Chanel Chance eau Fraiche Review (VavaCouture Perfume Collection / Fragrance Mini-Reviews 2016)

Full Perfume Collection Video:

Hey guys, what’s up? This is Ness from the VavaCouture beauty channel…

I’ve really been feeling scents lately and so I thought I’d start things off with my Perfume Collection for 2016.

In this video, I will be going a tiny bit more in depth on one of the only eau de toilette perfumes in my collection, Chanel Chance eau Fraiche. I love this fragrance and it gives off such a fresh, clean scent. Check it out!


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Anne Onimous says:

You are funny and smiley. 🙂 I don’t know why your video does not have more views.

Chance means “luck” in French. I am really glad that you corrected your pronunciation at the end of the video! 🙂

Too many English speakers see the word “chance” on the perfume bottle and mistakenly think it’s an English word, meaning “opportunity”. It isn’t. It’s a French word, meaning “luck”.

So when you spray on some Chance Eau Fraiche, you are spraying on some Fresh Luck Water!

dennis krill says:

the bottle that she has is the spray there’s the spray and then there’s the perfume in that bottle as well the spray has the clear top the perfume of the top of the bottle of the top of the perfume I’m sorry has almost like a gold top to it she has to spray it’s a lot cheaper the spray but the Chanel perfume last longer you can just put a squirt on your wrist rubbing together put it between your ear and I always put like a little hint on my stomach and below my chest line.

ConcreteRose CE5 says:

nice video ☺

TheBahamamama88 says:

EDP lasts longer

dennis krill says:

I have were the original Chanel chance now since I was 24 years old it smells good and everybody is always like Amber you smell so beautiful hell yeah I do because I’m wearing Chanel baby that’s right.

Cynthia Ava says:

It’s strong and you think it would last longer. I like the original. Also, I’ve noticed men really love this fragrance. Btw, what do you think of D & G Light Blue? Just curious.

ConcreteRose CE5 says:

I think this will be my next high end fragrance purchase. one the of the Chance, just not sure which one. I like that the Tendre has a pairing hair perfume/oil.

Ashley Smith says:

How many sprays you use and how often you re apply? Every 4 hours?

dennis krill says:


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