PERFUME Haul 2015| Dolce & Gabbana Marc Jacobs Giorgio Armani & More

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Perfumes Mentioned:
Valentino ‘Valentina’
Dolce & Gabbana Dolce ‘Floral Drops’
Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Dreams’
Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Emozione’
Giogio Armani ‘Si Intense’


Samantha Derrick says:

Im sure perfume has no “age”, not every young person likes to smell like a strawberry…I tend to love heavy do middle eastern and arab people. I find that in the western world…people love these fruit smells

nataliejeanearl says:

Do you ever buy any of the celebrity fragrances?

Cαiτιiη βroωηιε says:

Surprisingly, this is the best haul I’ve seen yet. Your collection is mad awesome and you seem so passionate when talking about it. xoxo

mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

You just sold me the Valentina body wash so inexpensive to buy so I bought one for me and a friend buying the Valentina on Friday and waiting for Si eau de toillete to arrive… I love Giorgio Si but as much as I love it the intense and the eau de parfum gives me headaches so hopefully the toilette will satisy

Natalie Natasha says:

Lovely video, nice stuffs! As I can see your choice is much like me, I am sure you gonna love Jor’el Parker Classico by Harvey Prince. It’s sweet but spicy ….. quite distinct. And the brand has so many ladies perfumes out of which I have tried a couple of samples. They are brilliant! Grab the Holiday deal on the website –

Dior Diva says:

Good one girl l like the Giorgio Armani si thank u.

Schelly Deslandes says:

As soon as I saw this video I immediately sought it out on line and bought it…love the original EDP version and this one is even better…can you do an updated perfume collection? Would love to see your other scents.

Lidya Yang says:

your hair is so gorgeous 😀

Tatillia Thomas says:

I am allergic to guava and I find that it is in a lot of fruity smelling perfumes. It breaks me out in hives. With this being so for me you may be experiencing a reaction to a perfume.

fashion swagg says:

Damn… sweetie at the end you would think you was having an orgasm…

CanadianTozziFan says:

just bought “Si” in the light bottle…love what it settles into but getting past an intense initial smell of orange kind of bugs me, wish there was a way around it…hmmm??…I wonder…

Akello obaa says:


Adriana Madrigal says:

Beautiful video Bridget, nice collection really. If you appreciate flowery scents, must try some of the Harvey Prince perfumes. My favorite fragrance for the season is Jor’el Parker Classico by Harvey Prince. Its absolutely girly and beautifully refreshing!

Zlat an says:

Dolce is really good

Brittany Cerda says:

I sooooo love your background! It is beautiful!

Milly Roberts says:

Lovely fragrances, but my recent find is something very very distinguished – it’s Sincerely by Harvey Prince Perfumes! Since the day used it first, don’t wanna pick anything else!!!!

Alucard 303 says:

Any thing for older women? like moms? lol

Mcq killings says:

Whats a nice fragrance to get a lady friend her birthday is coming Soon!!!! #thisrothaneedshelp

Beata Norman says:

Very good film . Pleasantly it  looks at itself .
I think that You can have the allergy on this metal-gold,silver.. and under the warm skin is reacts. Perhaps every touch to push causes it  light reddening. Best Day 🙂

curlycurly004u says:

I want that black”Si” bottle 🙂

Chelsea Brown says:

Which perfume last all day ? Also which one would you consider for everyday use? Please respond back I would appreciate it. Thank you

Ayanna Marshall says:

Nice video.

elengmath says:

Oh dear!
You have the same fragrance range like mine!!!
I am using dolce by dolce gabanna at night
Daisy by marc jacobs at the daytime and i use aqua di gioa by armani

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh we should shop together!
I am sure i can get more advices by you
Love your channel!

Linda Rowland says:

you talk to much

Natalie Natasha says:

Lovely video. Along with these Hello by Harvey Prince is my favorite scents. They are awesome and fresh. The first time I used, got beautiful comments from my friends. Totally impressed; quite addicted you can say …. you must like them too

thestylistprincess says:

Where can I find the Giorgio Armani si in the black bottle.

ItGirlRachel says:

I love your videos, Please subscribe to my Chanel, I have recipes!

Free True money Marketing says:

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Kyna Kirstin says:

hi! love your video 🙂 🙂 🙂 this video is the reason why I made up my mind to go for Si intense 🙂 though I wonder why my bottle is pure black with gold plate at the bottom, but still the smell is awesome! sophisticatedly sweet… keep the video uploads 🙂

mzurilove beauty & fragrances says:

Stunning review…..I just love love perfumes, gorgeous collection! I love love loooove Emozione it a beautiful scent.

cyber6sapien says:

I like you. I like you a lot!

Laureen Arthur says:

nice collection. where did you get your necklace

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