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This week we’re discussing the beautiful floral ingredient of Peony and showing you three fragrances that feature it.

Fragrances mentioned:
Elizabeth & James Nirvana White
Kenzo World EDT
Coach Floral

Quel Amour video
Kew Gardens

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Brenda Wash says:

You Guys are so talented.

MyPerfumania says:

Hi Sarah and Georgina! We just featured your channel and this video in our recent article, “Our Favorite Fragrance Fanatics on YouTube!” Feel free to share it with your followers, we have a feeling they have a few favorites as well!

Haoran Liu says:

Lovely video, just curious, from your professional point of view, why men’s fragrance first comes out as EDT to test the market then a EDP of the same scent arrives later, while it’s EDP before EDT for women’s? Men tend to like lighter scents? Thanks in advance!

Vayshnavi Ganesh says:

I adore Pleasures by Estee Lauder, where the peony seems to really bloom. It’s the one fragrance that never fails to uplift my mood!

Michelle Blair says:

Your videos are so enjoyable! Thanks for keeping a regular schedule. I’ve grown to look for the latest videos every weekend. I love the smell of the linden flower would you share some of your favorite fragrances that highlight this note? Thanks!

Fafima El Koua says:

I hate the kenzo parfum but this sounds nice,

Kristi Marie says:

Peony is a very strong floral to me and not comforting, but very feminine in some perfumes. I know many bridal bouquets have peonies.

Fay Moussabeck says:

I would love a really good Lilac & maybe Violet, I know they’re sort of old fashion, but I really love them in the spring & try to ind them. In California they don’t do so well.

music brazilian says:

When I read *Peony* I thought you were reviewing *Delina* by Parfum de Marly.

Niloofar says:

You tow look SO fabulous in this video; your hair, your make up, everything worked together. Lovely ladies ❤️

edreamsincolor says:

I love how bright and springlike your presentation was!

Angela C says:

Girls,I have a weird video suggestion. How about fragrances that resemble the aroma in distinct cosmetic brands we love? (I enjoy all the story behind a bottle of perfume. Please keep the videos coming xxx)

Kate Shaw says:

Brilliant, girls!!

mikka m says:

I have not found perfume with true, natural peony. The closest was Addict 2. Natural peony scent is soft and sweet, it is not a strong floral at all. Sometimes I wonder if people actually smelled peonies before stating that they can smell peony in some fragrances. I did really wonder when I was advised to try Penhaligon’s Peoneve as true peony – well, no peony there, just spicy, slightly green rose trying to pretend to be peony.

On the other hand I have the same problem with freesia. Freesias are sweet but also spicy and all freesia based perfumes are just soapy and blant. The biggest disappointment was Diptyque Ofresia, which is just some sort of boring soapy floral.

I appreciate that these are mute flowers, so we have to rely on perfumer’s idea of them, but it is still quite disappointing that it seems that they have never smelled the real thing.

Thomas Anthony says:

Do some of Marc Jacobs’ less trashy fragerances.

Majd Mery says:

Thanks for the video, I also love peony flower in Chloé edp .. I would like to see a video about violette like the one in Insolence by Guerlain, I love this flower ..

sadu622 says:

I would like some lily of the valley perfumes and lilac perfumes

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