Top 20 Floral Fragrances Perfumes for Spring | Floral Perfumes To Wear This Spring

Top 20 Floral Fragrances Perfumes for Spring | Floral Perfumes To Wear This Spring
➡️Lilac Love:
➡️Curacao Bay:
➡️C For Women:
➡️Grand Bal:
➡️New Look 1947:
➡️Carnal Flower:
➡️Gardenia Petale:

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Top 20 Floral Fragrances Perfumes for Spring | Floral Perfumes To Wear This Spring

This is my Top 20 Floral Fragrances Perfumes for Spring Video. My Floral Perfumes To Wear This Spring video. This is the third and final spring fragrances themed video for 2018. I did a general Top 20 Spring Fragrances Video then also did a Top 20 Green Fragrances Video and this Top 20 Floral Fragrances Perfumes for Spring is the last video. I love flowers and I love the way flowers smell. So finally as a man I can say I love to wear floral fragrances as well. Do you love floral fragrances? If so which floral fragrance is your favorite? Please let me know, please put a comment down.

As always please watch, rate, comment and share this video and please subscribe to this channel if you haven’t yet. And please stay tuned for more videos and giveaways real soon! If you’re curious to try any of these Top 20 Floral Fragrances Perfumes for Spring mentioned in this video please buy or obtain samples or decants prior to buying a full bottle. What I might like you might not like and vice versa so I cannot guarantee you will react the same way to these Floral Perfumes To Wear This Spring fragrances in this video. Thank you.

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bhaffar says:

Enjoy florals in private – jasmine, tuberose, and narcissus

Isabelle B. says:

My favourite for spring is Le Beau Parfum by maison Francis Kurkdjian, a gorgeous bouquet of white flowers. very fresh and luminous.
I need to try Carnal flower !

Mrs Press says:

I do like what Tauer does with white florals. His gardenia one is the best gardenia scent I’ve ever tried. To me most gardenia scents come off like room spray/oil/candles…not something I want to wear.

Mr Sillage says:


Jazz_Bob says:

Thank you for your always inspiring lists and in-depth reviews! Top-notch floral fragrances for spring would be “Pelargonium” by Aedes de Venustas and “Midsummer Dream” by Roja Dove (don’t like the house, but this one’s great), but I think that even Rose-Ouds can be suitable for warm weather, like “Thirty-Three” (Ex Idolo).

Tal says:

I like florals. Just not on me. The pair of floral amouages – lyric and reflection – is as far as I go in terms of wearing florals. However, on a woman, I love jo Mallon. They make the most natural smelling florals, like neroli, peony, lilac, Lilly of the valley, etc. simple in composition yes, linear in progression ditto, but really capturing the true essence of the flower showcased in each frag.

Rizwan Rahim says:

Very nice review my friend…..really interesting

Alex campioni says:

You are the master my friend ! Love your amazing videos and lists

Cody Childers says:

As a man I wear and love “feminine” white florals on a regular basis. Some favorites include fleurs d’oranger by serge lutens, a la nuit by serge lutens, Estée Lauder private collection tuberose gardenia, annick goutal songes, and Salome by papillon. The more indolic the white flowers the better!!!!

edward gurango says:

Not sure about wearing floral fragrances but I did get Black Orchid if that qualifies.

Bad Kid says:

I dont like floral fragrances 🙁

Kriss Carson says:

Thanks Sebastian! I find florals challenging as well, though I love the headiness of tuberose. The dirtier the better IMO. So it’s no surprise that most of the fragrances on your list were unfamiliar territory for me, although quite a few were interesting enough to search out samples. So far, my top spring floral rotation to pull from includes: Roja Lily, Carnal Flower, Armani Prive Vert de Malachite and MDCI Rivage de Syrtes; maybe mixed in with the occassional Byredo Inflorescence, Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom or Balenciaga Florabotanica.

Nagy Timea says:

My favorite floral is Puredistance 1, L`Artisan Parfumeur Seville a l`Aube, Keiko Mecher Datura Blanche, Lush Lust, Ralph Lauren Lauren.

Duane Cormier says:

Sebastian, what a great review!! I’m always looking for a floral for a man and this list really inspires me to try to get May hands on some of these. I’m checking out Carnel Flower, right now. I’m waiting on my POAL as we speak, and also the new Rose Anoyme extract you recommend. I’m tired of loud ouds with Roses….so these seem to have a patchouli base. Looking forward to getting them by your reviews. I’m buying blind, cause you never wrong. Thanks Duane

Linda C says:

Thank you for these reviews . I’ve been on the hunt for a nice floral . Apogee sounds lovely .

Ginny Giniver says:

Hot damn I love floral perfumes sebastian. Really enjoyed this video. So many faves and ones I want to have as well. Thank you.

Mrs Press says:

I’m not big on florals…rose being the main exception. When it comes to other floras I need some resins, balsams, spices, etc to tone them down…I cannot do a full on floral except rose.

gunmetal24 says:

I like florals too but I prefer florals to play a role in a kadeleiscope of notes rather then a death by flowers bouquet . I think Neela Vermeire does this very well. I have a small decant of Pichola which is nice but I personally prefer both Mohur and Rahele for summer wear. I would also recommend sampling Areej Le Dore’s Indolis. I think you will like it. I notice Fleur de Lalita was missing from this list :O

John Wen says:

totally love ur channel! tks S

Loufi303 says:

Great list. Florals are fabulous. Right now I’m very into Dragonfly by Zoologist. Also love No. 22 by Chanel, Charlatan (which to my nose is mostly jasmin – while you got much rose from it), tubereuse criminelle, Laguna by Dali (such a beautiful lily of the valley, a note i usually can’t abide), Fleur de Cassie – introvert, quirky, elegant. Delrae made a few beautiful florals, perfect for spring, in particular Amoureuse (tubereuse) and Debut (linden). Fleur de Chine by Ford is exquisite, and much overlooked. Mimosa pour Moi by L’Artisan and lastly Songes by Goutal – frangipani and other white exotic flowers.

Elham Albastaki says:

I love carnal flower and lilac love

lj6583 says:

Love your #1 scent on your list. Love it. Great list. Thanks, Sebastian!

Thao, T. P, Nguyen says:

I’m probably a weird one here to associate spring with scents like L’AdP’s Timbuktu, maybe because it’s still cold here Canada. If I got to pick, I’m missing the lily note from Cartier’s Baiser Vole’ for Easter and as the weather gets warmer, Creed’s White Flowers (jasmine), Guerlain’s Tiare-Mimosa (tiare) and Diptyque’s Do Son (tuberose).

MakeMoreMusicOk says:

Love your videos. I had the pleasure of enjoying a couple bottles of YSL Paris back in the 80s and I just loved it. Such a beautiful fragrance. I haven’t bought any lately because I’ve read that the formula has changed to less of a big floral and more musk. What do you think? Can you recommend a big beautiful perfume thats comparable to the original Paris?

simplysurprising says:

try asq safari/safari extreme. just try, one of the best

Prof Sanchez Holistic Healing Store says:

Another great Spring floral fragrance from Lancome is La vie es belle florale. I reviewed this perfume and I got like a unisex vibe on this one because its just a clean, fresh, inoffensive floral fragrance bouquet. It smelled great on me.

Love Incorporated says:

I’d like to know if you’ve tried Confessions of a Garden Gnome and what your opinion of it is.

I’ve tried it myself, and do like it. Just don’t see myself wearing it often.

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