Fragrance First Impression: ZARA Deep Vanilla | BEST Affordable Vanilla Scent

Hi, guys! Sorry for the lack of videos but work and school have been kicking my ass lately. I whipped this one up real quick because I HAD TO SHARE this amazing find. This was a first impression but I’m wearing it again today and it is lasting so well on my skin. Definitely 8+ hours! After researching turns out this scent is a re-release by Zara and I AM SO GLAD THEY DID. If you are a fan of Hynotic Poison or Eau Duelle, check it out!

Fragrance Mentioned
ZARA – Deep Vanilla

Diptyque – Eau Duelle EDT

Dior – Hypnotic Poison EDT

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J Shanko says:

I saw this today, I should have bought it on the spot. I’ve been obsessing over it all evening and here I am watching your review. I’ll go back in the morning to pick it up.

Lilliam Seas says:

Yes! Girl, you’re right! I found this one in the previous package like for 20 bucks. It was in discount because they had this new packaging and it’s was the last bottle left. It’s amazing¡! I tend to wear it before going to bed and it’s like heaven. When I wake up I get that warm scent. Perfect to begin a new day with positivism. I’ll go straight to Zara and get a couple of the new version you have. Can’t wait to get them! Thanks! Love your reviews! Please do more!!

Mark Oliver says:

yummmmm, i want this one…..

Sanggyun's Main Bitch says:

Smelled a little strong and synthetic the first time i sprayed it, but after a while it starts to calm itself into a warm sweet scent that’s very natural and soft. I feel like zara’s scent is sort of that way, it usually needs some time to adjust and soften, especially their sweet scents.

Fafima El Koua says:

you look beautifull.

Enrique Arellano says:

You’re awesome! I’m hitting up Zara this weekend.

Rdog785 says:

Where you be stayin’ at, girl? I ricocheted over here from fragranceview’s vid, in which he burnt da soup. Do what you do, ’cause ya got it goin on. – Rdog from Indy.

luciferro2002 says:

I really appreciate your effort to post this. Glad to know you’re OK Hanan, can’t wait to try the fragrance too. Cheers!

Fafima El Koua says:

love youre review love soft and close to my skin

tube mitch says:

Is this scent the cheaper version of Armani Si ?

aaron luke says:

Loved this!! would you say this is a Unisex fragrance??


This is a fragrance that someone needs to purchase 2 bottles at a time before its no longer available at Zara

M J says:

dope review

Ron Oli says:

im back and it took me so long before getting into your channel but anyways,once again you made made me hooked again with your perfune reaction…i will definitely get this particular one not for me but for my mom…im planning to visit a Zara store anytime this week and this one is a big help for me..thanks so much and i am looking forward to your future reactions…God bless…( i noticed that you have a very beautiful skin,any regimens?..kinda curious…hahahaha)

Carlos Colom says:

Love your energy. You know your stuff. dooo moreee pleaaaaasreee

wakeupdonnie says:

Guys, I don’t get it. I bought this exact fragrance and I can only smell jasmine, no other note on skin or clothes 🙁 I’m a huge fan of gourmand fragrances and I got so disappointed. Anyone had the same experience?


It’s amazing I tried it today a must have pick up

fragrancematt. says:

Just bought this! Wow what a fragrance! It smells like a perfume that was released in 1990 called Navy? I’m amazed! Thank you for your review! ☺

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