NEW!!!!!! “Mon Guerlain” 2017 Fragrance Review

The newest fragrance from the house of Guerlain. This is a first impressions video however I still managed to ramble on haha!


Sanctum Aetherealis says:

Hello, Tahitensis vanilla is not actually tonka bean. They are two different beans but similar in creamy sweetness. Tonka is where coumarin is derived from. Cheers 🙂

sabine schlicht says:

I would like to know what you think about l orpheline from serge lutens…..

Lol says:

Does this smell quite different from the original Shalimar guerlain? This review made me not want to get the original Shalimar guerlain 🙁 what do you think??

minty miss says:

It reminds me if you mixed lolita lempicka with n.5. I personally love it

Bobby Redheath says:

its a great perfume, just too much ! this place sells a dupe that’s spot on !

James Loft says:

This is so unisex i love this. reminds me of a male fragrance but i cant think which one.

LadyKoKo B says:

Oh oh , oh JICKY is sooooo much better!!!!

212DEV says:

Hii 🙂 Can you please give a review for some new released perfumes 2017? Would be wonderfull :))..for example- BVGLARI, Ellie Saab- Girl of now etc. thanks..looking forward to it 🙂

ellementira says:

Oh man, I wish I didn’t smell the jasmine, it’s what ruins the fragrance for me. My nose picks it up and then hones in until I get a bit woozy, kind of like what happens with Alien. Strange because I’m fine with jasmine in some fragrances, but not this one. 🙁 I’ll try it again in colder weather, perhaps that’ll help. I think a lot of people are disappointed in this one! Thierry Wasser said he was gunning for the version with iris in it during some interview, apparently they just polled the most popular compositions over and over to find the one with the most mass appeal (the one without iris won out), which is where it lost its magic imo…

l av says:

It smells like Play-Do to me!!!!

Dylan says:

I think what spoils this fragrance is the Tonka in the mid, yes that’s where I get that sickly vanilla/ Tonka combination. The first hour is stunningly beautiful but yeah, after about three hours it as a masculine vibe to it. I thought this would have your name wrote all over it Tom, so you surprise me in the fact you find it mediocre…extremely interesting that.

sabine schlicht says:

Your T Shirt and your confidence are very appealing

Anna Konarska says:

Mon Guerlain is – ugly , simply perfum – this is only ordinary mainstream Thierry Wasser is very bad perfumer!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

BrendaR4 says:

I hate lavender but I love this. Instantly I said “I want this, I will have it one day.” I didn’t smell
lavender at all.

MiYaMo S says:

i totally disagree with u…im using this perfume and its just WOW,everyone smells it falls in love with.. anyway like we say in french LES GOÛTS ET LES COULEURS NE SE DISCUTENT PAS.

ehlesdee says:

Long time no comment. How’s everything been? ^_^ I loooove lavender, it’s my favorite note. My dad had a lavender plant when I was a kid and I used to tear off handfuls of it and rub it in my hair and on my arms. Poor plant v__v Now I can wear it in my perfumes though! And in my soap, shampoo, conditioner, put satchets of it in my drawers, hug a lavender-stuffed pillow… Etc. I agree that Mon Guerlain smells common. Its vanilla is similar to the one in SDV though (a bit more powdery), so it smells pretty high quality for the price. Also choosing AnJo as the face of this fragrance was curious. Imo she doesn’t really fit with its aura.

LiLy Shakespeare says:

I completely dissapoited about this fragrance. It is very weak.

persona grata says:

I so agree with you!So sweet so generic so boring, but I can say it has longevity and it s gonna be a hit for younger LVEB audience fans hit . Great review,again

knittingdoula says:

That moment when I spayed on a sample of Mon Guerlain on my arm and thought, “What kind of fresh gourmand hell is this?!?!” and hoped it was a joke. Give me back my white, elegant florals in place of this teeny bopper, common ridiculousness. Listen, I get it. Guerlain has to keep the money coming in in order to fund Jicky, Shalimar and the rest of the high-class stable. But oh lord, save me from this fragrance.

urban frat boy says:

As a guy who hasn’t ever purchased a perfume marketed towards women (although most my fragrances are niche-unisex), this was the first “female” fragrance I’ve ever purchased (and the first designer perfume this year/ in a while). I totally agree there is a masculine edge to it, but its blended with lavender in a way no traditional mens fragrance ever has which drew me to it. I also don’t think it’s very stand outish, but maybe that’s what drew me to it, it’s a nice, sweet, floral, albeit semi-masculine, safe fragrance-and we all need a few safe fragrances.

Mountana Berry says:

Good work and nice review as usual
keep on rocking

mailepointfive says:

I was really looking forward to this review from you. Thank you for your honesty! I’ve been travelling a lot in the past three weeks and I feel like this perfume has been chasing me through every airport… I tried it three times and each time I thought, “What am I missing?” And boy, are those ladies in duty-free pushing it. A woman in Moscow even sprayed it onto a folding fan and wafted it over me, insisting it was the greatest thing ever. (Seriously, she had the full line of L’Art et la Matière there, as well as all the classics.) I get the lavender at the open, which fades pretty fast, but then after that it’s just “meh”. What’s really annoying is the dry down, which is so sweet and sticky that the pregnant woman I was travelling with insisted I scrub myself before I got on the plane because she couldn’t stand sitting next to me. It’s not that it’s so much bad, as disappointing. I realized, later, that it smells a bit like Noir Tease from Victoria’s Secret, which means it smells like a ton of stuff out there that shouldn’t be expensive or carry the glorious Guerlain name.

Wendy Yaremko says:

I’m a Guerlain wearer for years….Mitsouko is my “go to” favorite. Excellent review!! Spot on review…I tried it and it’s “for the masses” is a great way to say it. It’s nice, lovely, simple, very pretty but not too special. Thanks for another excellent, detailed review!

fadstar14 says:

can you review la petit robe noire intense?

dakitsu luna says:

I really want this one, I have the other Mon Guerlain (discontinued sadly) and the lavender, vanilla combination is amazing, it helps relax my anxiety

Swirl Vanilla says:

Adore this fragancd , like !!! And kiss

The Perfume Pros says:

Great review. We feel your pain with the French pronunciations!

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