Al Rehab Perfume Oil Best Sellers 4-6 Review | vlog #6 |

This is my review of Al Rehab Bests Sellers #4-6. I like this set better than the previous set of best sellers #1-3.

#4 Al Rehab White Musk

#5 Al Rehab Choco Musk

#6 Al Rehab White Full

NOTE: These are a set of Al Rehab perfumes there are at least 9 in all. To my knowledge they aren’t #4-6 in terms of popularity but just #4-6 in the collection of “Bestsellers” sold by Amazon seller Al-Rashad. You can find them here:


Mountana Berry says:

You absolutely 100% right about choco musk I bought one last week and it’s smell more vanilla than chocolate Also I bought the Balkis which smell more chocolate than vanilla waiting for more review from you.
All the best.

Mahir Ali says:

salam bro, I was wondering can you give me some tips on selling because I have sold other Al Rehab/Crown Perfumes perfume oils but I need some tips on how to sell more. Can you do a review on bhakour, red rose and also morrocan rose.

Mountana Berry says:

It would be nice if you do more review on others Al rehab fragrance
Many thanks for your hard work and dedication

Aftab Khan says:

Where to buy white musk? Not available in the market as well online..

Not A Beauty Guru says:

I would like to smell the fanciest fancy fabric softener in the world!

David Caesar says:

hola brother, i have one roll on al rehab white musk that was i bought
from herbs shop arround my town. they said that this perfume was carried
by hajj from saudi arabia. i wonder whether this perfume was original
or fake one. i saw you know seem like printed glass arabian letter under
the bottle. is it similar on yours to? or can you decribe to me how to determine the original one? sorry for my bad english

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