Yve Saint Laurent Black Opium Review (VavaCouture Perfume Collection/ Fragrance Mini-Reviews 2016)

Full Perfume Collection Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5Q7_5X7yBg

Hey guys, what’s up? This is Ness from the VavaCouture beauty channel… (sub here: http://bit.ly/Sub2Vava)

I’ve really been feeling scents lately and so I thought I’d start things off with my Perfume Collection for 2016.

In this video, I will be going a tiny bit more in depth on one of my favorite perfumes from my collection, Black Opium by Yve Saint Laurent. I love this fragrance and it has actually become my signature scent for 2016


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Thanks again for watching, it means the world to me!



fosterful says:

Can you tell us about its staying power? Like when you wear it does the scent last on you ?

GizmosAndThings says:

Agreed I got a ULTA magazine and it had a sample of this inside and I loved it and ended up going and buying a bottle 🙂

Arden Powers says:

I wear this to Weddings and special events ! 🙂

Brandon Lee says:

I really love this scent… I feel like it could work for a man or a woman, not too girlie, but not too manly either. Perfectly unisex. I want to wear this myself! Smells better than half the colognes out there lol

Robira Everett says:

My favorite perfume for winter at the moment, love love love it.

Besto Tom says:

Gucci guilty vs YSL black opium?

cynthia Vazquez says:

sorry I’m using my hubby’s email

Melissa Perez says:

Would you wear this scent spring/summer?

Rochelle Piggott says:

What size is the bottle is it the biggest size? 90ml?

cynthia Vazquez says:

I want to buy this one too

ladyd says:

I feel like she should have more views… I really like how she breaks down her reviews especially on fragrance

cynthia Vazquez says:

I just started following you.

Besto Tom says:

Chanel eau tendre vs black opium which is better in terms of smell, projection and longetivity?

Olga Melendez says:

Grace and Peace!! I just subscribe and absolutely love your videos!! I’m trying to pick a perfume for fall/winter. I’m torn between getting the lancome la vie est belle or black opium!! Which one would you recommend? Hope your having an amazing day!!

Wayne Hill says:

Would you recommend to a man?

Alexis Jewel says:

Great video! I just bought my first bottle from Sephora yesterday, and after the first spray it is as if all of my previously favorite perfumes became nonexistent. The smell is addictive.

cynthia Vazquez says:

love when you do perfume videos

Yolanda Howard says:

Well I’m a lil late to the party. I’m just now considering to get me a bottle.
I like your videos. You actually remind me of Nicki Minaj a little.

LA Woman68 says:

I just picked this up and I am in LOVE.

pakandah says:

would you recommend this for a man?

Jon Doe says:

This is a nice unisex parfum.  It’s Not too overly feminine for men who like sweet-smelling fragrances. Once you spray yourself down with this stuff you’re good for the rest of the day.

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