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Beauty Angel says:

LOreal brands perfumes are similar ( Lancome, YSL, Giorgio Armani, Cacharel, Ralph Lauren)…Even their make up products…The same as Chanel and Bourjois make up.

Lisa says:

I’m not a fan of fruity powdery scents,

Lisa says:

I still have my big bottle of original Opium that I received as a gift back in 1996. It’s still 75% full coz it’s always been too strong to wear too often.
I actually have quite a few vintage perfumes. If I’d known that they would be changing and weakening the original formulas, I’d have purchased more bottles. Too late now. Ah that’s ok, I’m much more in love with Dior Addict and Tom Ford Musk Pure. And Creed Princess Oud and TF Oud Wood, Black Orchid. Oh and how can I forget my beloved Mugler Angel.

Javier Trevino says:

That Nuit Blanc sounds like it would be a great scent for bday gift to the wife.

Laeti Leroutier says:

Your review are very helpful. In store, I Don’t want to try to ask for the differences between two, so for all the range I can forget it.

Gail Myers says:

I LOVE Black Opium edp! Haven’t tried the others, but the licorice one sounds interesting ❤️ thanks for the video, I love Tresor La Nuit and didn’t realize so many of my favorite scents come from the same place❤️

Winter Sneeuw says:

I first smelled black opium back in 2014. Waaay too strong for my taste. In 2017 i bought my first desinger fragance, nuit blanche. It is still one of my favourites. I do not like floral shock and i find toilettes to have a poor lasting power. The intense version is great an i dropped several hints that i would like it for valentines day 🙂 i love the more mint like tone

Annabella Ibru says:

Soki thanks for the review. I tried the black intense at the weekend when I was in Harrods. Wow what a super fragrance, the coffee note really stands out, it’s gorgeous. The licorice and the absinthe gives the fragrance a refreshingly different twist. I’ll definitely try the entire range.

Simpaticaa Filipina says:

How is the longevity of the intense ? How many hours did it last on your skin ?

Cady Wurtz says:

I have the black opium intense and I really like it

Haters Need Not Reply says:

I have smelled the Parfum, the Nuit Blanche and the toilette. I couldn’t make up my mind if I liked the Parfum or the Nuit better, so I got both. I usually wear the parfum at night and the Nuit during the day. Didn’t care for the toilette. I was excited to see the new Intense version coming out until I heard the licorice was amped up and the mint from the absinthe. I don’t care for a prominent licorice smell or mint. But I do plan in testing it next time I’m in Sephora.

Mehwish Owais says:

I would really like to know your opinion on these kinds of videos …in terms of ranking

Joni Heisenberg says:

Thank you for this review ! I love all of these.

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