Armaf Tres Nuit Fragrance / Cologne Review w/ Special Guests!


Here is our fragrance review / cologne review of Armaf Tres Nuit! Thank you for watching!

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Smells Good says:

Great Video Steve, I prefer Tres Nuit over GIT, CNIM over Aventus ( current batches) and Lalique Pour Homme EDP over Bois Du Portugal. In fact I just did a comparison video on the last 2 on my channel.

stchman says:

$30!!! You overpaid. I got my bottle for $20 shipped.

Papi Red says:

Damn so happy I purchased this recently for 20 bucks a blind buy to mention. Great video sir

Chris Hwalek says:

Does Gary have a channel?

Адам Томпсон says:

I prefer Mugler Cologne and Mont Blanc Individuel over their respective Creed counterparts because they actually came BEFORE the Creeds did! Plus they are more cost-effective.

Lux Aeterna says:

CDNIM is my all time most complimented fragrance.

Berceanu Daniel says:

When will you do a top 10 fall 2017?

Alandiaz Mckinnie says:

My favorite creed clone so far is Al Haramain’s L’Aventure. I can’t tell the difference between this and Aventus. I’ll even add a spray of Jeroboam Vespero before the L’Aventure to add more smokieness to the scent.

D. DYO says:

yup – that’s it, I’m getting it! Enjoyed @ vid!

Kuyang says:

Al Wisam Day by Rasasi is a good clone of Silver Mountain Water. From memory, I can’t distinguish between GIT and Tres Nuit, but if I spray GIT on one hand and TN on the other, the difference is pretty obvious.

Bilal Mahmood says:

as always satisfactory to see ur reviews. . . keep up the good work 🙂

Alejandro Cuellar says:

The female version of this called Tres Jour is a really solid scent. Got it for my girl and she loves it.

Sherman Herring says:

I’m known for wearing GIT, I bought this and wore it to work and a co worker thought I was wearing GIT.

Jeff Arias says:

Have you tried Armaf Le Parfait for him as well? If yes, which would you prefer between LP and TN?

Bernie777 says:

Awesome when an inexpensive alternative delivers the reactions you exhibit. Reviews of $400 fragrances, while interesting and appreciated, are like a description of a new Ferrari. Impressive and one more thing I can only admire from a distance (currently!). There are some however I will be saving my rubles for (or win on one of your giveaways;-) because sometimes you just need to treat yourself! Thanks guys for a great review.

Joseph Espinal says:

Armaf club DE nuit Intense MAN is my favorite! It’s my signature scent now:)

Keith Bertrand says:

excellent review.  its on my wish list.  Now, whats the clone of tom ford black orchid?!

Scent_memory says:

This is great!
I see, Carlos isn’t very amused though, recognizing his beloved GIT has a good clone with this! I feel you Carlos!

I do love Mont blanc Individual not only as a cheaper alternative to Original Santal – but also cause it is a great scent on its own, think Silver by Al Rehab is doing fine with replicating SMW and there is just such a huge common ground between Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Men and Aventus, really like it a lot!
I wanted Unforgivable to smell like my beloved MI, but MI is just a much higher level and I feel it has often been replicatet – but never duplicated!
I would be curious if Club De Nuit intense pour femme really smelled like Noir de Noir! Haven’t tried it out yet, but that would be stunning.

Adore your videos. Keep coming as you are!

Kenoji8 says:

Despite having some notoriety in the community, it is hard to deny that Armaf is worth a look in terms of good quality, budget fragrances. It is a great frag house to start in and has some quality juices if you look hard enough and sample. My all-time favorite from them so far is Club de Nuit Man, which is not similar to Intense at all, but is a homage to frags like Givenchy Pi and PR’s One Million. It is SO SMOOTH and sweet for a cinnamon, vanilla, and clove scent, a great all-around, all-year frag, and cheap at $25. Armaf Craze is also another very good one with a sweet vanilla / almond floral feel and is supposed to be close to Parfums de Marly Pegasus (I don’t know how close) and leans a bit unisex for me with lavender, jasmine, and sage. But yeah, Tres Nuit is an amazing fragrance for spring and summer and it smells amazing. 🙂

clayton swearingen says:

i just got this in a few days ago wore it to work the girls loved it, customers were even commenting on how good the sent is, It dose smell exactly like GIt in my opinion, I get great longevity out of it also 8 hour day come home and still smell it. Great juice at a cheap price its a main stay in my rotation


