Hi guys! Here are my favourite ‘men’s’ fragrances, some niche and some designer. I often talk about which perfumes I’m loving lately so i thought with the Christmas season upon us doing a video on the best men’s perfumes would be a good idea and hopefully helpful to some of you wondering what to buy the man in your life for Christmas. I talk about Creed, Byredo, Tom Ford, Chanel and more so if you like niche and designer perfume there should be something here that interests you 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!

— Yesterday’s Vlogmas Video—
→ Luxury items i couldn’t live without TAG

— What I’m wearing —
→ My Celine Glasses
→ Charlotte Tillbury Lipstick
→ Dior Eyeshadow

— Perfume Mentioned —
→ Bond No 9 ‘Coney Island’
→ Tom Ford ‘Grey Vetiver’
→ Tom Ford ‘Noir De Noir’ Body Spray
→ Tom Ford ’Noir De Noir’ Fragrance
→ Chanel ‘Bleu’ Perfume
→ Chanel ‘Bleu’ Sample
→ Chanel ‘Antaeus’
→ Byredo ‘Rose of No Man’s Land’
→ Byredo ‘Sunday Cologne’
→ Byredo ‘Bal D’afrique’
→ Creed ‘Green Irish Tweed’

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Scent Snob says:

For the record, to the public there is absolutely no discernible difference between Green Irish Tweed and Cool Water which can be had for a fraction the price. Also for the record, there are a good number of people who will absolutely hate the (both) fragrances; they are freshy headache bombs, very synthetic, sharp and scratchy smelling to many noses.

Not hating at all, just forewarning the general public that altho the scents have been around a long time in both designer (CW) and niche (GIT), and there are many people who think they’re great scents, there are *plenty* of haters of both of them. They are definitely not “safe grabs” for general use (though nothing should really ever be, don’t wear frags to job interviews ever for instance).

For me, they both make me nauseated and headachey almost immediately upon smelling them. I wish I could like them, but there is no way I ever will, just the thought of their scent literally makes me sick. (So I’ll stop thinking ;p)

Just a public service announcement.

sf2explus says:

i own grey vetiver edt version which i love and have in the past owned two bottles of dior eau savage. i think whats similar is the citruss in both but with eau savage there is also a floral twis with jasmin and less vetiver. on grey vetiver there is also grapefruit. love them both. any one of these are good enough for me.

Mix the Fix says:

The fragrances you suggested have no mass appeal. Most women I know do not like them. If you need to talk about top 10 you will need to test it on a lot of people. Sorry. But your list is not right. Why? Because I have almost all of them and 50-60% of women I know do not like them. And I understand that people are different but a cologne that is liked by 80% is not the same as one that is liked by 50%

HerlineValcin26 says:

Aventus by creed is my all time favorite for males … I purchase the huge bottle for my fiancée… I just purchase the Chanel Blue for Christmas for him

Preston White says:

She like all of the Grandpa fragrances smh.

Professor ASMR says:

Alan is a lucky guy! Love the review, relaxing and informative.

Dongchen Han says:

Green irish tweed is my fav too. So masculine and classy. I wear it to pretend a guy who went to oxford uni lol

Joey Rey says:

santal 33 and creed aventus are the only fragrances I own

CC33777 says:

Great video and review.  Another excellent men’s Creed to try is Bois du Portugal, especially if you (or he) like the lavender notes.

Robert Jelly says:


King Metta says:

green Irish tweed wasn’t made for JFK. JFK didn’t even wear git. he wore Creed Vetiver. not Original Vetiver. not GIT. Creed Vetiver

FragranceConsultant says:

Why would Creed need permission from the Kennedy family to release a fragrance they created? And why would they wait 22 years? I heard they created it for Cary Grant who died only a year after it’s release. It seems that Creed has at least one outlandish story for every one of their fragrances, so I’d be very skeptical of anything a Creed sales associate tells me.

Justin Rapp says:

where is Alan’s tote from?

Weedlover dim says:

I sub , i first see a vid from u and u are so good and cute too 🙂

MusicKnowte says:

i genuinely think antaeus smells like urine. is it just me?

maxime dubois says:

Un Like et un commentaire pour l’utilisation du terme débonnaire!

RyzFragz34 says:

Just subbed! Great video.


the green Irish Tweed bottle is not made out of volcanic rock LOL. it’s just very Darkly painted glass. the same glass that all of the other bottles are made of. if you hold a strong flashlight up to the bottle we will see Deep Purple color in the glass.

Karls Khalid says:

Byredo ,green & oud immortal are under my radar. Nice review. Thanks so much!…. 🙂

123komak123 says:

hello. really good video. most fragrance reviewers are not eloquent at all.
however. one important note, GIT is a 1980s fragrance, the part about it being launched for JFK is a online hoax, I believe.

hickorydickoryduck says:

cute girl in thumbnail, she talks about her favorite men’s scents…………pretty much brings the boys in automatically.

Nicky T says:

Creed vetiver 1948 was JFKS scent

Clairelaferret says:

Thumbs up for the cat impression alone, but also really cool information.

Nicky T says:

Green Irish tweed wasn’t made for JFK, that belongs to Vetiver 1948

fabio john says:

Thanks for all…

Cfuture says:

Coney Island sounds like a great fragrance , I will have to get a sample. Great video, Sub’d!

The Vleck Channel says:

Yep, Grey Vetiver and Eau Sauvage do smell similar to my nose. Worth checking out if you’re into classic men’s colognes; they do smell dated to me personally, rather than fragrances that smell relevant for decades.

Angie L says:

so, you steal your guy’s perfumes, you naugthy thing! 😉

FragranceConsultant says:

Grey Vetiver also reminds me of Eau Sauvage. Both have prominent citrus and vetiver notes.

Ruben Caro says:

Great video

vinood kunna says:

i get irritate when people go away from specific.

michael oles says:


Seweryn Sz. says:

I agree about GIT (I wear it during spring) and Byredo – have both of them, but as a man, my fav men’s fragrances are those for fall/winter time. Pure Malt is my signature and Tam Dao from Dyptique. Woody/vetiver fragrances (Pure Wood, Dsquared Rocky Mountain Wood, Lalique Encre Noire A L’ extreme) and of course, my most British bottle (I describe it as a Little England) – Burberry London. I see, you’re a fan of lighter men’s fragrances – you should check two unique (and most worn by me during warm days in Brighton) – Diptyque Philosykos and Lalique White. Anyway, great videos and you look great in green.

LadyLee xxx says:

you often said that you like kims style.i would love a viedo about wich outfits or particiular style you picked up from her(got inspired by) with pics from her and how you copied or projected it on you and how it influenced your style or the brands you shop..would be something different

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