Best Creed Green Irish Tweed clone? Better than Armaf Tres Nuit? Estiara Stag Black Review

Check out Estiara Stag Black by Sterling Parfums. An amazing Creed Green Irish Tweed clone that’s cheaper than Armaf Tres Nuit , but it’s identical in terms of smell and performance.

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andrei sebastian says:

Have my babies!! You are the guru of cheap cologne. And your soft voice makes me shiver in my pink underwear.

Yogesh Shah says:

can u post more on estiara perfumes??

BiTheBee says:

Great job on the video. You channel is entertaining and also informative. This is one awesome combo!! Keep up!

Minhaj Uddin says:

This clone or the armaf clone? If you had a gun to the head. You can only choose one. Which ones the best

اهل المعارف says:

well done!

What's The Scents In That says:

how good is this stuff my friend? iv seen s bottle called crest…. looks like the git bottle.

Ben Daniel says:

Good take on this. I’m getting a couple of Estiara frags.

iooi says:

I currently owned Raghba Man which is another clone of Green Irish Tweed, the performance is below average I keep having to re-apply. I wonder if this clone is any better?

Muhammad ikmal says:

stag white or stag black for summer ?

Tanzim Ibthesam says:

is it better than Cool Waters?

Daniel Uta says:

I have smelled this fragrance, and I agree with you… 🙂
Hope to see more videos from you, and show to others that money doesn’t necessary dictate quality!

Jay A says:

Where can i buy estiara perfumes online? I live in Canada

Swiss Swatch says:

Performance on Stag Black is amazing! Longevity almost 11hrs on my skin! A hidden gem and you’ve shared it with us! THANK YOU!

Heemel Dutta says:

I am more interested in Estiara. Do you think the ones do you have, have the same longevity and sillage like armafs?

Yogesh Shah says:

estiara adventure black is aventus clone??

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