Aspen By Coty Fragrance Review (EDC)(1989)

one of my staple in collection, my sweetheart kind of fragrance….fell in love with this…thanks for reminding me of this bro Somil Bhatia
price is around 20 USD or less for 118 Ml
Notes are : Top notes are bergamot, galbanum, green notes and lemon; middle notes are coriander, cyclamen, geranium, jasmine, lavender, juniper and orange blossom; base notes are amber, cedar, oakmoss, musk and balsam fir.
My Dear Friend Matt’s review which he rocked in :



Dear Joy Amin im a fragrance lover n collector can u please do a review on some parfumes specially meant for hot humid indian summer and should of the type of acquatic nature having larger longeivity.

niconestra says:

Hey Joy. Thanks, I like when we can get a review on these brands. Have you tried “Gravity”? Also by Coty. I’d be interested to hear what you have to say about it.


A good casual summery fragrance and very good quality price ratio.

Projekt Perfumery India says:

Somil Finally Got a Aspen Coty from Us, Hope you are Enjoying it Somil.

Piotr Toropow says:

Aspen last on me whole day, when cool water maximum 2 hours!

jewel zaman says:

Where I can buy Aspen at Dhaka? Let me know Brother. Good review….but you should try to avoid baritone ……be more louder.

marlonious76 says:

So fresh. Its like walking in a forest after it rains.

M. S. BitEth says:

This was my first go-to when I was younger. I loved this frag. Coolwater is nice, I prefer Aspen.

Hakim عبد الخالق says:

I am going to blind buy this because of your review

Akaki Mtvralashvili says:

hello..joe I bought this item for 7.9$..why are you speaking so calm and low voice ?

J Dane says:

Love Coolwater love Aspen reminds me of my father and I where it in summer it evokes a memory of my dad Love all of your reviews can you recommend a long lasting projecting fresh clean lavender fragrance or a citrusy fresh long lasting I would appreciate it very much Great job my friend keep it going lots of love from Queens New York JDane

ShaveNontheDarkside says:

love the ghost & the darkness and Aspen! Aspen performs better than cool water on me. I like both.✌

slyroad says:

Excellent review , Thank you ! Keep the good job

cholito1989 says:

Ah yes, I’ve seen this in the local stores and didn’t bother to smell it because it was on the cheapie counter. I’ll definitely look into this one next time im out shopping for frags. 🙂

a8f8c2448c3271db58b7bb0f32811a7a says:

Is this a chypre?

Dhana Sekar says:

Really really awesome explanation.i love this review very deep its shows your love on aspen
Rainy day,nature,walking in woods,stones on the way,small streams,river running,low water level,boots,not surrounded by peoples crowd,etc etc etc these words takes us in to the actual location …… wow.
I am a great fan of aspen it is very good & pocket friendly.

Ralf P says:

Great review 🙂 Aspen vs Tres Nuit please !!! 🙂

Somil Bhatia says:

Hey bro,

haha, that was quick. Glad we had the conversation and thank you for this review. As you said.. this is hall of fame worthy. So green so good. I am really looking forward to the next video feat. Tres nuit and GIT comparison along with these. I wish this lasted longer but hey ..there is Tres nuit for the cure. Wearing it today. 🙂 In fact i forgot to mention it to you but i ended up buying aspen because of you. You mentioned it in one of the videos. Had to had to pick it up. Seems like need to stock up aspen and tres nuit.


Redolessence says:

Very nice to see you review this classic!

Arthur Schopenhauer says:

Great review. Excellent job.

Richard Rico says:

Got one today Joy, awesome classic.

Richard Rico says:

Thanks for the review Joy, got one earlier today.

Rob Whiff says:

spot on review love your detailing and wow this is defecnetly underpriced for what it is and also has that timeless feel , talk soon take good care and have a great week….

Brad Williamson says:

Got this the other day and it’s fresh, long lasting and simply awesome. There is no shame in wearing this $10 fragrance. It’s a classic and compliment getter. Definitely will keep this in my collection for a minute. Thanks Brother.

Tayyab Pirzada says:

Aspen is a nice cologne but really not comparable to Cool Water at all. Cool Water is far superior to my nose and I just tested them both side by side. Aspen is less intense with lower sillage, and more powdery and cheap-smelling. It’s also greener smelling while Cool Water has an aquatic calone note. Cool Water has a deeper mint note as well. As for longevity, Cool Water also wins. Aspen is pretty much a redundant purchase if you have Cool Water, and I would recommend it over Cool Water every time if you have neither.

Rajan Sohani says:

where do I buy a genuine Aspen online. How do I know a genuine versus a fake?

Nawal Ansari says:

First 🙂 Is this better than Cool water and Tres Nuit, Joy bhai?

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