Amazing Cheap Fragrances – Best Clones in the Estiara Fragrance Haul!

I’m sharing this cheap fragrances haul by the brand Estiara. Lots of inexpensive clones of popular designer and niche perfumes. Estiara perfumes are currently under the radar, but they will become more and more popular since not only do they clone fragrances but they have an amazing quality.

Fragrances mentioned and purchase links:
Estiara Power On – Givenchy Play clone | Purchase:
Estiara Alone – Loewe Solo clone | Purchase:
Estiara X-Fashion – Hugo Boss XY clone | Purchase:
Estiara X-Fashion by Night – Hugo Boss Bottled Night clone | Purchase:
Estiara A Sports Man Classic – Chanel Allure Homme clone | Purchase:
Estiara Stag Black – Creed Green Irish Tweed clone | Purchase:
Estiara Stag White – Creed Silver Mountain Water clone | Purchase in Europe: | Purchase Internationally:
Estiara Cheval Blue – Ralph Lauren Polo Blue clone | Purchase:
Estiara Delicious Doll – Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy clone? | Purchase in Europe: | Purchase Internationally:
Estiara A-Star – Thierry Mugler Angel clone
Estiara Nectar – Nina Ricci Nina clone | Purchase in Europe: | Purchase Internationally:
Estiara Mistic Waters – Davidoff Cool Water for women clone | Purchase in Europe: | Purchase Internationally:

Estiara Stag Black Review:
Estiara Stag White Review:
Estiara A Sports Man Classic Review:

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What's The Scents In That says:

brilliant video!! got some there I don’t even know lol… my Mrs loves nectar and also miss darling! I can’t find the allure homme clone can only find the silver bottle not the classic, gutted. keep it up my friend

Rattapoom Waranusast says:

Have you tried Estiara Mer Bleue? The name and the package remind me of Bleu de Chanel and the notes (as in are almost identical to Armaf Tag Him (the famous clone of Bleu de Chanel).

Limegreen _2015 says:

Where did you get them, I’ve looked a lot but haven’t found them. Please tell me

Rob Whiff says:

great take my men , never seen these alot of these , Im subd bro ☺

iuliano12matache says:

Best video ever, you really made a difference and it can be noticed a real improvement of your “in front of the camera” skills. Keep up the good work and you can consider me your fan! GG Ifi!!!!

Dhana Sekar says:

Great job.short & sweet review. There is any cheap clone of Hugo Boss Bottled (NO.6) ?

sabar zarda says:

Hi I’ve ordered power on, craze, warrior, cheval green, club de nit intense man, hunter, blue homme, tag him prestige and white stag. Is the projection and longevity good on all the perfumes I’ve ordered and are the good perfumes?

Mast Mast says:

Estiara sucks. Armaf is far more better.

OGAesthetics says:

have u found any better clone than CDNIM for Creed’s Aventus?
and maybe a clone for Dior Sauvage?

David G says:

Nice vid. Looking at checking Estiara/Armaf/Sterling out but I have a huge list to try out, but these seem inexpensive and more within my budget 🙂

Chirag Kaku says:

Great Video man! I like your reviews and helps heaps when you have to blind buy! Thanks 🙂

MDCigan says:

Just subscribed. Good stuff. Appreciate new ideas and options like this Estiara line although they seem to clone less popular designer frags. Need more SPOT ON clones of overpriced Chanel frags

Ben Daniel says:

Great take on these Estiara frags Ifi…solid job my man! Now, I really have to get them…kinda tacky looking bottles, but I’m sure the smell/performance will be top notch.

Ashengard says:

Good stuff man, I have lot’s of Armafs but haven’t tried their Estiara brand.
Should get some to check.

Carlos Colom says:

Keep doing these!!!! This is a much better setup for showcasing yourself and the fragranced. Muuch improved.

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