Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene (1986) fragrance review

A classic green & aromatic citrusy fougere with a fantastic performance! “A bowling green is a finely-laid, close-mown and rolled stretch of lawn for playing the game of lawn bowls.” – thats the name reference as I finally found out!


Jim R says:

Talk about reviewing a fragrance so far under my scent radar that I would need to submarine to locate it. LOL! Anyway,you have me intrigued but this little guy…but it tends to be on a pricey side since they are apparently becoming hard to find. Why am I intrigued? Partly because I have fallen in love with the older, 70s/80s fougeres, aromatics, power-colognes (call ’em what you wish) since IFRA is practically banning them out of existence. And partly because there are almost 30 notes listed in this Bowling Green and I am curious to find-out what this bad-boy smells like. I read where it is a brighter/greener/lighter version of Drakkar Noir. However, I see a lot of prominent citrus notes and your mentioning it’s lemon-lime feel gets me to thinking about Chanel Pour Monsieur and Givenchy Monsieur de Givenchy, which are both in my collection. Any similarities to these other classic scents?

I would pick-up a bottle if I could find it on the cheap. Regardless, I enjoyed the review and appreciate these classic fragrances not being completely forgotten.

El Taco Taco says:

great review, what would be a less grandpa-ish substitute in your opinion ?


Scent Land! The land of scent! I will never forget that sentence. You are the best my friend!Take care. 🙂

Miss Anthrope says:

My 33 year old fiance wears this and while it certainly isn’t for a very young man, I don’t think it smells like a grandpa at all. In fact I (mid 20’s female) really like it a lot on a man with the right chemistry. It is very clean, inoffensive, classic, and does not smell cheap. Nice review

Batphink Reynolds says:

I drove through ‘Bowling Green’ Louisiana on the way to Nashville in 1996 so this name sticks out! I think I would like this ,though the dark Grey Flannel made me feel sick when I sprayed it in 1984 when I worked in a large Dept store here in Canada,shit I’m getting old lol! 😛

Bloke says:

If U cd please help ….
I am a huge fan of the opening note in Davidoff Champion Energy – bergamot & grapefuit – a fresh citrusy blast.. but im not very fond of its drydown or base note …
wat im looking for is – a similar opening note that doesnt change much and retains more or less the same feel throughout.. wat do u think i shd try ???

John Ellis says:

Great review! It’s an iconic American scent from the 80’s. I recall it fondly and it seems the perfect scent for fall. Hard to find in sizes larges than 1 oz. any more.

Lanier Smith says:

Hi Chris…love your creative opening. I have Bowling Green and really enjoy it. A much overlooked reasonably priced classic with style for miles and miles. And it would be great to wear playing sports or going to brunch on a Sunday. Bravo!

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