Top 20 Floral Fragrances | Best Floral Perfumes (Rose, Orange Blossom Not Included) 🌻 🌼 🌸 🌺💐 🌷

Top 20 Floral Fragrances | Best Floral Perfumes
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Top 20 Floral Fragrances | Best Floral Perfumes

This is my Top 20 Floral Fragrances Video. A Video with the Best Floral Perfumes in my collection. So what are your favorite floral fragrances and perfumes? Once you watch this video you’ll notice that my collection is mostly niche or designer exclusive or private collection fragrances and perfumes. I find the quality in these perfumes above par with designer perfumes in their regular line up. But what you’ll notice here in this collection is that the central theme of this list is all floral fragrances hence the title of this video. I did decide to leave off rose perfumes though as I’ve done a countless number of rose perfumes videos in the past. I have also decided to leave off orange blossom and neroli as I have done a number of videos around this note topic as well. I wanted to make sure I cover flowers that I rarely talk or speak about in my videos. Those flowers are Tuberose, Jasmin, Gardenia, Frangipani, Narcissus, Ylang-Ylang, Lily-Of-The-Valley, Lilac, Magnolia and more. The flowers that men rarely speak about for wearing perfumes. I wanted to also bring to light that perfumes do not have a gender attached to them in my book. There was a time that I did not think this but now I don’t care what I wear it’s all perfume. Flowers are genderless so the perfumes made with those flowers should be genderless as well. So wear the floral perfumes men and start enjoying some of the most beautiful perfumes out there.

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Primo Songco says:

Nice video!

Notes Luminous says:

Really enjoyed the detail about your parents growing gardenia. I want to try California Revelrie. I used to live in the bay area and associate Jasmine with it.

Catherine Fraser says:

Great list. I am currently loving Creed’s White Flowers.

Jon Komatsu says:

Amen! You speak wisdom! I have been plying these sentiments for years with acquaintances: All fragrances are unisex.

Of course I still get concerned looks when I reveal to them that I am wearing Chanel Gabrielle, or Amouage Blossom Love that day.

Oh well. Thanks for the great list!

tovli rami says:

original interesting and surprising review.

Oscar Perez says:

Hard to find a good one that men can pull off…really dig Carnal Flower.Seb..have yo ever tried Fathom V from Beaufort?Bought their whole line a year or so back.Some unusual stuff..with Fathom V being the floral one.Green,fresh lillies..with something else thrown in.Really good.Stay well.

Mrs Press says:

I think that Amouage Opus IX is a great floral choice for men. Yes it’s unisex, but as a Jasmin dominant scent I feel it leans masculine with the prominent black pepper and leather. Love the list!

Ginny Giniver says:

Sebastian I stopped everything to watch this. I been waiting for this vid and finally it is here. Thank you

João Lima says:

I don’t like floral fragrances on me, but I always love your top fragrances based on one particular note videos!

Vladimir Tanascuk says:

U missed Fracas from RP

Kris Chan says:

I’ve been craving so much for Floral Fragrances for men but most really are either ultra manly or very feminine. It’s hard to find that middle ground.

Just recently fell in love with Ylang 49 after ignoring it in my samples pile for quite some time. Also, Angelique Noire and Joyeuse Tubereuse from the L’art el la Matiere Collection by Guerlain are so addicting!

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

I have carnal flower and portrait of a lady based on your suggestions. love them..both are beastly on me

javier gonzalez says:

i have only one floral,intense tiare.Dont like florals.Great video

George Bikopoulos says:

Awesome review dude !!!

Miss Moira says:

Love California Reverie! Also the Bois d’Iris and Orchidee Vanille from this line. Must try the Gardenia Petales!

Smurfygurly says:


Google User says:

Where can I try Frederic Malle fragrances in Miami?

Mojtaba Tabatabaie says:

I think you should definitely check Beaufort Fathom V, Great great flowery fragrance.

bm says:

Good to see how u like and respect fragrances. Your eyes always smiling when u talk about them. 🙂

Rara Avis777 says:

I lurve florals, so I’m here for this list!

Marianne Pilgaard says:

Great list! Feel like going to the cabinet and douze myself in lovely floweriness now 😉

Jakub Józefowicz says:

My favourite is Pierre Guillaume’s PG27 Limanakia with Tiare Flower and Jasmine dominant notes but also with Lily-of-the-Valley and Immortelle with some more masculine herbal/woody/earthy notes like Artemisia, Cumin, Flint, Patchouli, Labdanum, Woody Notes and Cashmere. Really interesting and unusual mixture for me which gives excellent masculine floral scent IMHO.

Gültekin Vural says:

Carnal is the king,nothing is better than it

Stefanos Stefan says:

impressed by such a great video presentation, congrats Sebastian!

Kai Heng Hong says:

You should really check out YSL Oriental Collection: Supreme Bouquet! My no.1 floral scent and it’s so damn good!

Terri Campbell says:

I just recently bought Carnal Flower and I never though I could love a tuberose fragrance, but this is utterly amazing.  I’ve worn it every day since I received it.  Carnal Flower and Portrait of a Lady are my two favorite fragrances EVER…  Thanks for this list, I will start looking at all your choices.  Great video..

ashraful arif says:

Ok now this called classy informative video . Thanks a lot sir for this outstanding video

Asif Khan says:

Excellent review. Going have to research all of these to see what deal I can find for myself.

Lolani Fenring says:

Carnal Flower is THE BEST!!!!

Cornflake81 says:

Knew it had to be carnal flower. My girlfriend has tasked me with finding her a floral. This is helpful, thanks.

ztiwar says:

Your collection & taste never ceases to amaze me,so many gems that I need on this list,thank you truly appreciate this list & your passion for fragrances as well!

Gültekin Vural says:

I was looking your video from 21. Perfume down to the number 2,and I tought if he now doesn’t count Carnal Flower as the Number 1 ,I am going to unsunscribe.
But thanks god,we share the same idea about the ultimate tuberose frags..

Tracy Powell says:

I also love Tauer’s Sotto la Luna Tuberose (though I don’t yet own a full bottle.) Two non-rose florals I’m especially enjoying at the moment are Tom Ford’s Vert de Fleur (green floral) and Flux de Fleur from Areej le Dore (an artisinal house you should really check out) which is jasmine, tuberose, and incense.

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