Try smelling Aspen next to Tres Nuit… LOL!!! Mindblown!!!

tommy karoutsos says:

I don’t mess with clones. I’d just prefer the real thing . That’s just me though

Rob Whiff says:

Yeah this is a nice one , have a great weekend☺

Peter Rivera-Pierola says:

I own Tres Nuit and CDNIM and enjoy them both immensely. In fact, the latter is my most complimented fragrance by far!

myemail kba says:

Own GIT and this one, wear GIT on special event and this for everyday

Kurt Baker says:

I’m glad Tres Nuit is a good clone because I just got it and I like it but I haven’t tried Green Irish Tweed….Great review!…Thanks!….Regarding the best clone has to be Mont Blanc Individual….although I have never tried Santal…..I just like Individual better than my other Creed clones.

Abdul Hadi Khan says:

Armaf has really good perfumes, I love all of them specially the club de nuit intense. to me it smells like creed Aventus.
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Emmanuel Tah says:

Nice video. Tres nuit smells very clean.

Brandon T says:

Hey guys. People say this fragrance is oil based, which should last longer than alcohol based. Are both of these statements true?

Geo Gil says:

I have had tres nuit for a while and its one of my top compliment getters. I recommend it.

Serg S says:

First saw this reviewed by ifishares and he also said the similarities are stunning! CDNIT by Armaf is my favorite so far.

Arjun Bajpai says:

Royal Crown Rain is an amazing alternative to Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. Its more stronger than Creed and is really smooth.

Lion Heart says:

Hell Yeah, Tres Nuit is on point. It really grows on you. I just picked up the most slept on Aquatic Kenzo homme sport. Check it out brosef.

BlaZe iT says:

I would love to hear your thoughts on La Nuit de L’homme L’Intense/Le Parfum Steven, not many reviews on YouTube

serendra90210 says:

Hi Steven, your reviews are great and very informative. Just one thing though, the audio of your videos are very, very difficult to hear. I’m sure a lot of your subscribers and viewers know this as we have to turn our pc volumes up to 60-70% just to get to hear what you are saying. Please consider using a mic you can clip on your shirt so we can hear and enjoy your comments and reviews on fragrances. Good luck.

Victor L says:

I really wanna try this one out, and I’ve never smelled GIT!

When will your top 10 Fall list come out, Steven?! 🙂

Tomas Ma says:

I have both. A bottle of Armaf and a couple of free samples of GIT. I really like Tras Nuit, however in terms of quality of scent GIT is well above. GIT has a very natural smell and a very vibrant green that TN doesn’t. TN is good, but you can smell the “cheapness” if I may say, it doesn’t make it a bad smell, it’s just…artificial.
However, TN lasts much longer than GIT on me. Not sure about projection because its hard to tell and in Denmark no one gives you a compliment for anything. But, after I get home from work I can still smell it on myself. For 30 bucks, I’m happy to have this.

Web Developer says:

I have this one and club de nuit the Aventus copy they both are solid juices. I get serious compliments from this one as a fresher scent.

Torry Jean-Baptiste says:

Great review and collab Steven, very good product for the price and I get a full day at work with it….I’ll never be without it in my collection.

Alejandro Cuellar says:

This is 90% GIT. It lacks the depth of GIT, however for $30 it’s definitely worth it to those who don’t want to spend upwards of $300 on GIT. I own both and can tell the difference, but the average joe (non fraghead) will not be able to discern the difference between the two. Just wait until you guys try Le Parfait another beautiful cheapie by Armaf it’s an Aventus and GIT blend. Tres Nuit is the best Creed clone in my opinion followed a bit distantly by AB Silver. Club De Nuit Intense Man is a solid Creed clone as well, but only is the drydown phase and if your batch isn’t 2015 or 2016 you might as well chuck it in the garbage because it has been reformulated and now smells like straight shit. If the sprayer on your CDIM is silver you are good to go. If it’s black send that shit back.

Harlan Wilkinson says:

I smelled Voyage for men by Armaf, and it was awesome! I couldn’t find any reviews on it on the internet though, so I didn’t purchase it. The store was also asking $89 for this $30 cologne. Nope. I’d like to see more professional reviews on Voyage. Fragrancia doesn’t even list it.

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