lace top (LOVE LOVE LOVE.)
lancome miracle cushion foundation
gucci 2
gucci 2 men
miss dior blooming bouquet
chanel no. 5 leau
replica lipstick
jo malone wood sage sea salt
mimosa and cardamom
nirvana black and white
hermes gardenia
byredo blanche
byredo mojave ghost
byredo gypsy water
diptyque perfume I love
replica barbers

Not a sponsored video. Post contains my genuine recommendations and opinions.

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Melissa Fredrick says:

This was a fun video to watch, thank you! And I don’t know anything about perfume notes either… I just like what I like. 🙂

Rachel D says:

Which of these (if any) did you wear on your wedding day?

Emily Beisel says:

I looove the Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey. Reminds me of growing up in North Carolina when my mom gave us nectarines all summer. It’s fruity and fresh and a perfect summer scent.

Charlottemascara says:

My favourite perfume ever is Mimosa and Cardamom by Jo Malone! It’s fresh but still warm as it has a bottom note of vanilla.

Jen W says:

I love the Replica Lipstick On fragrance. They make one called Beachwalk that I adore as well. I also like Nirvana Bourbon. Andy Warhol Union Square by Bond no 9 is my all time favorite though. I am glad you gave your opinion on the Byredo scents. I got some samples and I wanted to like them more then I actually did. Now I don’t feel the need to purchase one. Thanks for the update.

ReinventingMoi says:

So glad to reunite with you! I am liking the content. My fave old video is the Megan eyeliner look. I might rock it again 😉

Janet Roberson says:

Great video

RachelClareable says:

Omg your perfume collection is my yearly salary. I can’t imagine just being like ‘yeah I’m getting that one next’ – I have to wait til Christmas!

Kelly Hertzog says:

The sales associate at Jo Malone recommended layering the Mimosa & Cardamom with the Wood Sage & Sea Salt and it smells really nice!

Laura Lee says:

I love that your videos are longer and not overly edited

Megan Hawks says:

Have you ever tried Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker? So good!

sonshine1411 says:

Replica Lazy Sunday Morning is my favorite perfume ever that I’ve come across, but I wish it was stronger and lasted longer.

writestuff87 says:

Tiffany, I think the creamy scent you are talking about is musk. And it is often paired with white flowers like gardenia. As for the bitter smell you mentioned, I had an Annick Goutal perfume called Madragore with bergamot in it, that starts delicious but turned into a burnt orange kind of smell after a while.

Audrey Mason says:

Gucci II! Absolute fave of mine! I felt like I was the only one on the planet who loved that perfume!

Caluxy L says:

My signature scent is Flora by Gucci. Since I loved that so much I bought Gorgeous Gardenia. However, I returned it as I realized it smelled like a hello kitty perfume Sephora had when they carried Hello Kitty.

Carissa Smith says:

The Hermes smells very similar to Philosophy Pure Grace. My favorite Summer fragrance.

Gypsy Kate says:

I wish I could find a “grown up” perfume that smells like Love’s Baby Soft!!! That is still my favorite scent in the whole world!!! Anybody know of any that smells like that? Without any floral in it?

Jennifer Logan-Lorenz says:

My favorite perfume is Killian Dangerous Leasons Typical Me. Such a great perfume, love the brand. Very long lasting.

Killian also has his perfumes in travel sizes.

Karen Rodriguez says:

My wedding scent was joe Malone wood, sage and sea salt mix with blackberry bay…. I did get married in Puerto Rico so I wanted something fresh and still sexy.

catsmom61 says:

I ordered the travel set of Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad since the bottle is on Back order at Nordstrom. This is a beautiful package and would make a great gift. You get a white carved atomizer trimmed in gold (with a magnetic) top with a mini (not sure of the size, but nice sized) already inside, plus 3 refills. Packed in a nice padded box. It is $160.00 at Nordstrom I believe. Definitely recommend!!

PrairieGirlio says:

I love Jo Malone ‘Nectarine and Honey’ and Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia….I seem to enjoy light, fresh fragrances.

Jeannette Manzano says:

Oh girl! I don’t know how you could handle smelling all those perfumes in a single video. Great video by the way!

Stephanie Marie says:

I didn’t like either of the new E&J fragrances either! I also love the Hermes Gardenia. It’s so nice and creamy. It definitely has a beachy summer vibe to it. I love it.

Bonnie Stiller says:

I totally get the “70’s Woman” scent description!! The original Coco Chanel is very 70’s woman even though it came out in the 80’s.

I love your channel. I watch your videos religiously. You are so beautiful and real which is so refreshing on YouTube.

lovespink64 says:

When Tiffany D posts a video about perfume I always have to watch lol

prettydark says:

For when you are sitting on the floor, a meditation zafu, a yoga block, or a small dog bed are all cozy things to help!

Melissa Andreoni says:

I’m really bummed that the sweater you’re wearing is unavailable on Nordstrom’s website. Love your videos though! I look forward to watching them. The one fragrance I’m over is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue…

sikupyte s says:

Jo Malone Wood sage &sea salt is the best.. its amazing!!! Waiting for spring and summer..

Megan Hawks says:

Also, the Chloe fragrances are really good too!

Cherissa Adams says:

I love Armani Aqcua di Gio. It’s my all time fave scent – doesn’t change on me at all. Others I love and own that don’t change on me (stay the same and smell the same on me as they do in the bottle). Tom Ford Santal Blush. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. All Tom Ford fragrances. Biotherm – Eau Vitaminee. Jo Malone – Wild Bluebell. JoMalone – Bergamot Oud. Chanel – Crystal Vert.

Jen Dovci says:

I love how fragrance can evoke memories and wearing certain scents almost magically takes you back to that special place/time. My fav’s : Burberry Body (will forever remind me of Florida 2011)~ And, Coco Chanel or Coco mademoiselle. I am a major fragrance lover! Next on my list, Charlotte Tilbury “Scent of a dream” …the concept of that new one has totally drawn me in. I’ve also had “Lipstick on” on my list for awhile now! A sephora spree is calling my name!

Larissa311 says:

I hope someone can help me! I live in Toronto and went to purchase Gucci2 (my second bottle ) at Sephora and they said it’s discontinued. I then went to Orlando Florida and tried the Gucci Store and Sephora, both locations told me it’s discontinued, and they have not had it in store for the past 2 years. Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!! Where are you all purchasing it from!?!?!

tllallyrfrnds says:

I read once that rollerballs smell different, because perfume is meant to be sprayed, and rolling it “squishes” the fragrance molecules or something, and alters the way it smells. You’re also apparently not supposed to rub perfume on your wrists for this same reason. No clue if it’s true or not but it always stuck with me!

Momo Kokososo says:

I just love how fast you talk.

Ladyblush5 says:

I think the word you were looking for was rancid:) I say because I have felt the exact same way with some cosmetics

Stephanie Ball says:

Do you have business inquiry email?

Barbara Allen says:

I keep my perfumes in the fridge so they don’t go rancid.

Jessica.l.b says:

So funny, Gucci gardenia is one of my absolute favorite scents!!!

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