Best Green Irish Tweed Clone Yet – Emerald Isle (Parfums Vintage) plus Verbena Fields Comparison

Best Green Irish Tweed Clone So Far – Parfums Vintage Emerald Isle

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AllAboutFragrance says:

Great video man!! I’ve never tried a parfums vintage frag.

beavisbonce says:

And with that, you now know what a mark-up rip off creed really is. There’s no justification for that price

Chinensis .Official says:

I got some free samples of Emerald Isle as i won the competition for the name on Fragcomm UK and agree it is extremely similar! Also with the performance. I chose the name Emerald isle because that is often a nickname for Ireland so thought it would be quite fitting being inspired by GIT. Was nice to win!

ZoopyGoggins says:

Nice one sir! I haven’t tried anything from this house but I surely must once my finances recover from my last few purchases.
I’m not suggesting that I don’t have my own will Mr Smelly but I am rather easily influenced by your fragrance reviews and I love everything I’ve bought based on your other-worldly guidance.

Jim R says:

Yep, Raghba for Man is a fantastic, and inexpensive, GIT Clone but nothing beats the original so I keep reaching for GIT whenever I’m in a GIT mood. As for Emerald Isle and Verbena Fields…I’ll have to keep them in mind should I ever feel like picking-up another clone. Enjoyed!

Neo Odin says:

Sounds like a good clone. GIT is my favourite fragrance though so I will always pay the extra for the real deal. Great vid!

SciGuyFRAGS says:

Great review man! If this is anywhere near as good as pineapple vintage intense its amazing. I do love me some GIT but that price tag but I can get a bottle for $180ish. Cant wait for that intrigo Devastante review. Keep up the good work man!

Sultan Mehmet II says:

nice I was talking about Irish tweed to a friend yesterday, thanks

Chuck Goodpaster says:

I have Intense, Beyond Noir, and Xbatch. I love them all. I just purchased a new bottle of GIT. I was hoping either Verbena Fields or Emerald Isle was unique enough to buy one. Sounds like they are really close to GIT.

AllAboutFragrance says:


bhaffar says:

Would love to hear your thoughts on their version of D&G By Man (Intrigo Devastante Intense)

Dwayne Dibley says:

If its that close to the original, I think the money is well spend.
I got Tres Nuit and havent smelled the original, but can smell there is some synthetic scent going on, which I hope doesnt in Creed.

Franoir says:

Great video Dan. It would be great to see a Parfums Vintage line review.

David Reynolds says:

Fourth, definitely interested in Intrigo Devastante intense…

ifishares says:

My clone sense is tingling!

Oliver Wollaston says:

I have PVI and am obsessed with it. I also have X-BATCH that is impossible not to like too. Really enjoying what Parfums Vintage are doing

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