patchouli, I love it more as its so uncommon and rarely used by others ! Absolutely beautiful scent, also my top 1 ( total conspiracy) oure my scent-mate 😉

Nick Apostolopoulos says:

top 10 powdery scents please 😀

Loretta Bridges says:

Just found you. Where have you been? I have most of the fragrances. I’m a sucker for heavy, knockouts. Jasmine, Gardenias, Tuberose. The 80’s on steroids. I’ll tune in for sure. I was expecting Fracas too.

Daniela Iannuzzi says:

I Love: Terracotta, Lou Lou, Anais Anais, Opium, Shalimar, Chinatown Miracle I know not all of them have white florals… I like the classic ones I think hahaha.

Kate Apted says:

His lip smacking at the end of sentences is driving me nuts.

shuvanidev says:

Awesome, all of them! I am so happy you include Michael Kors, that is one of my top favorites as well. So I just swiped on a bit of Nabeel Attar Full which is jasmine sambac I think. I had to put it on during this video! It was sitting to the side and I could smell it from the bottle all the way over here – it was calling to me 🙂 My other favorites, besides the ones you mentioned are: Dior Addict, Halston Catalyst, Madonna ToD (is this in the designer category?), Cartier Baiser Vole Essence de Parfum, JPG JPG 2, L’Artisan Seville l’Aube, Dior Poison Esprit, MJ Marc Jacobs – WHY did they discontinue this???, and I still adore Giorgio and Coty Sand & Sable, Tuvache Jungle Gardenia and even Jovan Island Gardenia….. actually, there’s hardly a white floral I don’t like 🙂

yi yang says:

Have you ever tried Dior diorissimo, Gucci bloom, and Estée Lauder private collection tuberose gardenia? These are pure white floral, without patchouli, amber or anything that reminds you of Chinese medicine. I wonder if you ever smelled sambas jasmin at all, it’s one of China’s favorite flower. TBH, alien smells absolutely nothing like this flower.

Fafima El Koua says:

do a top 10 please im interrested in versace never approchted because dont like donatella kitch,

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