Big Pony #3 (Green) for Men by Ralph Lauren (2010) | Fragrance Review

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Big Pony #3 by Ralph Lauren is based on mint and ginger as the notes. The ginger is sub par and the mint does not smell like mint but just greenery. This scent has not backbone and truly did not do well during testing.

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Monkey Fez says:

Im always up for hearing negative reviews too, good to learn why a particular scent doesn’t work and if the house and person behind it are consistent.

mr pleasent says:

It’s good to hear your views on junk like this think my last ralf was double black 10 years ago which I loved at the time but we’d be meh now

Thomas Kannegießer says:

I know some reviewers only do positives, but I think it is interesting to have negative or on the fence reviews as well. Makes the reviewer more relatable, look more honest and I really think it helps in ones journey to understand what makes a good fragrance work and a bad one not as much.

jared matthews says:

This frag has got me more chicks than one could possibly imagine since I received it as a gift in 2011.

ross2782 says:

Big pony 1 is where you wanna be at. I’ve been hugged because of it and told that it smells expensive.

Talk N Review says:

Not a great one I sold mine. Good video mate



MrMatt C says:

I have the number 2 it’s also pretty forgettable, I bought mine of eBay cheap , I never use it , I think the whole line is bad , no wonder it’s discontinued


oud yes – leather yes – purple yes —- the others from the house are not that good

Adam Butler says:

100% agree. The rest of that series is poor also

wagsbass says:

Gave it away in the first 5 seconds. Polo Blue is the only good one.

Cesar Mieses says:

The Big Pony series is nothing but cat urine in colored bottles.

Jeremy Hinze says:

Ya I wouldn’t pay 65 bucks eff that noise, I found one random big pony 4 sealed on the $19.99 shelf at shoppers they were just flogging old stock so I was curious and the #4 orange one isn’t terrible mandarin, grapefruit, musk not much of anything but its ok in the heat kinda reminds me of clinique happy but not as good anyway ya 65 bucks hell no!

Babak Tahniat says:

Hey Marc, i wish you mention an example or two in your reviews when you say there are better fragrances in the price range with notes of x (eg ginger/mint)
Awesome review as always

bpwool says:

I tried samples of all 4, and they are all forgettable. Thanks for the fun review.

Daniel Seale says:

Keep your honesty!! The fragrance community needs more unbiased “reviewers” like you

xd says:

lol marc no chill

mes7iahcomplex says:


It's Kyuu says:

I got mine on amazon for 32 bucks i think. By far my worst fragrance lol.

Michael Bullock says:

Great honest review and I enjoyed it

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