Hello darlings! Today I’ll be sharing how I layer my fruity floral fragrances for longevity! I hope you enjoy this video and I look forward to seeing you in my next video!!

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❤️Fragrances Mentioned:

Velvet Petals

Tempting Paradise


Agua Del Sol



Long Lasting Perfumes


❤️Top 10 Designer Fragrances

Viva La Juicy
Vince Camuto Ciao
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline
Bvlgari Omnia Coral
Tiffany by Tiffany
Viva La Juicy Soiree
I Love Juicy Couture
Gucci Flora
Prada Candy
CH Good Girl

❤️Top 10 Celebrity Fragrances

Purr (Katy Perry)
Heat (Beyonce)
Rogue (Rihanna)
Heat Wild Orchid (Beyonce)
Gold Rush (Paris Hilton)
Reb’l Fleur (Rihanna)
Pink Friday (Nicki Minaj)
Because of You (Jordin Sparks)
Crystal Gardenia (KKW Fragrance)
Onika (Nicki Minaj)





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Shelly Baker says:

And the lotions are on sale…boom!!! Please do a review on Rah Rah Rouge…first time I’ve heard of it.

Jennifer p says:

Yes I just found a big bottle of onika at Burlington

Jennifer p says:

Rhonda please try the bonfire bash with Carolina Herrera good girl

JessSJ2DC says:

Subscribed! Omg this was JUST the video I was looking for. I’m always on the hunt for fruit frag combos!

Ren W says:

Hey Rhonda thanks for the video

Indecence says:

Great video thanks for the info

Deniz Devin says:


Destiny Fate says:

Which perfumes do you recommend for my 13 year old daughter cuz she stays getting into mine? I want to get her a new scent for Christmas.

feline Kelly says:

Could you do pairings with ogx or nivea lotions and perfumes? Love the vid, thx

Melanie Edwardscarter says:

I just love your reviews. I have learned so much from you. Please keep us informed can you mix some the perfumes for fall with lotions. Thank you in advance

Nefertiti Curtis says:

Thank u for this video. Please continue with these kind of videos. I like the VS Amber Romance, Love Spell do u have any recommendations for perfumes to layer with those?? B blessed

micaiahty says:

Online ordering velvet petals. I just bought 5 from bath and body works. Do you use their lotions?

Lashandra Latin says:

Love your videos!!!! Great info.

Juju Bees says:

Do you find VS lotions watery? How does Onika compare to Pink Friday?

Caroline Stokes says:

Hi Rhonda, how do you apply the lotion for best results? Do you use lotion straight after a shower or do you wait and do you spray the perfume straight after applying the lotion? Thank you.

Indecence says:

Also would love a video on the rouge perfume

Mayra Rdz says:

Yesterday I tried velve petals with riri by Rihanna and works well for me I really like your video and Velve petals is one of my favorite lotions from VS .

Michelle Carr says:


Susan Menn says:

I want to try that Ra Re Rouge. Want to try the Pretty and Purple they have, too, since purple is my favorite color. You should definitely do a review on them. Would be cool to do a most Under-rated perfume segment. One of my absolute favorite Under-rated perfumes is Arden Beauty by Elizabeth Arden. Gorgeous scent! Has been a favorite of mine and my BFF for years. Should definitely try that one.

Veronika Baham says:

Yes a review

Ivan perez says:

What if you pair fantasy in bloom by Britney Spears with the velvet petals?

Merl Ford-Williams says:

Hi Rhonda, I love your videos I will try this tip with Couture LaLa because it doesn’t last on me.

Forever Scher says:

I HAD the Velvet Petals but I gave it to my mom bc the scent didn’t last on me! Lesson learned: Keep it for perfumes or other body sprays!! Definitely wud like to see review on the Rah Rah Rouge!! Nvr heard of it til today!! Tfs, great video as always!!

Simplii Toy says:

Can you please do a review on the Rah Rah Rouge I want to know how it smells. Thanks for the info I was wondering what should I do to help my perfumes last longer. Thanks again bestie.

Owani Iroso says:

Have you done tiffany & co.? It don’t last on me worth a damn!!

Loretta Borcherding says:

I love your personality and passion for smell goods!

Fayrouz Hammoud says:

Mwahhhhhhh your a piece of sugarrrrr love you so much

Owani Iroso says:

Girl you got the fragrance game on lock !! You have so many different ones and they are not always expensive! Good job.

Destiny Fate says:

I’m loving this type of review. Do you have any pairing reviews for bath and body works products? Victoria Secret discontinued some of my favorite scents so now um heart broken.

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