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This is my Armaf perfume collection that consists of amazing cheap perfumes for men and women. Some are fragrance clones
of expensive perfumes and some are standalone perfumes. Basically I bought the best Armaf perfumes out there.

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Armaf Club de Nuit Woman:
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Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Woman:
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Armaf El Cielo:
Armaf Craze:

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Armaf Shades Wood Review:
Armaf El Cielo Review:
Armaf Vitesse & Vitesse Carbon Review:
Armaf Derby Club House Blanche Review:

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bongkoy mil says:

club de nuit man intense is the best! I got 3 bottles of it

Mike Lykan says:

You’re right about CDNIM it does smell like Creed Aventus 98% though i find it more leathery than smokey in the drydown. On saying that no complaints as you get 105ml for around £35.

wolfh1045 says:

Great video. I have subscribed. Nice work.

Dilby says:

I bought the De La Marque Brune and it was awful. It lasted 1-2 hours on my skin and did not project, even if I did 10+ sprays. Like all Armaf fragrances, they smell is similar to the opening of the original but very linear. I have owned 5 Armaf fragrances and been disappointed with all of them. I vowed to save my money and just buy originals.

Marcus Aurelius Brutas says:

Spot on!. Very nice review. I currently have Tag Him and CDNIM and so far the performance of these fragrances are at par with other expensive designer fragrances. However, packaging and bottle design needs improvement. Other than that, definitely a must buy IMO.

Only One Obie Chef Original Obie says:

Sup man,, I was wondering what one,, or two Armaf scents would you recommend for late spring/early fall Day scent…I own Several Armed fregs,,, CDIIM, Beau A,,TRES N, It Nero, and HunterIM, ,,,…I’m thinking El Cielo,,, and what would you recommend for late summer early fall… Thank you

Fashion Condo says:

whats their official website for armaf? cant find it

Viliam Gajdos says:

I was into clones too but every time I grab a bottle I feel that I cheat and my brain thinks about synthetic ingredients (although the scent is pretty nice). That`s why I don’t fully enjoy those fragrances. It is just like when you are wearing an extravagant piece of clothing and don’t feel confident enough. You simply watch your back on public. It is not fair that if somebody would pour those clones into the original bottles, I would feel better. Anyway I stopped buying them and rather save money for the originals. I own and want to sell Club de nuit intense woman/man, Wood shades, Oud 24 hours, Al wisam day/night, Rumz al Rasasi man/woman/leopard and a couple more Rasasis. Amouage project is the way to go for those Arabic companies I think.

paintballeros says:

this is the fist time i watch your video. sir, you got yourself a new sub. keep going!

Pj Rawat says:

armaf women fragrance review pls……n gr8 review…. 🙂

Smells Good says:

Great list Ifi , enjoyed it. I love Craze in Winter.

Diego Castillo says:

I just stop the video when you said 99 percent on craze and bought it. I have smelled Pegasus and really enjoy the quality of Parfums de Marley. I was already looking to buy craze because of other reviews but you sealed the deal. I also own club de nuit intense man, I like it. I also own tres nuit, also like it. So far I have no complaints on the Armaf house. Looking at club blance next. Back to finishing the video. Thanks.

Jose Morales says:

Hi, Thank you for all your helpful reviews.

Can you please do more recommendations for women’s perfume clones?

Thank you again

harisphot says:

Nice video man..any alternatives you might suggest for Amouage’s or Maison Francis Kurkdjian’S? Thanks

Wasif Reza says:

Italiano Uomo is 95% similar to chrome legend. Chrome legend is more on your face, and that thing is beast mode. The armaf one is lighter and doesn’t last like chrome legend. Both costs the same so I’d prefer chrome legend, overall better value for money. You don’t need more than 2sprays with chrome legend.

Kartik Nagre says:

Best clone comparison video I have watched. Really liked the fact that you stressed a lot on performance and projection and not only on smell, which a lot of other don’t reviewers do. Immediately subscribed!

R Candelario says:

Very. Nice video.

coachorlando1 says:

Where do you purchase these armaf colognes? can you recommend where to purchase theses fragrances?

Timmy Lee says:

Thank you so much i have purchsed 3 Amarf so far and my favorite is OPUS but i will try the Crze next now that i see your your Video thanks again

Jaime Jimenez says:

I agree with your assessment of both Club de Nuit Intense Man and Derby Club House Blanche very good clones of Creeds Aventus and Silver Mountain Water. I happen to own the originals and for me Club de Nuit Intense Man is the smoky version or batch of Aventus. You need to try Tres Nuit also by Armaf which is a great clone of Green Irish Tweed by Creed, it is very close. I also own Parfums De Marly Pegasus but don’t own Craze for the prize I think I will order it and do a comparison. Thanks for your video!

Warp art Studio says:

Craze is amazing! Performance is beast mode. But Shades Wood did not agree with me at all! My wife said it smelt like burnt plastic ☹️

pps22001 says:

What is the name of the first song?

RyzFragz34 says:

Great video!! Subbed:)

Krabz Core says:

very interesting. Especially the niche perfumes. Please more of it

Jovi Romero says:

Very nice review bro

Jay Dee says:

You need to get Futura La Homme in your collection, decent clone of DHI or Valentino Uomo

Aditya Nisal says:

How long does Derby club house Blanche last , is it better than blue homme performance wise?

Jay Dee says:

New sub, great reviews

MarCo says:

A big thumb up for all your videos Ifi, really great job and i hope you’ll keep it up, 1 question tho, from where do you buy your scents? (especially Armaf and Estiara). Many thanks in advance and keep smelling nice 🙂

rifky rahadian says:

tell me your top 5?

Randy Selfmade says:

great vid

Arpan Pal says:

Great review.. Can you please suggest me some armaf perfumes?…..I am a younger guy.

Yogesh Shah says:

which is aventus clone from estiara line?

Alex Sava says:

pot sa te intreb de unde le cumperi ca eu sincer nu le gasesc pe niciun site din Romania …

ramiz akhter says:

Bcoz of your honest review you got a new subscriber
Thanks man
Keep up the good work
Plz do some sexy long lasting fragrances review

Steve Preater says:

Thanks for your video, i bought Edition One at your recommendation and it’s great. Are there any Armaf clones of D&G The One or V&R Spicebomb?

B. ONE says:

Romania ?

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