Perfume Collection & Review!

Hope you enjoy my Perfume collection! I did lots of research for this one so I wouldn’t just be saying ‘ this smells yum’ for 13 straight minutes haha… Am currently in London so this was pre-filmed 🙂

-Gucci Guilty
-Jimmy Choo Exotic
-See By Chloè
-Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb Extreme
-Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb
-Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto
-Yves Saint Laurent Parissiene
-Paco Rabanne Lady Million
-Versace Bright Crystal
-Beyonce Heat
-Dior Miss Dior
-Victoria’s Secret VS Bombshell
-Marc Jacobs Dot
-Sean John Unforgivable
-JLo Deseo
-JLo Glowing
-Prada Candy

You can get most of these perfumes at Myer, David Jones, Victoria’s Secret or which is where I buy a lot of my scents.

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Geekella says:

I hear this a lot in the perfume world: “this is a day scent” or “this is a night scent”. I just have to ask: Is there really anyone who smells someone wearing a “daytime” scent at night and get shit for it? xD I’m not accusing that anyone necessarily would, I just wonder if it happens. Because if it does, that’s ridiculous hahaha

Karat Kraus says:

Also, Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet is very literally, the most beautiful thing I’ve ever smelled. I’m an avid perfume collector, but this is the one that I need a lifetime supply of.

根木明子 says:


_Lauren_ says:

you have the perfect amount of perfume. glad to see you not hoarding hundreds of bottles

Me Shell says:

I use the beyonce one for the toilet lol Im not a fan

William Bodie says:

those are some fucking mainstream shite smells

Fifi Hudson says:

“Sean Jean is just P Diddy” i cracked up when she said that hahahaha

“Here we have the iconic Miss Cherie Dior by Christian Dior, produced at the time of women’s emancipation!”
“There we have Chanel No. 5, created by the iconic Coco Chanel at the peak of her career!”
“What’s that one over there?”
“Oh that’s just what P Diddy whipped up one day when he woke up in the morning feeling like himself”

Banshri patel says:

I was suprised that Chloe didn’t gave a Chanel purfum

Marisa Geary says:

You should try Burberry body. Gucci Guilty is my go to date perfume and Versace Bright Crystal for daytime.


try macs perform

Ling Ling Xu says:

This is off topic but I think you should darken you lipstick because you are a warm toned person and the color doesn’t flatter your skin but you’re beautiful either way

Vika says:

Another great sensual sexy one is Calvin Klein euphoria, the original one. Favorite!

Ramy Hosny says:

This is my favorite perfume

connie ceballos says:

yourbso beautiful can you plz tell me which lipstick your wearing.

my_raw_real_ life says:

Chanel Chance the Original or any perfume my Burberry.

FalconsZone6 says:

she is sooooo hot

#Malia & Tess says:

Cool! Collection where did you get the prada candy tester from?

Julia Lindsay says:

Try Annick Goutal.. they are incredible

ari jamil says:

Wonderful collection

Rio Cappuccino says:

All beautiful picks

Stacia De-heer says:

visit my channel!!!

celina pereira says:

But i love you to death anyways

FragranceView says:

I am really liking YSL – Black Opium as a women’s fragrance, it’s seriously good

Can 1996 says:

you should try “Alien” by Thierry Mugler

Suk MaDiq says:

The Prada Candy case is lovely, wth what store sells that perfume with that case? Lovely video, straight and to the point when reviewing. Love how you’re not one of those people who are like “smells very good I like ok next perfume”.

celina pereira says:

Back when this lip color was in style ( I’m dying )

Selma Kunic says:

you look like paris hilton

Hattie SJ says:

you are beautiful but no offense i dont really like that lipstick on you. but this is an old video and youve definately learned from your mistakes

Bảo Trân Nguyễn says:

Please do an updated ver for this videooo I love the way you explain the details and explain the smell soooo much

Barry Monahan says:

Painful to listen to. Airhead.

Debbie A says:

u look like angelina jolie. nice video!

Deepika Ramesh says:

Hey chloe, i would love for you to make a video on your current perfume favourites. pleeeeeeeees 😉

TheCrazyMango82 says:

Wow she’s so good at explaining scents!
I hate watching beauty gurus do these types of collections and just go “mmm I love this it smells good” “this ones good too” for EVERY ONE

Paulina Gonzalez says:

Please update!! 🙂

RTE sarsuelo says:

love this video well explained and not dragging:)

Joanne EnnaJo kimChi says:

u dont have shalimar?

Can 1996 says:

you look so beautiful! Kind of Barbie but real

Jessica Cyran says:

What’s the name of your lipstick ? 🙂

Carli Ihde says:

Please please review Madison Avenue by Bond No. 9! NO ONE has reviewed it yet! I smelled it in a Harper’s Bazaar, but I know that perfume in magazines can strongly contrast what it smells like in real life! Thank you!

Luciana Galhardi says:

Deseo da J. Lo is the best!!

Jessica Cyran says:

I love the color so beautiful

SMD0010 says:

chloe please do an updated perfume collection video!

Brandon Sullivan says:

If you want to experience an insanely unique fragrance, look up Pour Homme by Salvador Dali, it legit smells like a graveyard..I also have a video on my account where I talk about it.

Karat Kraus says:

You are divine.

Unknown Paradise says:

Lmao that Beyonce read

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